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Media Planning

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  1. 1. Here is my first attempt at making a magazine front cover on publisher. I decided to use a picture that told the genre of the magazine, from choosing a picture at a concert it was obvious it was a music magazine, by the audience dancing it was clear to be a rave magazine; the colours of the titles anchored this. If I was to change anything about this front cover, I would put more institutions on the front cover and make it more magazine style as from feedback I have received I have been told it reminds my fellow peers and teacher of a poster rather than a music magazine.<br />I chose to create this contents page on Microsoft publisher because it has different technology’s that are suitable to create a professional look on a magazine.<br /> <br />
  2. 2. Here is my second attempt at a front cover, I decided to make an Aquinas magazine, and this magazine was a college magazine witch would tell fellow students, teachers and future students everything that happens at Aquinas College. I decide to make the cover star three current students at Aquinas so the magazine would actually appeal to students; I also added the latest things going on in Aquinas. I added different institutions such as a bar code, give away prize date and issue. If I was to change this front cover I would have used brighter colours to appeal to the audience more and to involve more stories about the college to make it sound more fun and exciting.<br />I chose to create this contents page on Microsoft publisher because it has different technology’s that are suitable to create a professional look on a magazine.<br /> <br />
  3. 3. Here is the contents page to my Aquinas magazine, I chose to use a current student for my cover star similar to the front cover, and I chose a brick wall background for a unique effect indicating Aquinas is a unique college that attracts all different sorts of people. I chose to place the columns down the left hand side of the page and put the cover stars name across the middle along with a quote, I did this because it looks professional, I decided to use the same colours at the front cover red, black and white, did this to create brand identity so the audience knew they were looking at the Aquinas magazine. I chose to create this contents page on Microsoft publisher because it has different technology’s that are suitable to create a professional look on a magazine.<br />
  4. 4. Here is my first attempt of a double page spread. I decided to to a double page spread about a song by Justin Timberlake called my love, I created a mast head called ‘ who's Justin's love ‘ I decided to do that to create irony to attract the audience and make the double page spared interesting, I designed this on publisher and placed three images slanted on the right hand side to anchor the text. If I was to do anything different about this double page speedy would involve a third colour to inanes and appeal the double page spared, I would add more images and get a few more quotes to make the text more interesting and exciting.<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Here is my final front cover for my new music magazine, icon, I chose to include cover stars that were different and unique, I did this to indicate to the audience it was a new magazine, something different that hadn't been seen before. I chose the brand identity to be simple but messy, I chose ot give the magazine a laid back look full of different ideology's of the genre of the magazine. The genre of the magazine is indie and the sub genre of is rock. I found creating this genre easy and satisfying, by including different give away prizes such as posters and cds, I also chose to involve the latest festivals and gossip on the newest bands., I did this because it was a typical magazine and I wanted to make my magazine as professional as possible. I chose ot make my magazine front cover on Microsoft publisher rather than Photoshop because I thought this would bring a professional touch to my magazine and was easy to navigate around.<br />
  7. 7. Here is my final contents page for my magazine icon. I chose to feature one of the cover stars on my contents page as they are the main story of my magazine, the contents page consists of different instructions, such the give away prize, the mast head and a quote. I decided to place the columns on the right hand side of the magazine with a slant to them, this gave the magazine a professional look witch anchored the genre of the magazine, indie. I chose to edit the picture by increasing hot contrast and brightening the picture, I did this because the picture is more pleasing to the eye and will attract a wider audience. If I was to change anything about this contents page I would include a few more pictures and maybe a different story line to make the page more interesting.<br />
  8. 8. Here is my final double page spred, for my magazine ‘icon’ I chose to do a double page spred on the band the styles that are featured on the front cover and contents page of my magazine. I chose to interview them and promote their new single. i decided to use the whole left hand side for text and the right for images, similar to my first attempt of a double page spred, I chose to feature quotes on the right hand side next to the images to anchor the images and create a sense of profession as this is what real music magazine front covers look like. The brand identity was white purple and black, these colours are layer back and chilled colours witch rant to bright but bright enough, this was perfect for the band as their a layer back band. I also chose the main colour to be purple as the top one of the band members ‘Ashley’ is wearing was purple witch means the text links to the images. I created this on Microsoft publisher to give of that professional look, but If I was to change anything I would problem cerate this piece of work on Photoshop as there is more technology's that cold benefit my work.<br />
  9. 9. Here is my first soap magazine front cover, I decided to add different conventions such as a bar code, mast head, price tag, columns and different stories, I did this because I wanted to follow the stereotypical soap magazine, by doing this I chose to use bright colours and catchy dramatic headlines that would appeal to the audience. I decided to use a cover star witch told a story and appealed to the audience, I lightened the picture on Photoshop and chose to make the background white to enhance the picture, I was to change anything about this magazine front cover I would place the story lines better and include more stories.<br />
  10. 10. Here I decided to plan my to plan my billboard so I found these two billboards for e4, as I was making my soap trailer from e4 I decided to look at these and get different ideas from them. I decided to use the same font and same colours form the skins billboard as it suited my brand identity more compared to the inbetweeeners billboard. From looking at these bilboards I thought the skins one suited my age rang 15-19 compared to the imbetweeners I thought they suite d a high age rang as the colours were pretty dull and the images didn’t really say a lot about the programe, the text didn’t ancho the images as for the skins bilboard the text and image both anchored each other.<br />
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