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  • 1. Learning Outcome Assessment https://www.irpa.umd.edu/Assessment/LearningOutcomes/
  • 2. University Accreditation
    • Must be accredited to award degrees
    • Full review every 10 years
    • If small problems, then must fix them before next review
    • Middle-States Commission on Higher Education
    • 1997, it was found that UMD had no ‘Learning Outcome Assessment’
  • 3. What is Learning Outcome Assessment?
    • What is Learning Outcome?
    • UMD’s aspirations for outcomes by students after graduating
      • Knowledge
      • Skill
      • Reasoning
      • Communication ability
    • Assessment is an evaluation system to determine if desired outcomes occurred
  • 4. UMD Learning Outcomes
    • Critical Reasoning and Research Skills
    • Goal
      • Learn and develop skills that can be applied within a wide range of disciplines inside and outside of the university
  • 5. UMD Learning Outcomes
    • Written and Oral Communication
    • Goal
      • Using standard English, undergraduate will communicate effectively in written or oral form to a wide variety of audiences
  • 6. UMD Learning Outcomes
    • Science and Quantitative Reasoning
    • Goal
      • Understand and apply basic scientific and mathematical reasoning to critical thinking analyses
  • 7. UMD Learning Outcomes
    • Information Literacy Skills
    • Goal
      • Learn and develop skills that can be successfully applied within wide range of disciplines both inside and outside of university
  • 8. UMD Learning Outcomes
    • Technology Fluency
    • Goal
      • Understand basic technologies and how they are used within the discipline and outside of discipline
  • 9. Agriculture and Natural Resources Goals Available on Internet
    • BS
    • MS
    • PhD
    • BLA
    • MLA
  • 10. Example of Animal Sciences - BS
    • Skill
    • Ability to gain control and restrain an animal for physical examination without injury to animal (any species OK)
    • Verified by someone else
    • Can demonstrate this in class or outside of UMD
  • 11. Example of Animal Sciences - BS
    • Skill
    • Ability to identify animal feeds by vision
      • Conducted in class
    • Ability to identify animal anatomical structures by vision
      • Conducted in class
  • 12. Example of Animal Sciences - BS
    • Students Acquire Core Body of Knowledge
    • Required and non-required nutrients
      • Conducted in class
    • Regulation by key physiological processes
      • Conducted in class
    • Indicators of good and ill health
      • Conducted in class
  • 13. Example of Animal Sciences - BS
    • Critical thinking ability & Info literacy
    • Students can obtain article from scientific literature and write summary for general public
  • 14. Example of Animal Sciences - BS
    • Graduates will become Associate members of Amer. Registry of Professional Animal Sciences
    • Must pass standardized exam given across US
  • 15. Example of Animal Sciences
    • MS
    • Understand relationships between basic and interdisciplinary aspects of science and application of knowledge
    • Effective communication skills
    • Ability to comprehend scientific literature
    • Conduct independent research
    • Apply results in professional environment
  • 16. Example of Animal Sciences
    • PhD
    • Depth and breadth of knowledge
    • Develop critical thinking skills in analyzing, interpreting and extrapolating data
    • Make significant scholarly contributions