You Can Bet Your Life on God


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This presentation is an introduction to "You Can Bet Your Life on God" by Darby Checketts. The subtitle is: "In a World of Toil and Turmoil...In a World of Joy and Wonder, Let's Keep God in the Conversation." The book explores the significance of God in our busy, sometimes troubled, and nevertheless wonderful world.

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You Can Bet Your Life on God

  1. 1.  Does it matter that a nation honors God or is strictly a secular society? Is faith in God naïve or is it a beacon for purpose and compassion? Is morality old fashioned or is it the inner compass for civility, honesty, fidelity, and good works? When we are polarized as a people, what happens to our progress? Where is the common ground for unity and collective empowerment? What is the true significance of our affirmation: “One nation under God”?
  2. 2. Betting on Life… You choose your thoughts. Then, you choose to act on your thoughts or not. Your beliefs and your sense of purpose Which door guide these choices. will I choose? The actions you choose create a direction for your life.In Vegas, it’s called gambling and the odds are Thoughts, beliefs, purpose, choices,not in your favor. In life, it’s about weighing actions, and direction…these determinethe consequences and making choices. who you will become.Sometimes you take a leap of faith. WhereGod is involved, you have nothing to lose and The stakes are high. Choose poorly andeverything to gain from believing that, in the disappointment is the result. Chooseend, the lights don’t just go out. well and happiness is the reward.
  3. 3. Betting on God…When this life’s over, either the lights go out or they don’t. If the lights go out, not much matters. If the lights do not go out, everything matters.
  4. 4. Faith“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1. That which is concrete provides a foundation from which we can safely operate or from which we can explore possibilities. That which is not concrete leaves the doors open for creativity, adventure, optimism, and more. Columbus did not have concrete evidence that the land we call America existed. He had only the wooden deck of his ship beneath his feet. He let his faith inspire the confidence his crew needed to pursue what others thought to be an impossible dream.
  5. 5. Five Fundamental “Belief” Options…1. God does not exist. There is no purpose to your existence other than to respond to your survival instincts. Religious beliefs are man-made myths.2. God does exist and what you believe is true and good and helpful. Your beliefs have merit and add important meaning to your existence.3. It is possible that there is some expanded belief system that encompasses even more truth and can enhance what you currently believe. There is an Intergalactic truth puzzle. It is life’s great quest to collect and assemble as many truth puzzle pieces as possible from wherever these are to be found.4. What you believe is in need of updating to be relevant in these modern times. There is a caution here about the relativistic notion that humans determine the relevance of God’s laws and that He exists for our convenience.5. There is a profound concept that puts everything into an everlasting perspective. It’s about your pre-existence. It makes a big difference if your spirit existed before you were born on earth. There would be an even greater purpose to your existence—from before, during, and beyond your mortality.* All of these options are explored in Chapter 4 of You Can Bet Your Life on God.
  6. 6. Beware the ism’s of life, which are generally the philosophies of men: Secularism,Humanism, Socialism, Capitalism, Relativism, Hedonism, Materialism, Altruism,Empiricism, Atheism, Exceptionalism, and many more. For whatever value there is inthese, they are after all man-made. And when it comes to your belief about God, who will you choose as your expert resource? There are those who base their atheism on the hypotheses of an ancient Roman philosopher, Lucretius, whose poem, “On the Nature of Things,” puts forth these ideas… 1) The day-to-day happenings and year-to-year events of the world can be explained by natural phenomena. These are the result of the predictable yet purposeless interactions of tiny atoms moving in space. 2) There is no need to fear death. It is merely the dissolution of a person’s physical mind. Death is neither good nor bad for there will be an absence ofAny person is free to sensation and thought. A dead person will not miss being alive.philosophize, and logic Based on the unproven observations of a relatively obscure philosopher, someproves some things. people conclude: if Lucretius said so, there is no god. Other great philosophersBut the truth that gives have offered their hypotheses to the contrary—that God does exist. So, to whommeaning to life is… do we listen? Do we decide our beliefs on the basis of hearsay or on inspiration? If God’s existence cannot be proved or disproved on the basis of mere humanby the heart confirmed. logic, do we rely upon faith? Yes. A leap of faith may be a risk well worth taking.
