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Welcome in the new Age of Curation http://bitly.com/curationsocialmediaking @ https://twitter.com/#!/web20education - wish you all Lucian http://xeeme.com/ecurator/ . I invite to register to join free http://bitly.com/docedtech20 #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project http://web20education.bo.lt/g6538 subscribe free to our new newsteller http://bitly.com/edtech20newsteller and Install free our #mlearning app http://bitly.com/edtech20mLearningapp .Like and collaborate on facebook http://on.fb.me/likeedtech20facebookpage and Circle on Google Plus http://bitly.com/circleedtech20googlepluspage and Subscribe free to gr8 #edtech20 blogs http://bitly.com/feededtech20blogs related to new web 2.0, social media
startups http://bitly.com/web20eblog , curation http://bitly.com/curationblog ; mLearning apps http://bitly.com/mLearningblog , google plus http://bitly.com/googleplusblog , gr8 blog http://bitly.com/egr8blog and my romanian blog http://bitly.com/eblogulmeu

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#curation Social Media King bitly.com/blogtopdfwihzinepal ebook #edech20 #pln

  1. 1. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornelluciandumacornellucianseBook This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBook Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats. Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more features and hide this message. 1.Scoop.it is topic-centric, but we can’t forget that it’s first of#curation is #socialmedia all a social media The main difference with the others social media is essential: Scoop.it lets users follow topics, not people.king . Top 10 #edtech20 tools Scoop.it brings you content on topics you’ve decided to follow,who will change research this shared by other people on these topics. People we meet are users who are willing to discuss about the same subjects. Whatyear gather people together are their passions! We don’t alwaysBy Lucian on January 22nd, 2012 share our passions with our friends: especially if they areLast year I discover that Curation is the King of Knowledge unusual.in Social Media read more here and the Art of : searching, In short, with Scoop.it you share content with people who areselecting, sharing/bookmarking , organizing, interaction, likely to find it relevant. Scoop.it enables to share things youcommunication, would not normally share on other social Medias. SometimesThe Internet Curators role is to seek on the web information you find that it’s too risky to share links with your family, yourrelated to a specific domain, filter them, select them, colleagues or old classmates. They will also not necessarilyorganise, share and present them in a unique way. Now you be very interested in your passions. And above all, thecan subscribe to our monthly newsteller http://bitly.com/ information that you will find relevant, will not be lost inedtech20newsteller and install free our mobile and browser the middle of thousand other posts. And if you are a littleapp http://bitly.com/edtech20mLearningapp bit curious (we are all), you will read the content on topicsNow I will present top 10 curation tools who will open gateway curated by other users who share the same interest, and youto knowledge for teachers worldwide . If you are agree with me will comment their links.leave a comment, also add like comments new curation tools .Also I invite you to visit weekly this blog because I will presentevery week gr8 tools and apps who will offer gateway toknowledge in XXI Century Education . You can read moredown about my research and if you want to collaborate to makea curation platform ( website ) for teachers contact me bit.ly/Lucian20 .Themeefy ia a cool new way to discover, curate, compile andpublish knowledge to create your personal Theme magazine 2.Themeefy ia a cool new way to discover, curate, compile andor online book . PS if you want a invitation leave a comment publish knowledge to create your personal Theme magazinewith your email and I will invite you to join the MAG . You or online book . PS if you want a invitation leave a commentmust follow next steps to make a Themeefy mag . Research with your email and I will invite you to join the MAG . Youweb sites and add interesting links directly from the Web. must follow next steps to make a Themeefy mag . ResearchUpload photos, jot down notes and add a personal touch to web sites and add interesting links directly from the Web.your magazine. Pull in interesting social content from Twitter Upload photos, jot down notes and add a personal touch toand Facebook. Customize the Theme magazine, publish it and your magazine. Pull in interesting social content from Twittershare it . My first Online book is Curation Social Media King and Facebook. Customize the Theme magazine, publish it andYou can read more here about this new startup curation tool . share it . My first Online book is Curation Social Media King You can read more here about this new startup curation tool .Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1
