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Social media

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIABy Shashiprabhath Wijesuriya
  2. 2. PAST AND THE PRESENT OF SOCIAL MEDIA Let’s start with observing how it all started…. By Dakshina
  3. 3. Before everything, we had verbal communication
  4. 4. When technology grew faster…. methods that’s used tocommunicate with each other has improved so much… Printed Materials Verbal Communication Radio Internet Television
  5. 5. When Internet started to grow among the computerusers, many new methods of social communication hasstarted.Most famous methods are•Message boards(ex:-)
  6. 6. •Chat rooms (ex:- yahoo chat, msn chat)
  7. 7. People wanted something more sophisticated to interact with. Then… Social Media era has started. But, those days, it’s all about extending your network.
  8. 8. Invention of WEB 2.0More collaboration between end users
  9. 9. MySpace – The Oldest of the Modern Social Media Era MySpace was started in 2003. It is the oldest of the modern social media era…
  10. 10. In 2004, Facebook has started Facebook has started in 2004 as a student’s project of Harvard university.
  11. 11. In 2005, YouTube has started
  12. 12. In 2006, Twitter has started
  13. 13. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? • Social Media is a logical extension • It’s something we have doing for centuries • Only the medium and the technology is changed • It’s really fast • It’s updating 24/7 • There are minimal boundaries • It’s a mass communication tool • There are new opportunities to tackle Basically, Nowadays, you can reach it from anywhere, anyway at anytime for a low cost (most of the time – FREE!) By Dakshina
  14. 14. Among above… see the NUMBERS!!!Below is some statistical data of few major social media toolsas of beginning of the year 2012. Facebook 800 million ACTIVE users! 3.5 billion content sharing in a week. Twitter 100 million ACTIVE users! 340 million tweets(status updates) daily. YouTube Every minute, 60 hour of video is uploaded. 490 million+ viewers. LinkedIn 135 million+ ACTIVE users! Growing at a rate of 1 million users per 12 days.
  15. 15. KS OR W DIA ME L CIA SO W HOHow word of mouth works
  16. 16. PROSAND How social media worksCONSOFSOCIALMEDIA
  17. 17. Basically, in Social Media,Sharing is Everything!But,Be Careful with whatyou are Sharing!
  18. 18. CONS OF SOCIAL MEDIA • Social Media is really fast. Therefore anything you have shared mistakenly, will take only few seconds to spread all over the world. • Security is an issue in social media. Most of the security vulnerabilities have in the IT field, also applicable to social media (ex:- various kinds of hacker attacks etc…). • Social media is really addictive. • You meet various kind of people. So you can’t trust the other end 100%. By Dakshina
  19. 19. BRAND BUILDING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Let’s see how a brand can build its reputation over the internet in the traditional way and the modern way. By Dakshina
  20. 20. The Traditional Way of Online Branding Website Email Support Few other Campaigns Forums tools
  21. 21. The Modern Way of Online Branding Website Email Support Few other Campaigns Forums tools Social Media Channels….
  22. 22. Areas we can target with social media branding1. Sales2. Partnerships3. Community Involvement4. Recruiting5. Public Relations6. Investor Communication
  23. 23. Social media brand building consists 4 major steps1. Establish goals a) Establish your goals including what kind of product/business/presence you want to promote. b) Determine your objectives. c) Identify your audience2. Listen a) Listen what people talk. b) Study the current trends. c) Read the statistics.
  24. 24. Social media brand building consists 4 major steps4. Build a) Set up your home base. b) Choose your social media channels. c) Link them all with your home base.5. Engage Now you’re ready. Time to get some work done.
  25. 25. Social media is not controllingYour followers.It’s about building relationshipswith them.
  26. 26. Therefore, you have to be reallycautious when working withSocial media brand building.If you do it RIGHT, you’ll gain many newopportunities.If you do it WRONG, it may be the end ofyour/your business’s reputation.
  27. 27. FEW SOCIAL MEDIA STORIES • Australia’s Tourism This campaign was directed through Facebook and got over 375,000 users to the official web site. • My Starbucks Idea A campaign headed by the Starbucks to give a chance to their customers to suggest how to improve their products and services. • Dell’s Campaign Dell has reached their customers through social media channels and has earned over one million dollars as revenue. By Dakshina
  28. 28. Right…That’s Global. What about Sri Lanka?
  29. 29. FEW LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA STORIES • Mobitel and Dialog Both Mobitel and Dialog are using social media channels extensively to improve their brand building customer support. • Perera and Sons Perera and Sons bakers is a great example of how to use social media to advertise their products and building a close relationship with their customers. • Ada Derana Ada derana – a premiere news channel in Sri Lanka is using twitter to distribute their news quickly among the followers. By Dakshina
  30. 30. Do you remember this?Picture courtesy @malinthe
  31. 31. These pictures are from the train accident which happenedon 17th September 2011 at Alawwa. So what’s special about them? • These were taken from a passenger who was travelling in the exact train using a mobile phone. • These pictures hit the internet through twitter within 5 minutes - even before the news channels report the incident. So, Are you feeling the power of social media?
  32. 32. WHAT EXISTS OUT THERE? OK. Since you are having some idea about social media, let’s get some experience by using few social media services. But What we are going to use? By Dakshina
  33. 33. There are thousands of social media services out there. We are going to use few of most popular services.
  37. 37. OPENARC’S APPROACH TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Website Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn By Dakshina
  38. 38. Official OpenArc Social Media Channels
  39. 39. OPENARC’S APPROACH TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING We will be sharing followings over our social media channels • Events • Career opportunities • Photographs • Announcements • And many other things…. By Dakshina
  40. 40. So, Help us to reach more byfollowing us and sharing our content.
  41. 41. Q&A Thank You! Any Questions? By Dakshina