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Final Project for NYU - SCPS Social Media Analytics class - Professor Drake

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  • *as of 12/14/12Slim Fast 130,218 likes · 703 talking about thisSensa 276,578 likes · 13,830 talking about this
  • *as of 12/14/12What are engagement levels for each brand?TweetsFollowingFollowers
  • Platinum team nyu_socialmedia_final_v2

    1. 1. Final Project : Social Media Analytics NYU Social Media Brand Comparison: Sensa Weight Loss System vs. Slim-FastZaneta Maria Bieciuk - Alice Itty - David Cohen - Professor Rhonda Drake #socialmedia #analytics
    2. 2. Social Media Marketing Analytics Presented by Alice, Zaneta & DavidSchool of Continuing and Professional Studies DMMK1-CE9947 Spring 2012 December 19th, 2012
    3. 3. Introduction The Platinum Group is comparing social media engagement strategies between weight loss companies, Sensa Weight Loss and Slim Fast. Slim Fast is a company that promotes diet and weight loss plans and has a brand of shakes, meal bars, and packaged foods. They have a presence on and . Sensa Weight Loss is an appetite suppressant created by Dr. Alan Hirsch, a neurologist and psychologist. Sensa has a presence on and . We utilized various Social media tool including: • Lithium, NetBase & Simply Measured • Alexa, Google Trends, Google Search, Klout, SEO Profiler, Quantcast, Compete, Tweeter Grader… 3
    4. 4. Hypothesis Utilizing various Social Media tools, to compare two brands in the weight loss category, our report will show: Sensa maintains a higher social media presence Perhaps because of legal issues and, oddly, a slightly “older” target audience Netbase, while requiring more time investment to set-up profiles, provides greater depth of reporting although we question the validity of the data as other sources are reporting different information 4
    5. 5. Audience Comparison - SizeWeight Loss: Interest over time in U.S for past 90 days Share of search trends comparison: Sensa vs. Slim-Fast Interest over time for weight loss category for the past 90 days is Interest over time for Sensa is fairly steady in the mid 80’s significantly higher than for Slim- search volume. With a significant Fast lowest 74 in peak search volume the week before Thanksgiving and a high of 94 peak search volume starting on the day after Thanksgiving 5
    6. 6. Audience Comparison - 6
    7. 7. Audience Comparison - 7
    8. 8. Audience Size - Composition 8
    9. 9. Audience Size - Composition 9
    10. 10. Audience Size - Themes 10
    11. 11. Audience Size - Themes 11
    12. 12. Audience Size - SentimentNet sentiment and passion intensity increases significantly around ThanksgivingHolidays 12And, we see a significant spike in sentiment for Sensa on No 27th, 2012 that’s due totheir false advertisement law suit that was announced that day.
    13. 13. Audience Size - Sentiment Nov 2, 26 no specific events, just few positive posts 100% 80% Negative 60% 40% Positive 20% 0% positive 13 to negative positive to negative 310% 47.1%
    14. 14. Facts comparison – Trends/ News Significant spike in sentiment for Sensa on 11/27 - settles-consumer-complaint-with-nutritional-task-force- 181033111.html “Nine counties have settled a false advertising lawsuit against the makers of a diet drug that claimed people could lose weight by sprinkling flavored crystals on their food” “The counties took the product to court arguing that the company made false claims regarding their product’s weight loss efficacy. The attorneys won and now Sensa has “Sensa products are now banned from making any claims regarding the to pay $800,000” efficacy or effects of any of its products without having "competent and reliable scientific evidence that substantiates those claims," 14
    15. 15. Facts comparison – Trends/ NewsSignificant spike in sentiment for Sensa on November 17th, 2012 of-sensa-weight-loss-supplementDr. Oz says :” anything that helps you get healthy is a good thing BUT nothing replaces healthy choices in our diet” “ We should not depend on a supplement and the long terms sustainability using any product like this is not achievable” “Sensa does not encourage or promote dieters to adopt a healthier eating lifestyle. With Sensa, dieters do not have to change their eating habits or exercise more” 15
    16. 16. Usage of Social Media - Facebook Sensa – 112% more “total page fans” 2.81% more brand posts 23.41% more total engagement on brand posts 16
    17. 17. Usage of Social Media - Twitter Sensa – 84% more potential reach & 524% more potential impressions 17
    18. 18. Usage of Social Media - YouTube Only Sensa has YouTube channel 18
    19. 19. Facts comparison - EngagementCharts below indicate Twitter stats – Sensa clearly has more updates 241% more followers On facebook too: Sensa has 276,010 friends to Slim-Fast’s 130,203 Interestingly though: Sensa: 3,513 Tweets/14,410 Followers=0.2438=25% 19 Slim Fast: 1,705 Tweets/4,229 Followers=0.40=40%
    20. 20. Facts comparison – Engagement 20
    21. 21. Facts comparison – Audience On a precursory analysis, it appears Sensa’s Audience is slightly older as well 21
    22. 22. Facts comparison – AdditionalEngagement Data Brands both involved, be it at different levels, with engagement 30K vs 1K posts axis-levels 22
    23. 23. Facts comparison – SocialSynergy with Website On a precursory analysis, it appears Sensa’s social presence is in proportion to their website in relation to Slim-Fast’s Sensa, ranked higher with more clickstream activity too 23
    24. 24. Conclusion Having investigated two brands in the weight loss category, utilizing various Social Media tools: • Although further analysis would be required to show trends, it appears logical to indicate Sensa maintains a higher social media presence • One hypothesis is that perhaps because of known-legal issues & a slightly “older” target audience who maybe more leery of a “sprinkle diet” • Netbase, while requiring more time investment to set-up profiles, provides greater depth of reporting although we question the validity of the data as other sources are reporting different information 24
    25. 25. DashboardMock-Up 25
    26. 26. Social MediaTools Matrix 26