  7. 7. Among the reasons people offer to discount the idea or existence of God…I’ve never seen God... It’s already 2012 and the promised Messiah hasn’t come… Thereare no more miracles—only high tech and good luck… The Bible is just a mythologicalcollection of wishes, warnings, and some wisdom... Religion is for the weak and thenaïve and for little children… Science says it isn’t so… I get along just fine withoutGod... A loving God would not allow war and suffering…. A flood came. A child was swept away. The child was found clinging to an isolated tree branch. Tearful and grateful observers ponder upon the scene… Was it the child’s quick thinking? Was it luck? Was it a tender mercy—a miracle?
  8. 8. Big Bang? Creation? Evolution? All of the Above? How versatile is God?What does all-powerful mean?
  9. 9. Chemists use Lithium to make batteries. Who put the Lithium there in the ground with exactly the properties we need to power our cell phones? As genetic engineers decode DNA, we must wonder at the intricateWill scientific research chromosomal program What is the role ofand engineering skill that defines life. faith? Is it wishfuleventually solve all the thinking or is thereproblems faced by Whatever we believe, divine influence in thehumankind? we must wonder at it all. affairs of humankind?
  10. 10. (1) An agricultural inspector happens upon a farmer in hisfield and says, “I’m impressed (3) Avoice rumbles softlythat you and God have turned from above, “Does the this old property into such a soil, rain, and sunlight I beautiful farm.” provide help? And, do those seeds “magically” germinate for you?” (2) Thefarmer replies, “Well, you should’ve seen it when God was working it on his own.”
  11. 11. A Cool Accident of Nature or Did God Know We’d Like Honey? The humble, miraculous, honey bee… • Travels great distances on gossamer wings that beat incessantly, • Navigates by the sun with amazing “GPS” eyes, • Collects the ingredients for delectable honey that is bacteria free thanks to its own antiseptic saliva, • Pollinates blossoms of all kinds so that vegetables grow, trees bear fruit, and flowers continue to bloom, • Returns to its hive to dance the instructions that keep its busy little friends buzzing. Thank you, God, for the bees. Bless them, please.
  12. 12. WAR Dear God… Why do you allow it? WhyOPPRESSION don’t you do somethingSUFFERING about it? I did, I sent you.
  13. 13. We humans marvel at comic book super heroes and yet we may have trouble holding agenuine belief in an all-powerful God who rules the universe with His divine Son. Still, weyearn for someone who can overcome evil and in whom we can place our absolute trust. Do you recall The Force, which Luke Skywalker acknowledged? Do you marvel at the godlike powers of Thor and his father, Odin? Do you wish Iron Man would come and rid the world of terrorists? If you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, you already know the Supreme Hero!
  14. 14. Free Agency Choose you this day whom ye will serve… Joshua 24:15
  15. 15. Is there a true north?Does it matter?Does it matter that you knowhow to find it?In a world of distractions, whatis the inner compass we need?Are God’s commandmentslimitations or life insurance?Do they restrict us or free us?A compass is there to guide us.The choice is ours.The compass points the way toa destination we choose andfrees us from uncertainty alongthe way.
  16. 16. • What is the truth of your existence? • What happened before this life? What is the meaning behind what you are experiencing now? What lies beyond this life? • Bet your life on God. What have you got to lose—to gain? • Consider who is betting on you. • Are you betting on you? Discover your Divine Design.This original cover art for “You Can Bet Your Life on God” wascreated by Mike Bohman. Copyright © 2011 by Darby Checketts.
  17. 17. These slides are a partial introduction to the book: You Can Bet Your Life on God by Darby Checketts The book is available directly at and at,Barnes & Noble, and through your local bookseller. Slides: Copyright © 2012 by Darby Checketts