  2. 2. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian 6. Scrible does for research what gmail did for email and I want to present you new scribles changing how the world works online by transforming Web-based research but I hope will be free for education Even though the world uses the Internet to research nearly everything for work, school and home (job3.Chirpstory is an application to help manage your Twitter postings, press releases, Wikipedia articles, medical info, etc.),account and share Tweets in a fun and information fashion. most folks still use old-school ways of annotating, organizingA complete curation experience you wont find anywhere and sharing online info (printing to mark by hand, copying/else.Chirpstory automatically loads the latest Tweets from pasting into Word, etc.). Its archaic, laborious and a waste ofyour Twitter stream. You can also load Tweets from a time. Were changing that. Were bringing Web-based researchspecific user, keyword, or list and Organize favorite Tweets, into the Internet Era by empowering people to mark up webconversations, and themed hashtags together to create fun and pages in the browser and manage and collaborate on themeasy-to-read narratives out of the Twitter experience. Simply online. And thats just the start...drag and drop Tweets into a timeline, edit, and then share your"Story" with the world. . Here I made my Chirpstory and in thisstory I will write my favorite curation edtools in #education20 .http://chirpstory.com/li/1603 7. Pearltrees is one of my favorite social media curation tools . Why use Pearltrees ?To cultivate your interests. Pearltrees is4.SymbalooEdu a great resource for teachers. With Symbaloo a place to organize discover and share everything you like onyou can: Gather the best content on the web about 1 topic, and the web. You can keep at hand the web pages you like andpresent it on a webmix Share a webmix with other teachers, enrich your account with Pearltrees from other members ofand students Discover useful webmixes in the Symbaloo the community. Who is Pearltrees made for ? Anybody whoGallery to use in the classroom Share a webmix with parents to has ever wanted to keep a webpage (about a favorite movie,provide some insight of the used materials A worthy mention: for researching travel, for conducting research or just becauseSymbaloo is free of charge and doesn’t include any annoying there are things youve found that you dont want to lose...) toads. retrieve it one day or to share it with someone. This means a lot of people!5. BootlenoseIs a smarter way to surf the Stream. Its a newpersonalization tool that helps the important informationfind you in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. UseBottlenose to track your interests, visualize trends, and curateknowledge with your friends. The Sharepocalypse is here tostay. Social networks are popping up left and right, and theyre 8. BagTheWeb helps users curate Web content. For any topic,getting noisier. How do you cut through all this chaos? How you can create a "bag" to collect, publish, and share anydo you make sense of your streams? content from the Web. Beyond most curation tools capability,At Bottlenose they were building a new social assistance BagTheWeb enables users to build networks of bags. Via bags,application that helps you do just that. It helps navigate users can collect, publish, and share curated Web content in athe depths of your networks and keep up with your social simple and exciting way. Web content forms content networks,streams so you can engage more intelligently. But thats just users form social networks, and content and social networksthe beginning: Bottlenose helps you hunt for what interests further connect. This way bags can be linked together toyou, alerts you when something deserves your attention, and provide rich and complete information about any topic. Foreven helps you share and communicate more productively. this reason Bag the Web an evolving Web. For Teachers CollectCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2
