Choice Hotels - Unique Settings for the Italy Traveller


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A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000 hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental prices.

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Choice Hotels - Unique Settings for the Italy Traveller

  1. 1. ==== ====A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental ====Every region and major city in Italy has more than a few unique hotels in settings that willmesmerize the tourist.Many hotels are near restaurants or have a built-in restaurant for convenience. Some are knownfor their picturesque designs (both architecture and decor) as well as the landscapes where theysit. Below are some fabulous hotels along with detailed descriptions about their special features tohelp the traveller whos looking for something beyond ordinary.Lap of Luxury in the Alps of ItalyLa Perla Corvara, ItalySituated high in the Dolomites, the South Tyrolean lodge called La Perla is located in Corvara, afriendly Alpine village thats near the Swiss border. The lodge has traditional rooms with rusticwood furniture, decorative headboards and printed fabrics. The hotel resembles a typical Swisslodge, with a dining area that has all wood paneling and timbered ceilings. The walls are lined withwine bottles. Theres also an unusual motorcycle museum at the resort that has antique bikes ondisplay! The resort is just over 100 miles from Venice.Guests at La Perla enjoy the daring view of the Dolomite peaks, snowshoeing and skiing activities,and also hikingduring warm weather. There are Turkish baths, a jacuzzi and saunas as well as an indoor-outdoorpool. This is a fun and relaxing place to rest during your Italy tour.Vigilius Mountain Resort South Tyrol, ItalyThis resort sits at the top of a mountain in South Tyrol in the Alps, near the Italian-Austrian border.Dont want to drive up the mountain? You wont have to because this resort is accessible by cablecar only - 1500 meters up!The hotel is modern in design with stone and concrete on lots of plain wood. If you want remote,this is the place to be.Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria Sorrento, ItalyThis hotel is located high on a cliff that overlooks the harbor in Sorrento. The hotel is actually threevillas, each built in the 1800s. The hotel has been restored, but still maintains its original design.
  2. 2. Ornate frescoes on the ceilings of a few suites and unique furniture give the hotel its uniquebeauty.There are two restaurants. One is a traditional dining room with a 19th century elegant style. Theother is a terrace restaurant that has a tremendous view of the harbor. Guests staying during thesummer months might get to dine by candlelight on the Vittoria Terrace as a small orchestra playsmusic. The hotel offers a private elevator, which transports guests to the harbor. Boats are alsoavailable for hire here.Il San Pietro di Positano Positano, ItalyFor those not afraid of heights, this unusual hotel descends with each level down a cliffside. Theviews of the sea can be enjoyed from each room and terrace to the max because the hotel is builtalongside the cliff only one room deep. Each room has its own private terrace. This makes for avery relaxing and quiet getaway.The entrance of the hotel is actually a small chapel from the 17th century that was devoted to SanPietro. There is a restaurant on top of the hotel that serves Italian cuisine and offers more stunningviews of the Gulf of Salerno. Theres also a swimming pool that has been carved into the cliffside.A lift can be taken from the hotel lobby down to a private beach and seaside cocktail bar.Grand Hotel Quisisana Capri, ItalyThe Grand Hotel Quisisana is where many supermodels, actors and other members of the elite goto hide away. Located in the popular city of Capri, this hotel resembles a habitat for the rich andfamous with its 19th century design, endless mirrors and amazing floors. A pool and outdoor cafeare available.Caesar Augustus Hotel Capri, ItalySitting above the Bay of Naples, 1000 feet above, is this classic hotel with its unmatching views ofthe bay. The rooms are welcoming with bright modern bathrooms and private balconies. There is arestaurant on a terrace that overlooks the bay also. It offers stylish comfort and a beautiful view allin one package!The Capri Palace Anacapri, ItalyA hotel with Roman Empire elegance and a stunning view of the sea, the Capri Palace welcomesguests to gorgeous rooms with chandeliers, tile and marble baths and canopy beds. Luxury is anunderstatement at this hotel. Even outside the hotel is a well-kept garden. A pool and spa areavailable for relaxation. The hotel offers a penthouse suite and also an apartment-style suite forlong stays that has its own garden and pool.Dont settle for second best on your trip. If you dont see a unique hotel above for the area youplan to visit, use online resources and searches to find other dream resorts in Italy! Choice Hotels,Unique Settings for the Italy TravellerSan Domenico Palace Hotel Taormina, Sicily, Italy
