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  • 1. Drafting
  • 2. Calendar: FebruaryResearch Organise models Organise location Photo shoot for Photo shoot for for shoots Half Term and props DP spreadDeadline front cover Photo shoot Choose and edit Additional Start front cover with Dan photos shootsPlanning Continue front Continue front cover coverDeadline
  • 3. Calendar: March Continue front coverFront Cover Start contents Continue ContinueDeadline page contents page contents pageContents Start double Continue double Continue doubleDeadline page spread page spread page spread Continue double Continue double Continue double page spread page spread page spreadDP Spread Improve front Improve front ImproveDeadline cover cover contents page
  • 4. Calendar: April Improve Improve double Improve double contents page page spread page spread Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation EvaluationFinalDeadline
  • 5. MastheadThe front covers I have used in myresearch differ depending on who thetarget audience is. As I am aimingtowards the mass market I want tofollow masthead like ‘Vibe’ and ‘XXL’This is because I think moremainstream mast heads will appeal tomy market better. I’m afraid that if Iuse a prestigious masthead it mayscare my audience away, rather thanappeal to them. Using a mastheadlike ‘Vibe’ will encourage myaudience to look at my magazine as itwill fit their criteria better.
  • 6. My Masthead For my masthead I want to use bold lettering and a clear font which will attract the reader from far away. To appeal to the audience I will need a catchy, edgy name which will reflect the music genre of hip-hop/rap. To come up with a name, I will look through my iPod and look at this specific genre: the artists, the name of their albums and songs and the lyrics they use in them. Looking at the front cover of a single or an album in this genre will give me an idea of what appeals to listeners of hip- hop/rap in terms of font, colour, size and names.
  • 7. Name of my Magazine These list of song names IBy looking through my iPod I have think would be good for ataken most inspiration from Lil magazine masthead. TheWayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake as I bold ones I think wouldprefer this music and think the names suit my genre better:of their songs are more inventive. I Interludehave also noticed that most album Introcovers have simple font with a basic Actioncolour so that it isn’t confusing for Outrothe reader. I like the font on the Above itcover of Jay-Z ‘s album as I think its Envybold and it is also easy to read from Knockoutfar away. Roger That Forever Headlines Karaoke Unusual
  • 8. Masthead Font I’ve chosen the mast head title Capture it ‘Headlines’. These are the fonts I think would look good for my magazine cover. Gunplay Plane CrashTop Secret StenhaVKB KonQa Blockschrift für Flugzeuge
  • 9. Chosen FontI think this font will work well formy magazine masthead as it is verybold, and captures the readersattention. It also follows hip-hop/rap conventions as it looks a lotlike the fonts used for albums ofartists like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Ihave used the site dafont.com formy masthead font.
  • 10. Mode Of Address The mode of address for my magazine will be an informal style which shouldappeal to my audience this is because the hip-hop/rap genre of music is much more informal. As I am writing and producing my front cover and articles, I want to keep my audience in mind so that they feel comfortable reading my magazine. My target audience is from ages 15-25, this age range uses quite informal language while speaking and while writing also. While still using the proper way of writing things, such as using ‘you’ instead of ‘u’ as I think this will make my magazine look more professional, it will also keep my magazine simple and may even appeal to an older age group.
  • 11. Flat Plan of Magazine
  • 12. Mast Head Article Main Image Top 50 Hip- Puffs Buzzword hop/Rap Picture Text Callout Plugs artists Cover Line Article Article Clothing Info Clothing Info Picture Pi Pi ct Text Text ct Picture Picture Picture Text Text ur ur e e Main Article Double Page Ad for Win a Trainers trip to TextText Pict Poster Merch New ure Picture York Quote Text Jewellery Interview InterviewSubscription Advert Interview Advert with with Page with for famous famous Picture rapper clothing Picture person person
  • 13. Article Main Article Interview Concert Text with Advert for Text Pict Text advert famous sunglasses person ure Picture Quote Article Article Interview Interview Top 50 Advert Text Text Hip- Text with with for Merch hop/Rap famous famous jackets albums Picture person person Picture Article Article Advert Text Bully Picture Top 10 new artists for Picture advert Text phones Back PageInterview Careers in music Advert with Album Letter Poster for famous industry reviews page article CD person
  • 14. Magazine Cover Header MastheadMusic MagazineGenre: Hip-hop/Rap Callout BuzzwordTarget Audience: Male/Female 15-25Mode of Address: Informal (only musicgenre slang) PlugCountry: Worldwide Main Image Puff Plug Puff Teaser Barcode Plug Cover Line
  • 15. Colour SchemeOn the front cover of mymagazine the colour schemewill be simple colours likeblack, white and red, possiblysome grey too. Throughoutmy magazine the scheme willbe similar apart from on mydouble page spread which willreflect who my article isabout and their image in themusic industry.
