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Mom Central Consulting Capes Deck

  1. 1. May 2010
  2. 2. Who We Are • Specialize in Marketing to Moms • Work with over 200 national brands • Help companies develop meaningful conversations, connections, and communities with Moms • Reach Moms and engage them in powerful word-of-mouth programs: Mom Ambassador, viral marketing across SM platforms, geo-targeted events • Moms take action and recommend your brand fueling, brand awareness, engagement, product trial, and sales • Provide breadth of consulting services including research, social media strategies, and listening • Offices in US and Canada
  3. 3. Consumer Packaged Goods
  4. 4. Consumer Food Brands
  5. 5. Kids Entertainment
  6. 6. Kids Online Destinations
  7. 7. Beverages
  8. 8. Home Goods and Appliances
  9. 9. Technology & Financial Services
  10. 10. PR  FIRMS   Spokesmoms   Ambassador   Moms   Ac0vator  Moms   Playground  Moms   Everyday  Moms   Ad  Agencies  
  11. 11. As Social Networks Proliferate Conversations Shift Return on Traditional •  Top-down messaging Investment Marketing •  One-way conversation (ROI) Sphere of Social •  Grassroots messaging Influence Media •  Two-way dialogue (SOI)
  12. 12. Engaging the Persuasion Power of Moms Ignite Negate Enthusiasts Detractors Sphere of Influence (SOI) Change Drive to Perception Retail
  13. 13. Sphere of Influence (SOI) = Answers Elusive Questions •  What do consumers say about you? •  Where do they say it? •  Who listens to those conversations? •  Do consumers act on their recommendations? •  How extensive is an influencers aggregate reach?
  14. 14. Standard ROI Fails To Take Into Account:   National Media Platform Local Community Group Leader Author or Expert •  Peer Influence •  Blogger Retreats •  Newsletters/eZines •  Issues Expert Age of Kids •  Topics Covered
  15. 15. How Does Lindsay Ferrier Reach Moms?   Alexa Rank: 125,575 4,432,934 Visitors Alexa Rank: 334,256 634,403 Visitors Facebook Group Alexa Rank: 1,089,037 Alexa Rank: 49,673 607 Members 3,143 Followers Nashville eZine Alexa Rank: 103,265 Alexa Rank: 758,438 Featured Mom Blog Nashville Newspaper Alexa Rank: 4,073 399 Friends Alexa Rank: 66,483
  16. 16. How do Moms talk about your brand with others? Erika is a working Mom who eats 2.2 “I’m sick of feeling like I am running a restaurant slices with 4g of fiber between the hours at home. So, you like Arnold Dutch Whole of 7 am and 8 am. Her average grocery Wheat bread? Boy if I could get my daughter bill is $200 a week. She is 35 years old Emily to eat the same bread for breakfast or with one tween daughter and expecting sandwiches it would sure simplify things. her second child. Especially with the baby on the way. There is no way I am making 5 different types of sandwiches for lunch!” Demographics  don’t  buy  things   People  buy  things.  And  they  act  on     the  advice  from  others  they  trust  
  17. 17. Mom Influencers Become Mom Brand Ambassadors
  18. 18. Mom Ambassadors Pepsi Beverage Campaigns 150 Mom Ambassadors 3-month Program March - May 2010 100+ Mom Ambassadors, 6-month Program April - September 2010
  19. 19. Mom Ambassadors ABC Brands 260 Mom Ambassadors 1-month Program Feb 15 – March 15, 2010 200 Mom Ambassadors, 1-month Program Feb 15 – March 15, 2010
  20. 20. Mom Ambassador Program We build a program based on your business needs and marketing objectives. We invite Mom Influencers that have a passion for your brand to participate in Branded Mom Ambassador Programs. We work with them over a sustained period of time. Influencers are selected based on:  Blog Reach  Twitter Followers  Facebook Friends  Sphere of influence within the Mom Community (i.e., additional communities or social group they belong to, both online and off)  Interest and passion about brand We engage them in a range of activities, customized to meet your business needs. Measurement: We use a combination of research to track brand sentiment and coupon redemption/sales data.
  21. 21. Mom Central Spark Community Spark: Where Moms and Brands Connect Mom Central Spark is an online community that enables brands to engage directly with Moms. •  Mom Central will aggregate Brand Ambassadors into a private community, fully hosted and moderated by Mom Central staff. •  Brand Ambassadors will connect with each other and share their experiences with the product, which will in turn create fodder for reviews on blogs, websites, and offline word-of-mouth outside of the Spark community. •  Our clients have moderated access to these Moms via polls, online discussion forums, and direct messages within Spark. •  Our clients use the Spark Community to gather feedback from participating Moms on product development, marketing, or other key brand initiatives. •  Spark resides on
  22. 22. Mom Central Spark Community
  23. 23. Case Study: Feld Entertainment Engaged Moms Create a Drive to Retail. Over fourteen months, Mom Central engaged 750 Mom Ambassadors across 22 markets with national social media campaigns and live Mom Influencer events. Results: Online positive sentiment for Ringling Bros. increased from 8% to 63%, the program drove $1MM in sales attributed to MOM code. New customers accounted for 70% of ticket sales.
  24. 24. Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO MOM CENTRAL CONSULTING 77 Chapel Street Newton, MA 02458   617.244.3002