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Strategy demo #1 final
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Strategy demo #1 final


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Module 2 Project Description • The following slides demonstrate a lesson using a Think Aloud strategy. Each slide contains a picture of the text being read and the recorded teacher dialogue. • In a classroom setting the lesson would progress as viewed in the PowerPoint, the PowerPoint would be projected and students would each have a copy of the text as the teacher demonstrates the strategy. • Following the modeling of the strategy as demonstrated in the slides, students will be paired with a buddy to practice and record their use of the strategy when reading an assigned section of the text. The whole class will then share the main points of the sections of text that they read and we will take group notes. • Click through the following slides for the lesson! Narration should start automatically. • I welcome your feedback!
  • 2. Reading in Science Using Think Aloud Strategy to Support Comprehension
  • 3. Think Alouds to Promote Comprehension Comprehension Predicting Questioning Visualizing Personal Response Clarifying Summarizing Reflecting Making Connections
  • 4. Text features can help me know what to expect….
  • 5. I think this is going to be mainly about…
  • 6. Can you picture it or does the text remind you of something?
  • 7. We can make connections and summarize to understand better.
  • 8. Your turn! • Now you and a buddy are going to take turns reading aloud, and thinking aloud sections of our text. You can choose any of the following pages you like. Each person is to read the section and use think aloud strategies to help understand what you are reading. Your buddy will listen and use the strategy sheet (available at link below) to record your use of the strategy. Then switch roles. – Pg. 248-249 – Pg. 250-251 – Pg.258-259 – Pg.260-261 – Pg.262 • • When everyone has finished this assignment each group will share the key ideas in the sections that they read and we will take group notes.
  • 9. References • Classroom strategies:think alouds. (2012, March 3). Retrieved from • Hackett, J., Moyer, R., Vasquez, J., Teferi, M., LeRoy, K., Terman, D., Wheeler, G., & , (2008). Maryland science a closer look. Columbus OH: McGraw-Hill Company. • Wilhelm, J. (n.d.). Guidelines and student handouts for implementing read-aloud strategies in your classroom. Retrieved from and-student-handouts-implementing-read-aloud- strategies-your-class