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  • I would like to show a 2 minute video made with the participation of Belmont Secondary’s Biology 12 students from the first semester.They were one of the first class to try a Blended Learning format
  • I would like to show you a 2 minute video of a variety of courses we deliver at WestShore

Blended_Learning_SD62_Board_of_Trustees Blended_Learning_SD62_Board_of_Trustees Presentation Transcript

  • WestShore Centre Blended Learning Implementing 21st Century Skills Dal Little Distributed and Blended Learning Support Sooke School District
  • EDUCATIONAL CHANGE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9J4-6NX4e0 Belmont Secondary School – Biology 12 Video
  • OVERVIEW Blended Learning Perspective: • is the convergence of online and face-to-face education • a model to implement 21st Century learning & education. • personalizes learning by choosing time, place and pace • increases learning self-efficacy • offers classroom time for relationship building • offers one-to-one instruction, as needed • grade 8-12 online courses, customizable by teachers • Internet access is required
  • BC Ministry of Education 2010 The Plan’s Five Points 1. Personalized Learning 2. Quality teaching and learning 3. Flexibility and choice 4. High standards 5. Learning empowered by technology Goal: “This Plan will give students, families and educators more say on how, where, when and what students will learn.” BC’S EDUCATION PLAN
  • WHAT WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TODAY Definition and Description of: • Informational Technology - Educational Technology • Impact of Internet / New Technology • Blended Learning • Learning Management System (LMS) – Blackboard Learn
  • COMMUNITY BUILDING: TECHNOLOGY DEFINITIONS Information Technology (IT) ・ is the use of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. - Wikipedia Role: ・Computer Hardware & Software ・ Email Accounts ・ Internet Access ・Ensure users ability to access district network services and Internet Educational Technology (Ed Tech) ・ is the theory and practice of design, development, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning and developing human capability. - WikipediaRole: ・Instructional Design & Development for online & paper-based learning materials ・Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate courses ・Ensure user-centered design for intuitive navigation and engaged learning
  • OUR CHALLENGE The Internet and New Technology • Constantly changing “How we do daily life” Shopping, Banking, Communication, Jobs, Education • Technology smaller, cheaper and more powerful Digital immigrant – Digital natives • Impact of today is ubiquitous access Coffee Shops, Schools, Restaurants, Walmart, Langford City • Education is changing as a result, mostly better Google Glasses Interactive Laser-optical display
  • INTERNET AND NEW TECHNOLOGY Imagine – How will Education change? Students, teachers, parents, and administrators interacting online and within a face-to-face classrooms. What might this 21st Century class (i.e. 2023) look like? • Accessing educational programs using “Google’s Glasses” • Personalized Learning Culture • Students Directing, Teachers Facilitating, the “Guide on the Side” As we consider building future educational opportunities in SD 62, the direction should expand into Blended Learning models
  • BLENDED LEARNING Blended Learning - Convergence of Face-to-Face and Online Education 1. LMS – i.e. Blackboard Learn (Content Delivery and Assessment Tracking, Reporting, Parent Access) 2. Class time is one-to-one instruction, relationship building, group interaction and inquiry-based lessons 3. Pre-developed online courses, customizable 4. Requires computer technology and Internet access
  • BLENDED LEARNING - THREE PROGRAM DOMAINS Time - When • When students access course information. • They can choose. Busy athletes who travel. Proximity – Physical Distance from teacher • Schedule for attending class based on personal need • Relationship with teacher Pace – How learning proceeds • Lessons, assignments and assessments online • Negotiate how learning will occurs for each student • Class time - Hands-on, Questions, Teacher Interactions Change in Educational Program Delivery
  • CHANGING ROLES Students • Become more active in directing their education • Gain more responsibility and ownership for their learning Parents • Learn to access to child’s progress online • See assignments, assessments, marks Teachers • Facilitate personalized learning and guide activities – Pedagogical Shift • Control for learning shifts more to students – Student Centric School Administrators • Flexibility – Harder to set “One size fits all” • Policies to support Choice, Personalized & Student Centric learning • Minimize costs – Reduced textbook and paper
  • HERE’S HOW WE USE BLACKBOARD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COcNgTZLLZo Course Sampling Video
  • THANK YOU Thank you for your attention. • Dal Little • Paul Block WestShore Centre When students perceive technology as a luxury or extra, - they play with it. When students perceive technology as a learning tool, - they own their learning with it.