  3. 3. For a luxury vacation in Sicily, tourists enjoy staying at the San Domenico Palace. It sits on a hillabove Taormina and offers lovely views of the volcanic peak of Mount Etna as well as the IonianSea. The hotel is in a 15th century monastery with beautiful terraces and gardens. Although thebuilding is ancient, the interior is not. The marble bathrooms are very modern as are the fixturesand amenities. Guests enjoy lounging in the pool during the summer, or dining at one of threerestaurants that each serve a broad range of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.Hotel Eden Rome, ItalyWhen in Rome, many tourists choose to stay at Hotel Eden, even Hemingway and IngridBergman! With over a hundred rooms, Hotel Eden is far from small, but gives guests a feeling ofseclusion, like a stay in a private residence. Its just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps, a maintourist area in Rome.The rooms are classic and offer striking views of the city. Antique furnishings and corniced ceilingsblend with modern design to give an elegant appearance. Nearby there are great shopping areas,attractions, sights and restaurants for fine dining.Hotel Forty Seven Rome, ItalyHotel Forty Seven is a place for art lovers with Italian art from the 20th century on each floor. Therooms have comfortable furnishings, satellite television and Internet connections. Twenty-four hourroom service is also available. Atop the hotel is a restaurant that overlooks Ancient Rome, whereguests can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean dinner.Hotel Capo dAfrica Rome, ItalyThis hotel offers spacious, decorative rooms with high ceilings, painted in warm, bright colors. Thefurnishings are modern although the building was once a school in the early 20th century. Theneighborhood is quiet, and there is a rooftop terrace thats a great place to relax. Just a few blocksfrom the hotel is the Colosseum.Hotel Gritti Palace Venice, ItalyThis is a gorgeous hotel that was once a palace in Venice. Its just steps away from San Marco,but located far enough from the roar of traffic to give guests a peaceful stay. The Terrazzarestaurant at the hotel offers a terrific view of the Grand Canal.Hotel Spadari al Duomo Milan, ItalyThe Hotel Spadari al Duomo has a middle name - and that name is "fashion." Designers often setup at this hotel for furniture fairs, making it a favorite place to stay for those in the fashion industry.The rooms are comfortable with custom-made furniture for a unique appeal. Some rooms offer aview of the Duomo cathedral. There are beautiful contemporary paintings hanging on the walls.Grand Hotel et de Milan Milan, Italy
  4. 4. An elegant hotel in Milan that has lovely rooms with period furniture and rich fabrics. The La Scalatheater is just a short walk from the hotel.La Sommita Relais Culti Ostuni, Puglia, ItalyLa Sommita Relais Culti is a hotel that doesnt look like much on the outside, and the rooms arevery discrete. This is an unusual hotel that has only nine suites, with each suite appearing to bethe only one around. This is the place to stay for those needing seclusion or who want to graspwhat its like living in a place like Ostuni.Grand Hotel Continental Siena, ItalyOnce an aristocratic residence, the Grand Hotel Continental is the most luxurious hotel in Siena.Its located just off the pedestrian street of Piazza del Campo in the heart of Siena. Although thebuilding has been restored, the original details remain. The hotel has a grand ballroom, a splendidrestaurant and a wine bar. The rooms are designed with frescoed ceilings, paintings and uniquefurnishings while also offering the modern conveniences of satellite television and Internet access.Lungarno Suites Florence, ItalyThis hotel adds modern elegance to Florence with three stylish hotels. The suites are apartment-style with kitchenettes and refrigerators, and are also very spacious. The hotels location makes iteasy for guests to explore the city. Families will appreciate the extra space! A dream vacation inItaly doesnt have to be bland, and neither do the accommodations!You can find international cell phones and service for Italy from Freeincoming calls from all countries night and day and calling the states is just US $.60 per minute!They rent and sell phones and satellite phones as well.John Dulaney, born Dec. 11th, 1946, married with children. Living most years since 1969 outsidethe USA and working in motion pictures since 1965 I started with my wife, Jojo,in March of 1994 in San Francisco, Ca. Ive lived in or been to approximately 36 countries andhave lived under Democracies, Socialism, Communism, dictatorships, kingdoms and others.There is nothing like home. I participated at Channel Four in Manila, Philippines during the"People Power Revolution" and stood, with my wifes brother, along with half a million othersagainst the threat of tank attack. I have witnessed the ruinous effects of Socialism /Communism/Dictatorship in dozens of countries and today enjoy the remains of our freedoms and protectionsof the Constitution in the USA here in California. Working in front of and behind the camera filmsaround the world we removed to the suburbs and a quiet life, for a few years. We still haveproperty in Umbria, Italy, some is for sale. After all is said and done I count my children, wife Jojoand my friends as my only real treasure.Article Source:
  5. 5. ====A complete hotel search engine website,, which searches over 230,000hotel properties. This same site also searches for airline and car rental ====