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  • 1. e-tourisme
    2nd, February 2010
  • 2. e-tourisme
    A Blog
    Advertising on internet
  • 3. Whatis a blog ?
    A blog (a contraction of the term "web log")is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order so that the internet user get the newest information.
    The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.
    Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts (web entries)
  • 4. A blog is basically a streamlined website that has easier technology and is designed to facilitate a two-way conversation.
    Word of mouth marketing
  • 5. More on Blog
    Bloggers are those who write (called posting) original articles for the blog and/or oversee the editorial process of a blog.
    Commenters refer to the online public who read and interact with the blogger(s) by leaving a ‘comment’ on a blog post.
    Content is a common term for the information written on the blog.
    Blogosphere is a term for all blogs as a family and their interconnectivity - a ‘social network’ of all blogs. It is common practice that blogs link to each other and share or comment on each others’ posts.
    Syndication/RSS Feeds (really simple syndication)- Syndication means the ability to make blog content available for other bloggers to use and publish, typically at no cost.
  • 6. RSS
  • 7. nann
    The weight of a Blog
  • 8. A blog is more than a voice
    People recognize marketing spin whentheyseeit, whattheywantisauthenticity.
    Communicatingyourdreams, goals, strategies, triumphs and failurestransparently to customers and prospects.
  • 9. Blog is a thought leadership !
    People rarelyspend money or invest in a product or service if theydon’t trust the people behindit
    Building a reputation in the industrythatisrecognized and respected, such as the travelindustry.
  • 10. Bloggers are considerablyinfluencing
    consumer choice
  • 11. What Makes Blogs Special?
    • Everyone is Welcome - No matter your internet or technical abilities; everyone can blog. The free platforms make it easy and available to all.
    • 12. Conversational Content - Blog content is designed to be an opinionated, two way conversation. It is based on personal interests, expertise, etc. This applies to a corporate or organizational blogs.
    • 13. Reader Interaction - Blogs by nature invite reader commentary. It is recommended to allow comments, with or without an approval feature.
    • 14. Freshness - Frequent posting is necessary to attract readers, create stickiness, gain credibility, and rank in search engines. No less than once weekly.
    • 15. Interconnectivity - Blogs create communities by reciprocal linking, blog rolls, blog networks, etc.
    • 16. You have control of the content thatgetscreated.
    • 17. No rules! You do whateveryouwantwithyour blog.
    • 18. RSSTechnology - Real Simple Syndication allows for content to be instantaneously updated to other blogs, blog readers, etc.
  • Who are the bloggers ?
    According to Forrester Research, the demographic breakdown of ‘Spectators,’ defined as online users who read blogs, watch videos or listen to podcasts.
  • What the average blogger looks like ?
    Resource: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008
  • 25. What the average blogger looks like ?
    Educated, financially stable, 25-49 y.o.
    Resource: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008
  • 26. Who reads blogs? (in the US)
    • 42% of internet users have read a blog(s)
    • 27. 33% read blogs regularly
    • 28. 11% read blogs daily
    • 29. 8% of Americans have a blog
    • 30. 46% of blog readers saying that they visit the same blogs regularly
    • 31. 54% surf for new and different ones
    • 32. 43% of blog visitors notice ads on blog websites
    • 33. 28% of US blog readers have taken an action based on a blog post
  • 59 % of the internet userswanted to visit a country or a regionaftersurfing on a blog talking about it
    (Source : Benchmark Group).
  • 34. Blogs: Why is it successful ?
    There are more than 133 million blogs with 1.5 million created weekly.
    94 million US blog readers and 23 million American bloggers. Nearly 1 million blog posts every 24 hours.
    95% of the top 100 US newspapers have reporter blogs.
    Blogs in 81 languages and 66 countries.
    Resource: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008
  • 35. Blogs: Why is it successful ?
    • 20% of bloggers think newspapers will be obsolete by 2018
    • 36. 50% think blogs will be primary news source by 2013
    • 37. 37% have had a blog post quoted in the traditional press
    Resource: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008
  • 38. Blogs: Why is it successful ?
    • 61% learn about products & services from other blogs
    • 39. Only 1/3 turn to TV/Print as a source of info
    Resource: Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008
  • 40. Why a blog in the travelindustry?
    • Communicate openly with potential travelers.
    • 41. Provides an alternative form of communication.
    • 42. Engage the influencer audience.
    • 43. Increase SEO
    • 44. Change perception of your destination.
    • 45. Public relations’ effect.
    • 46. Easy solution for online participation.
    • 47. Employee ownership / pride / moral.
  • Rethinksuccess …
    Would you rather have…
    500 people who have actively subscribed to receive near-daily updates from a blog.