  3. 3. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucianteaching materials. Create bags for students to study andassign homework. Happy and Succesfull new year 2012 #PLN . 2011 year in Review icluding #edtech20 online book using gr8 #socialmedia #curation tools By Lucian on January 22nd, 20129. Storify is a curation social media tool to make awesome story Dear friends ( teachers, researchers and social mediaand t urn what people post on social media into compelling curators ) I , Lucian http://xeeme.com/ecurator/ wish youstories. Collect the best photos, video, tweets and you can also all HAPPY AND SUCCESFULL NEW YEAR 2012 .add text and embed the resulting collages of content on yourown site or blog10.Capturetocloud new curation tool in the cloud . Freeaccount include Upload up to 200MB/month Uploadunlimited bookmarks Up to 500 web pages, images, PDFs, etc.Unlimited sharing Free Google Docs integration Free Dropboxintegration and item linking Features Marketing intelligencegathering, organizing, and sharing Investment Professionalstarget entitys background, principals profiles, sector and Still the begining I want to thank you all because wecomparables data, references Real Estate documents, images, share and discover toghether new way to teach and learnweb pages and text messages organized using online tools and apps web 2.0 and social media inWelcome wish you all Lucian http://xeeme.com/ecurator/ . #edtech20 #pln and I invite to join free http://goo.gl/I invite to register to join free http://bitly.com/docedtech20 WOqiQ to have good collaboration in http://#edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project http:// web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ , wiki http://bitly.com/edtech20socialmediacurationprojectsubscribe free web20andsocialmediaineducation2010.wikispaces.com/to our new newsteller http://bitly.com/edtech20newsteller Just follow https://twitter.com/#!/web20education . ,and Install free our #mlearning apphttp://bitly.com/ subscribe free to #edtech20 blogs http://linkbun.ch/0y50edtech20mLearningapp . Just followhttps://twitter.com/#!/ collaborate on facebook http://goo.gl/yns7N and Googleweb20education ; like and collaborate on facebookhttp:// Plus http://goo.gl/fCdmh and Install free our #mlearningon.fb.me/likeedtech20facebookpage and Circle on Google app http://goo.gl/rjeVs .Plushttp://bitly.com/circleedtech20googlepluspageandSubscribe free to gr8 #edtech20 blogs http://bitly.com/ I invite you all to celebrate new year 2012 with a glass offeededtech20blogs related to new web 2.0, social champagnemedia startupshttp://bitly.com/web20blog , curation http://bitly.com/curationblog ; mLearning appshttp://bitly.com/mLearningblog , google plus http://bitly.com/googleplusblogand gr8 blog https://bitly.com/mygr8blogCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3
  4. 4. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian Description : I launch this project because Curation is the Social Media King and Next Big Thing still 2011 around the social web and social media curation tools are the gateway through semantic web 3.0 in #education20 and for this reason I invite teachers and researchers worldwide to join free this global project . Curation is King of Knowledge in Social Media and the Art of : searching, selecting, sharing/bookmarking , tagging, organizing, interaction, communication . Steve Rosenbaum describe in his book Curation : (p 3-4) Curation is about adding value from humans … Curation is very much the core shift in commerce, editorial, and communities that require highly qualified humans. Humans aren’t extra, or special, or enhancements; humans arecurators. They do what no computer can possibly achieve. (p 12-13) No longer is the algorithm in charge. Human curators have become essential software. What emerges is new human and computer collaboration … The important news of the emergence of a Curation Nation is that humans are very much back in charge.The Internet Curators role isimikimi - sharing creativity to seek on the web information related to a specific domain, filter them, select them, organise, share and present them inHere I write for all of you a online book ,, Curation Social a unique way.Media King " with gr8 ( the best )social media curation tools Now, if you have done any of that work before, you shouldused in #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project know that doing so has many benefits, but is also veryhttp://www.themeefy.com/Lucian_26369/curation- time consuming. I mean, you can always scour your friendssocialmedia-king-edtech20-advent . If you like my online blogs, do a search, visit news sites or other trusted sourcesbook You can share and embeded in your blog or available to you. But then, there is the matter of putting themwebsite http://tinyurl.com/crvrvwg and stay tune because all together, by copying and pasting, editing, among othernext year I will write a book ,, Curation Social Media King things.in XXI Century Education . I invite you to visit weeklythis blog to discover every week gr8 tools and apps . Please In essence, you choose a topic, research for the best articlesadd comments and sugestions to my blog posts and what out there, combine them into a post, publish, and share it toyou think about #EDTECH20 project and visit daily this the world. That’s curating content!blog to discover new social media curation tools who can http://xeeme.com/eCurator/bring a new dimenssion in XXI Century Education.I considercuration online fishing in the social web :)And subscribe free to my gr8 blogs on next topics :CURATIONhttp://feeds.feedburner.com/edtech20CurationSemanticProjectInEducationWEB 2.0, SOCIAL MEDIA,ELEARNING TOOLS AND APPShttp://feeds.feedburner.com/Web20SocialMediaInSafetyModeInEducationI blog related to gr8 tools and apps http://feeds.feedburner.com/MyPln-PersonalLearningNetworkGoogle Plus, Chrome tools and apps in #education20http://feeds.feedburner.com/GooglePlusChromeToolsAppsAndMoreInEducation20Teaching and mLearning using gr8 apps 4 ipad, ipod, iphone I am verry happy because #edtech20 #socialmedia #curationhttp://feeds.feedburner.com/ project has now a free browser app and also you can use it onMlearningEdtoolsAndAppsIneducation20 ipad, ipod and iphone you you can download free from hereProfesor in secolul XXI http://feeds.feedburner.com/LucianDumaProfesorInSecolulXxi http://edtech20socialmediacurationproject.mobapp.at/Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4
  5. 5. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian 2. Free blogging safely in education http:// www.slideshare.net/DUMACORNELLUCIAN/teaching- unit-free-blogging-safety-in-education-53343973. 3.Free animation 2.0 safely in education http:// www.slideshare.net/DUMACORNELLUCIAN/free- animation-20-safety-in-education 4. How to introduce Internet safety issue via the discovery of free virtual worlds , Second Life. I belive that new technologies web 2.0 and social media can open gateway to knowledge for teachers worldwide and for this reason curation tools will prepare the appearance of semantic web 3.0 in XXI Century Education and I http:// gplus.to/LucianDumaTeacherCurator made on #edtech20 circle on google plus ( the new tool who prepaire the introduction of new web in #education20 ) . I wish in the future to make a big platform where teachers worldwide canDescription of the mobile app discuss how they can integrate efficiently new technologies in #education20 , but for this we need help and founds and ICuration is the online King who open gateway to knowledge hope toghether to bring edreform .and for semantic web 3.0 . For this reason I launch Curation has always been an underrated form of creation#edtech20 #socialmedia #curation project gateway to and it is generally the selection of, care for and presentationknowledge in #education20 http://www.justabout.co/ of the objects entered into a collection, whether that collectionedtech20socialmediacurationproject . Curation is King of is physical (such as items in a museum) , digital (such asKnowledge in Social Media and the Art of : searching, entries in Wikipedia) . Today I use gr8 curation tools manyselecting, sharing/bookmarking , tagging, organizing, in beta for curating social media ( tools, apps, articles , bloginteraction, communication http://xeeme.com/eCurator/ . I posts , tweets , videos , photos and much more ) like scoop.it ,curate the best social media , web 2.0 and eLearning tools perltrees , postano , shareist , storify , chirpstory , curated.byand apps who open gateway to knowledge in #education20 and bagtheweb .http://unhub.com/web20education/ http://bit.ly/Lucian20 My favorite are 4 scoop.it , pearltrees , postano , shareist,. If you download this app you will discover many web but every day appear new curation tools who prepair the2.0, social media and eLearning tools and apps who bring aparition of Semantic Web who is driving the evolution of thegateway to knowledge for teachers and students worldwide . current Web by enabling users to find, share, and combineIn the same time you will learn what is Curation and why information more easily . For example delicious tool is a kindis the Social Media King . Just follow me for more http:// of curation, but this new curation tools allows your readerswww.socialfollow.com/profiles/lucianecurator/ . In 2 words to add comments and suggestion for evry post .curation is ,, human knowledge “ .About #edtech20 free project http://central.ly/ The emphasis of curation may vary among:web20education/ is extended of the project ,, Teach, learn,play in 21st Century using web 2.0, social media used in an e- The selection process - such as the use of expertise or expertSafe way in education 2.0 " who was selected finalist project advice to decide what items or content should be added to ain ELEARNING AWARDS 2010 , runner up in the collection or archive.cathegory ENISA silver award for teaching online safety andcitizenship . The caretaking process - controlling the decay of historicalI start this project because I was selected in june 2010 by object (such as census