NGB Documenation System SESTO (4 February 2004)

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The Nordic Gene Bank Documentation system, February 2004. Dag Endresen (NGB).

The Nordic Gene Bank Documentation system, February 2004. Dag Endresen (NGB).

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  • 1. The Nordic Gene Bank Documentation system
  • 2. The public web pages (
  • 3. NGB databases on the web pages Most some of the databases at NGB are searchable directly over the internet. NGB aim to make all the relevant information public . NGB has a Nordic mandate to maintain information on accessions (seed samples) and cultivars of Nordic origin.
  • 4. SESTO, Gene Bank Information System SESTO is a gene bank data management tool developed and hosted by the Nordic Gene Bank. Many features and data sets are still only available for the authenticated user (NGB staff). The sesto application is today used by more gene banks than NGB. NGB is involved in documentation of PGR for the Swedish national PGR programme and is in an intial phase for taking similar responsibilities for the Norwegian and Finnish PGR programmes.
  • 5. Finding seeds in SESTO With sesto you may find seed samples stored at NGB belonging to a specific species or cultivar (germplasm). SESTO will show you storage stock status, germination , seed request history of the sample and regeneration history. Each accession is also described in respect to collecting data, breeder data and information on the donor NGB received the sample from. The place of origin for collected wild material and landraces is displayed on a map together with some site descritions.
  • 6.
  • 7. Taxon (lingon berries)
  • 8. Images (taxon lingon berries)
  • 9. Taxons (Pisum)
  • 10. Cultons (cultivar, germplasm, ex. Pisum)
  • 11. Accessions (stored seed sample)
  • 12. Accession detail (stored seed sample)
  • 13. Seed transaction (sent or received material)
  • 14. GIS example: collecting place NGB 1176
  • 15. GIS example: collecting place NGB 1176
  • 16. Collecting places, example of density plot
  • 17. The clonal archives (GIS presentation)
  • 18. Seed request (free for bona fide users)