    5,000 people who have subscribed to receive monthly emails (that they don’t open) ?
  • 48. But where to start? What do you need?
    • Do I blog as a person or as a company
    • 49. How muchcan I write about a topic ?
    • 50. Can I writeappealing content?
    • 51. Whatelsecan I do to findtopics ?
    • 52. Whowillmaintainmy blog ?
    • 53. Will you and your team dedicate the time required?
    • 54. How do you motivate the blogging team?
    • 55. Will you openly show blogger(s) identity?
    • 56. What happens when a blogger leaves?
    • 57. How will you address negative comments?
    • 58. Is this the right tool for your demo / audience?
    • 59. When do I startseeingresults ?
    • 60. Blogger / content schedule.
    • 61. Design / layout / specs.
    • 62. Turn-key blogging platform.
    • 63. Multiple, dedicated bloggers.
    • 64. General blog guidelines.
    • 65. Tone / voice guidelines.
    • 66. Marketing / promotional / distribution plan.
    • 67. Goals / tracking / statistics / monitoring.
  • Tips prior to launch
    • Know your audience.
    • 68. Know the tone, the influencers and whatalreadyexists.
    • 69. Begin posting content to your blog prior to launch.
    • 70. Work on SEO
    • 71. Know the Rules of the Game Before You Start Playing
    • 72. Research and find other local bloggers
    • 73. Develop a 3 and 6 month evaluation plan.
    • 74. Develop an editorial calendar and stick to it!
    • 75. Be aware of the dedication required.
    • 76. Prepare for pain.
  • Tips while Blogging
    Be patient while building your audience.
    Post often / Post actionable topics / Be confident and comfortable about the topic
    Create your travel community
    Cultivate it.
    Participate and communicate with other bloggers.
    Incorporate your blog in everything (signature, website, business card, …)
    Read, friend, link, talk, learn, reference.
    Use proper grammar and punctuation.
    Animate, illustrate with web.2
    Self evaluationworks / Don’tjustreacthowever
    Buildapprovalintoprocess (eg: Southwest Airlines the lobby blog)
    Coordinate/integrate With Traditional PR/Marketing Efforts
    Company news can be a blog post if it’s compelling info and offers original content (interviews, etc) beyond the press release information
    Recruit Internal Bloggers
    Solicit people from within the organization to be bloggers
  • 77.
  • 78. Identifyyour audience
    The oneswho are involved in the tourisme promotion:
    Institutionals, tourist offices, ….
    The TouristOperationalActors
    Hotels, B&B, ..
    Attractions providers, museums, ….
    E-commerce actors
    Aggregators, pure players, TO on line, …
    Remember that they are Consumers before Members
    Remind them of the WIIFM - What’s In It For Them ?
  • 79. Setting Up & Owning Your Blog
    How to Select a Blog Name
    Make it: Easy to remember & spell
    Make it: Relevant to your business
    Make it: the same as the URL
    Make it: Letters only; no numbers, punctuation, etc.
    Don’t use “blog” in the name - it’s redundant
    Secure the Domain Name
    Use a free service, but buy the domain name, not
    Google or - very simple instructions
    Buy the .org, .com, .net, etc - its worth the $10/year for people to find you easily!
    The Intersection of Blogs and Print
    Incorporate your blog into ALL print pieces; Wherever your website is printed, so should be your blog
    Insert it in your email signature (Read our blog: & in your website
  • 80. What not to do ?
    • Post infrequently.
    • 81. Disguise or fake your identity.
    • 82. Write content months ahead of time.
    • 83. Farm out the work.
    • 84. Delete / erase comments w/o guidelines.
    • 85. Ignore comments.
    • 86. Plagiarize.
    • 87. Obsess over traffic and PageRank.
    • 88. Get off topic.
    • 89. Consider yourself bigger than your readers.
  • Which blog platform to choose?
  • 90. How to create a blog? (launched in 1999)
  • 91. The Anatomy of a Blog
  • 92. The Anatomy of a Blog
    Clean design; easy navigation
    Topic Tabs
    Subscribe Feature
    Follow Me
    About Tab
    Advertising Tab - easily could be a Donate Tab
    Date & Author - linked to bio
  • 93. The Anatomy of a Blog
    Easy to Share via Twitter
    Clean design of blog post
    Picture insert; yet not cluttered (pls credit all photos!)
    Interactivity - recent comments; frequent commenters; encourages time spent on the page
  • 94. The Anatomy of a Blog
    • Hyperlink to Author’s Bio and Post Archive
    • 95. Comments visible - link to full list
    • 96. Blog community badges
    • 97. Blogroll
  • The Anatomy of a Blog
    Social Sharing Features & Find Me Functions
  • 98.