records) .European Schoolnet to work in the TIS – Insafe ; TeachingInternet Safety Project under European Schoolnet and Presentation - determining how objects or records areTeachToday . I made a team from next european teachers : displayed, including what metadata will be displayed alongCoordinator Lucian Cornel Duma (ROMANIA) - me , Aureo with them.Torres (SPAIN) ,Maria Sourgiadaki (GREECE) ,Catalina 2011 is the begining of New Era of Curation and everyNicolin ( MECTS Romania ) and Inge de Cleyn ( Belgium ) . day appear new awesome social media curation tools likeWe work all at this module proposed by me is called ,, How write Mashable in the article 4 Promising Curation Toolsteachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media That Help Make Sense of the web . When I read Mashablesin education 2.0 “ and all the resource where presented on article I allready used Pearltrees http://pearltrees.com/Teachtoday website between 21- 22 octomber 2010 at Safer #/web20education and after I made #edtech20 team onInternet Forum in Louxembourg . We made next teaching pearltrees . When Tim Berners Lee originally conceived of theunits : Internet, he envisioned three principal functions and I think1. Free microblogging safely in education : Twitter that is curationapps http://www.slideshare.net/DUMACORNELLUCIAN/ Allow anyone to access any type of documentteaching-unit-free-blogging-safety-in-education-5326694 Allow everyone to disseminate his or her own documentsCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 5
  6. 6. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian 5.#elearningAllow everyone to organize the entire collection of documents http://pinterest.com/web20education/elearning-Brian Solis write also in his website about curation and web20education-by-http-xeeme-com-ecurato/curators who play an important role in the evolution ofnew media, the reach of material information, and the 6. Second Life http://social nicheworks that unite as a result. Curators promote teacherluciandumasecondlife.blogspot.com/interaction, collaboration, as well as education around the In conclusion lets make a big curation #edtech20 PLN andtopics that are important to them. As such, services that toghether we will discover semantic web 3.0 . I invite youempower curators will fill the void between creation and to join FREE this project and complete this google doc withconsumption. Forrester’s estimation of consumers of social your informations http://tinyurl.com/doc-edtech20projectcontent will erode from 70% to much lower numbers as and after I will invite you to became a member in our ningmany ease into social networking through curation – sharing network http://web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ and in ourwith others the content that captivates their attention. The wikiease of doing so forever converts the static consumer into a I will make a page on #edtech20 wiki with all collaboratorsproductive curator or perhaps one day, a full fledged creator. http://With creation and curation increasing the exchange of web20andsocialmediaineducation2010.wikispaces.com/1.1.information commerce, we are moving new media toward +edtech20+project+collaborators+ . All the members who willthe mainstream creating bridges between social and be involved in this project will use #edtech20 hastag and aretraditional media and the people who connect around invited to curate with me if they use scoopit and if not to addrelated information. As such, what you discover and equally their comments and feedback about what I and other memberswhat you share creates an information economy rich with share in this curation topics and also we will collaborate in ourcontextual and topical relevance linked through shared facebook page http://tinyurl.com/edtech20facebook .experiences. I write this words about #edtech20 project, but your advices ,Work process comments and feed-back is welcome .I want to collaborate in #edtech20 project with teachersworldwide and to discuss about new tools and apps web2.0 , social media , and semantic web 3.0 . We will discover I invite you also to see my #edtech20 glogtoghether how to use many edtools , apps and widgets relatedto mlearning, wikis , blogs , microblogs , social networking ,news readers and news agregators , animation , cloudwords , online communities , on-line web conferencing , chats Here is a useful presentation about curationand webinars , bookmarking , sharing using videos , photos , Building Thought Leadership through Content Curationinteractive presentations , documents , podcast and audio . View more presentations from Corinne WeisgerberI am in the top scoop.it curators ( 50 000 visitors on mytopics )and for this reason I made a scoopit curation topic andalso a blog for my favorite topics .This project AIMS to bring free semantic web in XXI Century Thank you #pln becauseEducation . Here you can see curation in action and join ,share and follow this curation topics : you nominated for #eddies1.