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Nordic regional germplasm documentation, at European genbank network meeting (Bonn, April 2004)
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Nordic regional germplasm documentation, at European genbank network meeting (Bonn, April 2004)


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Northern Regional Genebank cooperation, ECP/GR D&I Network meeting at ZADI Bonn Germany 11th April 2005. Dag Endresen (Nordic Gene Bank).

Northern Regional Genebank cooperation, ECP/GR D&I Network meeting at ZADI Bonn Germany 11th April 2005. Dag Endresen (Nordic Gene Bank).

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  • Illustration: Triticum aestivum ssp. aestivum L., bread wheat
  • Illustrations: Barley, Hordeum vulgare ssp. vulgare L. - Juniper, Juniperus communis ssp. communis L.
  • At present (2004 December) there are 9 individual dataset in SESTO: NGB, Estonian NI, NI, Jogeva PBI , Latvian NI, PLant Gene Bank Lithuania, Danish NI, Norwegian, SADC PGR Network, ECPGR Forage grasses ECCDB
  • Illustration: Linux course participants at NGB, TTC 2000 (Photographer Lorenzo Maggioni) – EPGRIS First regional meeting organized on 24 - 25 August 2001 (Photo could be Andrew)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Northern Regional Gene Bank cooperation ECP/GR D&I Network meeting April 11, 2005 – ZADI, Bonn Dag Terje Filip Endresen – The Nordic Gene Bank
    • 2. TOPICS for this talk
      • Nordic and Baltic genebank collaboration
      • SESTO - a regional PGR documentation system
    • 3. The Nordic Gene Bank - NGB
      • The Nordic Gene Bank is the joint gene bank for the 5 Nordic countries
        • Denmark
        • Finland
        • Iceland
        • Norway
        • Sweden
      • The NGB seed collection is truly shared. Every single accession is joint property as stated in the Kalmar decleration in 2003.
    • 4. Nordic and Baltic PGR collaboration The Nordic Gene Bank is the centre of a distributed regional network based on working groups with crop experts from all the Nordic countries. The new Nordic and Baltic national programmes on biodiversity are also parts of the network. One of the main priorities for the regional cooperation is development of a common online information platform for plant genetic resources.
    • 5. Nordic – Baltic cooperation project
      • In 1994 NGB started a new project helping the Baltic countries in preserving their plant material.
      • The seed store facilities and documentation has been the core elements in the developing cooperation.
    • 6. Nordic and Baltic genebank seed collections Seed storage NGB, Alnarp, Sweden Seed storage (JPBI) Jõgeva, Estonia Seed storage, Salaspils, Latvia Seed storage, Dotnuva, Lithuania
    • 7. Joint activities Forage grasses Dotnuva, Lithuania There has also been some joint activity on regeneration and evaluation of accessions.
    • 8. SESTO [] A regional genebank documentation system Some genebank collections presented in SESTO
    • 9. SESTO [] A regional genebank documentation system SESTO was developed as the NGB documentation system. The application is later expanded to serve the genebanks of the whole region (2003-2005). The main purpose of SESTO is management of the plant material in the genebank seedstore .
    • 10. SESTO [] Remote data update The genebank staff have personal passwords and can edit the online data from the same interface as presented to public visitors. The edit rights are individual corresponding to the relevant responsibilities at each genebank institute.
    • 11. SESTO [] Shared data sets on taxonomy The genebanks included in SESTO share data like for example the taxonomic species database and the common picture archive.
    • 12. SESTO [] Shared data sets with illustrations
    • 13. SESTO [] Shared picture archive © Many of the images included to the picture archive are free to use for any non-commercial, journalistic or private use. The contributors of the individual pictures choose themselves if the image is For genebank use only (1), Free to use for non-commercial purposes (2) or Public domain (3).
    • 14. Regional documentation meetings
      • A number of regional training workshops and meetings in PGR documentation has been hosted from the NGB.
      • Technical Linux Training Course, February 1997
      • Technical Linux Training Course, November 1998
      • Technical Linux Training Course, February 2000
      • EPGRIS first regional meeting, August 2001
      • EPGRIS second regional meeting, August 2002
      • EPGRIS regional training workshop, April 2003
      • SESTO user training, planned June 2005
      • A number of regional staff exchange visits between NGB and the genebanks of the Baltic countries and Russia have been organized.
    • 15.
      • Thank you for listening!