  • 16. Initial Props and CostumesAs my magazine will follow thegenre of hip-hop/rap, I willtake inspiration from that theartists wear. For example bigjackets and jewellery, with sunglasses and possibly no shirton. Most of this inspirationcomes from the front cover of‘VIBE’ magazine. I really likethe picture of Lil Wayne and Iwant to use this type of imagefor my front cover.
  • 17. Props and Costumes I think a big ski like jacket will work well for my main front cover image as I think it conveys hip-hop/rap style well. It will be open and my model will have no top on underneath to show of his body and the jewellery he is wearing. I think accessories like sun glasses andnecklaces will be good for my main image as it will reflect the hip-hop/rap culture. This is because no rap artist is seen without sunglasses and no hip-hop artist is seen without jewellery.
  • 18. Other images usedI will use other images for my contents page and possibly double pagespread. These images will probably be of CD’s or clothes which I thinkwill appeal to my audience. I may also use images that I have taken formy photography unit as some of the images may follow the convention of hip-hop/rap.
  • 19. Shots I Want To CaptureStrong pose for front cover to give a sense of authority. Arm in air, which will be non clothed for reader to see strength of artist, physically Necklace in mouth to show a and metaphorically. playful side of the artist.
  • 20. Shots I Want To Capture CDClothing Image to go with thegenre of music and possibly as a ‘free’ giveaway. CD Picture, possible on the artist on the front cover to promote their music. Photography Image as another original image, also could be on contents page.
  • 21. Organisation of modelFor my main image on myfront cover and doublepage spread I am going touse my friend Dan to modelfor me. I know he workswell in front of the cameraas I have taken photos ofhim before for myphotography unit. He willbe posing from the waist upin a ski jacket with no topon so that he showsauthority and dominance ofthe ‘music industry’ just likeLil Wayne does on thecover of ‘VIBE’.
  • 22. Organisation of props I am using this jacket because it fits my model well and also appeals tomy target audience. It also reflects the type ofclothing that hip-hop/rap artists wear.
  • 23. Organisation of props I want to use these sunglasses as I think they look like the type of glasses a hip hop artist would wear all the time.
  • 24. Organisation of propsThese pieces of jewellerywill compliment the jacketand bare chest. This lookwill be good for my front cover as it will appeal to my audience.
  • 25. Organisation of locationI like this room for my photo shoot because it has clear walls which will make for a good background for my front cover and double page spread. It also works well because the lighting looks good.
  • 26. Location Recce SheetACTIVITY IS THE LOCATION SUITABLE FOR ADDITIONAL COMMENTS PRODUCTION?Look around the location. Yes, it has white walls and appropriate I would prefer to use a studio for my lighting. shoot but this isnt available.Talk to people there, organise filming permissions. None needed.Identify the equipment you need to use. Lights, digital camera, photo shop.Examine and identify any potential health and safety issues Possible health and safety issues include:(Both people and equipment related issues e.g. crowd numbers safe cabling, lighting equipment set up inbeing controlled; using safe cabling practises and video equipment insensible locations e.g. blocking doors.being set up in a sensible location that does not block accesspoints or that damages the environment or frightens livestock)Check the position of the sun and lighting conditions. No sun as it is dark, light from flash and artificial light.Look for interesting shots and camera angles. Shots looking up, and possible eye line These depend on how I see the shoots too. location and what I feel is appropriate.Check the electricity supply. (For the majority of exterior locations Camera = full supply of battery.you will be using battery power)Confirm times and dates with technical crew/actors or anybody Time set for 21st Feb at 5:30pm.you are interviewing, etc.Arrange car parking, access, loading, security, where possible. None needed.Make sure everybody concerned with your video production Everyone understands.knows what is happening and what is expected of them when onlocation.
  • 27. Possible front cover images I think these images would be good for my front cover because they continue the theme of hip- op/rap, however I think I prefer the left picture because it shows a wacky, outgoing side that a successful music artist needs.
  • 28. Possible contents imagesI like these images because I think they still represent a quirky side. It is important to show this in a magazine because it allows the reader, and the fans of the artist torelate to them. These pictures also still show a sign of dominance which I really tried to capture from this shoot.
  • 29. Possible DP images These images remind me of the types of images Nicki Minaj had for a double page spread in my research. I tried to capture these types of images for my double page spread and I think I have well.
  • 30. EvaluationThe beginning of my planning was focused on allowing enough time to get everything done on time. Having a calendar which shows all deadlines in red writing tells me how much time I have left. I have chosen the font, magazine title and colour scheme so that it appeals to my target audience. Then organising my model was easy, after just a simple email asking if he would be available on a certain date. Then as I used the location of my home, it was easily available for my to use. The props were also easy for me to get as my model had the jacket, sunglasses andjewellery at his house. The magazine ‘VIBE’ gave me a lot of inspiration for the clothing and posing. This is because it is a very popular hip-hop/rap magazine and it had exactly the type of things I wanted to use for my magazine. I am happy with my results from the photo shoot because they represent what I want to portray. They show the music genre well and I think they will work well in the production of my magazine.