#curation http:// #edtech20 wiki ( #web20edtech20curationprojectineducation.blogspot.com/http://pinterest.com/web20education/curation- #socialmedia 2010 ) By Lucian on January 22nd, 2012web20education-by-http-xeeme-com-ecurator/2.#socialmedia&web2.0 http:// Still the begining I want to thank you all who nomitedteacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/ #edtech20 wiki for Edublog Awards 2011 .http://pinterest.com/web20education/socialmedia-web20education-by-http-xeeme-com-ecura/ Thank you all who nominated us for #eddies Click on the photo Vote for ushttp://pinterest.com/web20education/web20-web20education-by-http-xeeme-com-ecurator/3.#googleplus http://googlepluschrometoolappsineducation20.blogspot.com/google chrome , tools , apps and more in education 2.04.#mlearning http://mlearningedtoolsandappsineducation20.blogspot.com/ Web 2.0 and Social Media education 2010 ,subscribehttp://pinterest.com/web20education/mlearning- free to #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation blog Thisweb20education-by-http-xeeme-com-ecurato/ wiki is made by Duma Cornel Lucian, Romania ( social media curator http://xeeme.com/ eCurator/ teacher and researcher http://bit.ly/Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 6
  7. 7. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucianLucian20 ) for #edtech20 #socialmedia #curation noticeboard interface for communicating on the web. How isproject gateway to knowledge in #education20 . Wallwisher built?This free global project is extended of the Wallwisher is coded in PHP which is, as the name suggests,project ,, Teach, learn, play in XXI Century a language full of Pretty Horrible Practices. To find coding using free tools and applications Web 2.0 , nirvana, therefore, Wallwisher uses the CodeIgniter PHPsocial media in a eSafety way in education framework which has to be the next messiah many religions2.0” - finalist project in Elearning Awards 2010 .http:// are waiting for.unhub.com/web20education/ http://www.justabout.co/edtech20socialmediacurationproject. Everyoane can join free On the front end, the coolness is possible thanks tothis global project the jQuery javascript library. Anyone out there who uses anyhttp://goo.gl/WOqiQ other javascript library is, in the janitors opinion, a webweb20andsocialmediaineducation2010 wiki hater. Here you can see a wall made by me for Lisa because today was her BIRTHDAY and teachers woldwide wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY @teachingwthsoul 2.PrimaryWall is a web-based sticky note tool designed forgr8 #edtech20 stiky note / schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together inwebsites who can be used real-time. http://edtech20project.primarywall.com/2 What is Primary Wall useful for?free on-line in your projects or Getting ideas, collaborating, sharing and quickly postingin your classroom part 1 pieces of information when working in a group or collaborative environment.By Lucian on January 22nd, 2012Dear friends teachers and researchers members of Why is PrimaryWall better than any other web based stickymy #edtech20 PLN I want to announce you that I note platformlaunch the #edtech20 #curation and #semantic project andin this project I want to collaborate with teachers PrimaryWall was concieved by a teacher and is built forworldwide to bring toghether semantic web 3.0 in schools so we kept things simple, fast and user friendly.the classrom http://unhub.com/web20education/ . If youwant to join free this project please repply here , 3.Stixy is your online bulletin board. Create as manysend me a email webmaster@luciandumateachweb20.eu Stixyboards as you like, one for each project. Use Stixy toor fill up this document with your information http:// easily organize and share:tinyurl.com/doc-edtech20projectand after I will invite you • Your family’s scheduleto collaborate in this blog and #edtech20 PLN http://web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ • Projects at work and wiki https:// • An upcoming holiday with your friendsweb20andsocialmediaineducation2010.wikispaces.com/ • Your photos from your last bike tripToday I want to write about gr8 stiky note /websites who canbe used free on-line in your projects or in your classroom part • Or share a file or two with a friend1 . Please add comments , feedback and suggestions . Only you set the limitations for how you want to use Stixy. Be creative! We have no fixed grid that you need to follow.1. Wallwisher is the first edtool used for stiky note . You can Can you see the widgets in the widget tray below? Just dragpost photos , videos , links and more in a wall . a widget out