03.18.2013 dacc annual meeting


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Board Members, please review and submit your comments to Chelsea by Noon Friday the 15th.

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  • Our dues are extremely low compared to other communities for the services we offer and include with membership… there is a task force working with Chelsea in drafting a new tiered membership dues system that focuses on ROI
  • Ryan to narrow this down to key points…
  • All members encouraged to attend any and all meetings!!
  • Jim Fowler + Chamber of Commerce Board?
  • 03.18.2013 dacc annual meeting

    1. 1. Welcome to our annual meeting
    2. 2. Governance• The Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce is a Non Profit Organization, under the classification of a 501c6 membership organization • Most are Chambers of Commerce or a Business- Related Organization• The Dallas Area Visitors Center is a Non Profit Organization, under the classification of a 501c3 • A charitable organization, classified as a public charity
    3. 3. DACC Leadership The 2013 Board of Directors• Jim Fowler • Brent DeMoe President, Executive Committee • Polk County Commission for • Fowler Affiliates Children & Families• Bob Brannigan • Jim Williams Vice President, Executive Committee • Rep. Thompson’s Office • West Valley Hospital • Anna Scharf• Joel Giusti • Polk County Fairgrounds & Event Center• Secretary, Executive Committee • Barb Powers • Edward Jones Investments • Wall Insurance• Chris Anderson • Jason Locke (ex-officio) Treasurer (non voting) • City of Dallas • Brateng & Anderson Accounting • Christy Perry (ex-officio) • Dallas School District
    4. 4. DAVC Leadership The 2013 Board of Directors• Steve Segal • Nancy Adams President, Executive Committee Past President • Capricorn Catering • Itemizer Observer• Dani Mouser • Bonnie Beck Vice President, Executive Committee • OSU Federal • Dani Photography • Susan Morrill• Shellie Friesen-Berry • Citizens Bank Secretary, Executive Committee • Dallas Retirement Village • Lynette Henshaw• Chris Anderson • Individual Treasurer (non voting) • LaVonne Wilson • Brateng & Anderson Accounting • City of Dallas Representative
    5. 5. 2012…• The March 2012 Annual Meeting was a full detail report of the Business Survey that the Board of Directors completed of over 100 businesses (member and non members participated) • The Board took several key points and made them the “Board 2012 Initiatives”
    6. 6. Board 2012 Initiatives• Become more proactive with new businesses and organizations. • Ambassadors Committee has been at work with hosting events, welcoming new businesses • 6 Ribbon Cuttings • XX Member Events
    7. 7. Board 2012 Initiatives• Increase the way the business community sees the value of the Chamber. • Board members made the extra effort of identifying themselves as such in conversations and at events and are taking an active role in participating throughout the year • Chelsea stays active within the business community through various committee’s and partner organizations
    8. 8. Board 2012 Initiatives• Offer and promote a broader selection of workshops and trainings to support local businesses and organizations, consistently communicating the progress of these initiatives. • Worked closely with Chemeketa and SEDCOR to promote trainings and workshops
    9. 9. Board 2012 Initiatives• Expand the Ambassador Program, increasing networking opportunities. • 2nd Tuesday Business After Hours • Was Wednesday… changed due to feedback from the survey and conversations • 3rd Monday Chamber Luncheon • 4th Wednesday Cash Mob, with celebratory Post Mob • More details in an upcoming slide!
    10. 10. Board 2012 Initiatives• An official RFP process for goods and services • The was implemented immediately and is overseen by the Finance Committee.
    11. 11. Board 2012 Initiatives• The development of a political advocacy process. • The Public Policy Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month • More detail in a later slide!