  • 99.
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102.
  • 103.
  • 104. Blog on etourisme !
  • 105.
  • 106. Instead of focusingmy communication on my B&B, my main objective was to sharemy passion and knowledge on myregionwith the visitors, to givethempersonnalisedadvices on whattheirholidayscouldbe.
  • 107.
  • 108. CDT Calvados created a blog on a historicalcharacter, Guillaume le Conquérant,greatsymbol for NormandyThis mixed modern/historywithgeolocalisation of the battleson Google Maps, pictures on flickr & videos. Tags are named “crown”, “Pape” or “Duché de Normandie”.A spaceisdedicated to childrenwith a videao, quizz and a booklet.OnlyFacebook page &Twitteraddress are missing
    La Fabuleuse Epopée
  • 109. A blog not from a company but the ownerhimself !
  • 110.
  • 111. The authorswho tell stories on Creuse are real « Creuse » lovers & from Creuse! Theirpictures are clearlyfeaturedon the right with links to each of them. Message becomesthusmuchclearer for the internet user.
  • 112.
  • 113.
  • 114.
  • 115.
  • 116. A success story ???
  • 117. A sample on
    a avdertising blog
    Creation of a website to support
    an offline advertisingcampaign
    2005-2006 : cigale campaign
    2007 : Ne partez plus en vacances, le blog
    New community trends, new travellers ‘ behaviours
    = enhance the everyday life, provide an authenticenvironment, full of simplicty, complicty and sharings
    Ne partez plus en vacances !
    For a new internet area
    Create a community in whicheach one canfinditsown place and participate.
    = source of information for Bouches du Rhône
    Communication platforms
  • 118. 3. The content
    • Select 4 spokesmenwhorepresent the brand identity
    • 119. Makethemalive
    • 120. Go beyond the personalityshownthrough the traditionnaladvertisingcampaign. Reinforcetheiridentity via the blog .
    • 121. Addressadded value to the destination throughpeople’s passions, e.g. culture, outdooractivities, art and tradition and throughtheir place of residence - Arles Camargue, Marseille Aix, Provence.
    • 122. Alternatewithreaction to news
    • 123. Suggest good deals, greatitineraries, new ideas to make the blog informative
  • 4. Behind the scenes
    Cost : 10 000 € for a period of 2 years
    Designed & animated by an outsidecommuncation & web agency
    Follow-up, updates, emailings, contest & hostingmanaged by the web agency
    Bouches du Rhônes CDT was a moderator but not a censor (lots of spams to getrid of!).
    4 virtualcharacters: 2 from CDT & 2 from the webagency
    In order to ensure the credibility, eachcharacterwas in charge of hisown passion and had to go on site ½ day / month
    4 to 5 newsletters / yearwere sent out to inform about contest and updates.
  • 124. 5. The contreversy
    True or fake blog ?????
    At the launch of the bog, 2 bloggerscritizised the initiative. The blog coulddeceive the internet user by not givensincere information
    Reactionwas :
    A clear introduction addressed to to the commenters:
    Le blog vous est proposé par le comité départemental du tourisme des Bouches-du-Rhône (
    Damien, Sabine, Roberto et Jeanne sont des personnages fictifs, créés pour la campagne de communication nationale du CDT13. Mais leurs conseils sont néanmoins sincères, avisés et ont bel et bien été vécus par notre quatuor local, chargés de vivre par procuration les folles aventures de nos quatre amis, à savoir : Gilles / Damien (CDT13), Carole / Sabine (CDT13), Greg / Roberto (1=2) et Aurélie / Jeanne (1=2).
    2. The bloggersparticipatedin the discussions raised on thissubject
  • 125. 6. The Conclusion
    Almost 100 000 visitors in lessthan 2 years
    Substantial impact on the SEO
    A loyal audience
    Positive comments :
    « Oh merci ! Merci beaucoup pour tous ces conseils qui font du bien !! Une petite bulle de fraîcheur ! »
    « Je suis marseillais et j'oublie toujours cette superbe Vieille Charité. Et bien des chroniques d'art comme la tienne, ça me réveille : je vais y aller, té ! »
    « Je ne connaissais pas ce numéro, merci ! Et pourtant je suis marseillais depuis... sept ans ? déjà ? »
    A free editorial content
    A truetone for eachcharacter
    Picturestaken on the spot
    But the blog did not look real enough:
    Tooprofessionnal: with a perfect design
    Should have selectedtrue people but not professionnals
    Tooearly (2007) for non experiencedbloggers