    12. 12. Board 2012 Initiatives• The Board will take a more active role in the Chamber direction and work. • Attending meetings and reviewing staff and committee reports • Participating in Committees… All Board Members are involved in at least one • Several Chair a Committee
    13. 13. Board Commit tees• Executive Committee• Finance Committee• Governance Committee• Program & Events Committee• Ambassadors Committee• Public Policy Committee
    14. 14. Executive Commit tee• Jim Fowler, Bob Brannigan, Joel Giusti, Steve Segal, Dani Mouser, Shellie Berry, Chris Anderson & Chelsea Pope • This committee is charged with oversight of the organization’s chief executive officer, establishing goals for the year, evaluating performance, and setting compensation. • The committee also governs all aspects of the budget and ongoing oversight of programs and operations
    15. 15. Chelsea’s 2013 Direction• Leverage her partnership with Board members by drawing on their strengths to achieve Board goals• Oversee the development and effectiveness of each committee in their respective purpose/responsibilities• Assure the financial controls developed over the last year are sustained and strengthened• Implementing steps to eliminate DAVC debt in 2013• Along with the Board, assure the Board ByLaws and policy and procedures are followed• Report progress and actions taken to strengthen DACC membership engagement by creating a value for our members, no later than 6/30/2013• Present a revised Chamber membership structure to the board by June 2013• Prioritize and schedule work hours monthly to ensure DACC & DAVC are effective in meeting the 2013 goals
    16. 16. Finance Commit tee• Bob Brannigan, LaVonne Wilson, Chris Anderson, Chelsea Pope • This committee oversees the preparation of the annual budget and the performance fo the organization throughout the year in meeting its budgeted revenues and expenses. • The committee works directly with Chelsea and Chris in reviewing all aspects of financial impact and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.
    17. 17. DACC Budget• The Chamber Budget is $115,000 • Membership Dues account for about a third of the Chamber budget • The remainder must be raised through Events, Programs & Projects • Community Awards Ceremony, Summerfest, Winterfest • Website Advertising, Directory/Community Profile, Map
    18. 18. DAVC Budget• The Visitors Centers budget is $70,000• It was formed by the Chamber with support from the City of Dallas to focus on TOURISM • DAVC is on contract to receive 70% of the hotel room tax implemented by the City of Dallas (Approx. $40,000 annually) • In 2013, the City contracted the Chamber & Visitors Center for the additional 30% (Approx. $18,000 annually)• The remainder of the budget must be raised through Events, Programs & Projects • Polk County Bounty Market, Explore Dallas OnLine, etc.• As a 501c3 organization, we can accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants
    19. 19. Governance Commit tee• Christy Perry, Jim Williams, Brent DeMoe, LaVonne Wilson • This committee is to review documents that govern our organization to ensure that they match with our program of work, as well as to review and draft policies for the office, staff and board actions.
    20. 20. Governance Commit tee• Amended the ByLaws • President term to 2 years, ExOfficio’s defined, eMail voting allowed (with parameters)• 8 new Policies in place – 3 on the table • Resolutions, Administrative Rules• Committee Structure and Charters
    21. 21. Program & Events Commit tee• There are many sub-committee’s that fall under this Program & Events Committee • Programs: Luncheons, Chamber 101, Non Profit Group, Business Workshops, Economic Development • Events: Community Awards Ceremony, Dallas Summerfest, Halloween Trick-N-Treat, Dallas Winterfest
    22. 22. Program & Events Commit tee• These are great places for members to engage in a leadership role with the Chamber • Luncheons: Susan Morrill & Bonnie Beck assist with being the cashiers • Non Profit Group: Sue Lamb, Dan Strasser & Eileen DiCicco share the workload • Summerfest needs volunteers for; entertainment, vendors, parade, information booth, etc.
    23. 23. Ambassadors Commit tee• Ryan Friesner, Andy Henderson, Jay Epperson, Gene & Lynette Henshaw, Grace Burch • This committee will build and strengthen the membership of the Chamber by seeking to retain and build membership. The committee will undertake the following programs: Networking, Recruitment & Retention, Mentors • Ambassadors serve as public relations support for the Chamber. They assist the Chamber’s efforts to maintain and retain members through personal interaction and involvement. They welcome new businesses and members and represent the Chamber at ribbon cuttings, ground breaking, and other recognition events. Ambassadors also manage networking events, and provide input and recommendations for the all programs and events • Ambassadors augment the membership recruitment and retention mission of the Chamber by acting as the volunteer extension of the Chamber sales team, assisting in targeting of new members and retention of existing members, focused on helping members identify the best methods for them to utilize their Chamber membership.
    24. 24. Ambassadors Commit tee• Business After Hours • West Coast Bank • Edward Jones Investments – Joel Giusti • Evcor • Alpha Dog Daycare • Home Comfort • Washington Street • McMullin Motors Steakhouse & Pub • MAK Grills • Oregon First Credit Union • Joynt Family Chiropractic • OSU Federal Credit Union • At Last Property Management • First American Title • Old Mill Feed & Garden • Dani Photography • James W. Fowler Company • Dallas Trophy • Dallas Radio Shack
    25. 25. Ambassadors Commit tee• Cash Mobs & Post Mobs • HeartStrings Florist & Tony’s Tavern • Envy Spa Salon & Washington Street Pub • Brixius Jewelers & The RoundUp Pub • Dallas Select Market & Sweeney’s Pub • McK Ranch & Ugo’s Pizza • Dallas Bike & Board & The RoundUp Pub
    26. 26. Ambassadors Commit tee• Ribbon Cuttings • BST Kustoms • Electric Peddler • Dallas Fire Department • West Valley Hospital – Surgical Unit • Willamette Acupuncture & Wellness • Oregon National Guard – Nesmith Readiness Center
    27. 27. Public Policy Commit tee• Jim Williams, Jim Fowler, Bob Brannigan… with 10+ active chamber members participating in meetings • The committee is focused on education and communication in regards to public policy positions of business importance locally, regionally, state-wide, and nationally. Its members will be liaisons with elected officials representing Dallas and Polk County. • The committee will survey key local constituent groups and Chambers members to identify legislative issues of high importance to the business community, then monitor and keep members regularly informed. • This committee also hosts public forums on issues of local business importance and offers opportunities for candidate forums during elections.
    28. 28. Public Policy Commit tee• Meeting Topics have been; • City of Dallas – Budget, Street Maintenance, SDC Fees, Vision 2030, City Manager on issues • Wifi/Internet – Availability, Access, Features • Dallas School District – Graduation Rates, Budget • Polk County – Bond Issues, County Manger on issues
    29. 29. Office 2012 Information• Staff & Office Volunteers put in over 5,000 hours • This does not include the thousands of volunteer hours given for events• Assisted 7,193 people • 1,569 were walk ins • 2,356 were calls • 3,268 were eMails
    30. 30. Office 2012 Information• Website had over 63,000 visitors (spending 1min+) • Directory pages have increased dramatically with the upgrade to be ‘smart device accessible’• Facebook fans and outreach continues • Chamber, Visitors Center, Bounty Market, Summerfest• eNews directly reaches 650 per week • Forwarded to an additional 500 • 1,000 people see the information on the web
    31. 31. 2013 Direction• The Board had a work session in January… set a NEW mission and vision statement. • The mission of the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce is to represent the business interests of the Dallas Area to ensure economic prosperity through collaboration and partnerships. • The Chamber is committed to effective communications, facilitating partnerships, providing networking opportunities and business development resources, relevant to strengthening our economy
    32. 32. 2013 Direction• Effective Communications• Facilitating Partnerships• Providing Networking Opportunities• Business Development Resources• Internal Operations / Board of Directors
    33. 33. Next Steps• The Board wants to get to know our membership and better understand the needs of the businesses and organizations that we serve.• We want to hear directly from you about the direction you think the Chamber should be heading.• We want you to be involved!
    34. 34. Thank You!!