on the board and place it anywhere you want.When was your big bang? Resize it, move it around, and select from a number of optionsWallwisher was born out of the offices of SharedCopy in to design your reminders, photos, notes, and files.January 2008 (and you thought only living beingsconceived). For over a year, the project was in a perpetual Sharezombified state thanks to the academic commitments of theprojects sole active janitor (pronounced yan - eetor), Nitesh To share a Stixyboard with friends, family, or your colleagues(@xiphar). In April 2009, the project was brought back from at work, is as easy as it gets. Sometimes it’s nice or inthe dead. Where did the idea come from? fact necessary to have an online space for common photos,Wallwishers janitor has a post-it overuse problem. He uses reminders, files, and so forth. Each Stixyboard has a uniquepost-its as reminders, coasters, bookmarks, wrappers for set of members. No one else can see or use your board unlessused gum, to-do list managers, memos. So he decided to have you choose to open your board for public view.some post-its for the web. SharedCopy, a startup that dealtwith adding notes to web pages, therefore, came as a naturalchoice for the janitors December internship. It was there thatthe janitor came up with the idea for using a sticky-note/Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 7
  8. 8. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian4.Corkboard.me  for presentations, Idea Databasedemos, online classes and more. We have calendars to store events, address books to store contacts, yet we dont have a place to storeFeatures ideas. Weve all stored ideas in emails to ourself, onEver wanted to show someone your cork board but didn’t scraps of paper or notebooks we can never find, orwant them to edit it? Well now you can. Whether you’re worse yet forgot them.giving a presentation, teaching a remote class, showing off Edistorm is an always available idea database toyour talent or simply sending others your task list, use the store, retrieve, share and get feedback to build onview-only URL to ensure your cork stays yours. Find it in the your ideas.bottom left corner of your board. Visual Idea OrganizationHave a website? Add your cork to it! Like your favorite videosharing site, adding your cork board to your own website Edistorm allows you to organize your ideas in ais as easy as clicking a few buttons and clicking paste. Find real time interactive wall. Each sticky note canthe embed tag right next to the view-only URL. Check out the have its own color and the users decide what theawesome one we made above. arrangement means to them.See changes in real time. This freeform method of collaboration will feel familiar to anyone that has thrown stickies on theirThis feature got us really excited. If your coworker adds a walls.new note, you see it. If your boss makes an edit, you get it.If your hubby adds a picture, you see that picture too — no Make Better Decisionsneed to be in the same room, no need to continuously refresh Research has proven that groups of users can makethe page. better decisions than a single user.Chat with other viewers. Because youre not limited by the size of yourSometimes there are things that just don’t fit well on a cork boardroom or the ability to facilitate brainstormingboard, and when working with others, conversation can be with a group larger than a dozen, you canone of those things. That’s why we implemented a chat feature collaborate with your entire organization in comingso you can communicate with others contributing to your up with better ideas.board. Each employee can add ideas, vote on the ones theyFind what you’re looking for. like and make comments on specific ideas to help refine or improve them.This feature’s actually been there awhile, but we didn’t giveit much press. If you’re working with others and have many Freedom to Brainstormnotes, finding them can be trouble. Not to worry. Now you Edistorm is always free for anyone adding ideas to acan use the built-in mini-map to easily find what you’re brainstorming. Feel free to invite anyone youd like.looking for. Creating public or solo brainstorms is always free,cork on your own website! to Your Cork Board while creating private invite only storms requires aDid you know you can post images on your corkboard? This subscription.feature has been available since day one, but the truth is mostpeople didn’t. It’s real easy . All accounts have a no credit card required 30 day free trial.5.Edistorm takes the metaphor of sticky notes ona boardroom wall and brings it online allowing Idea Botsanyone - anywhere to brainstorm with only a web Even if youre brainstorming by yourself, yourebrowser. never on your own. Edistorm created Idea Bots thatEach user picks their favorite ideas and Edistorm brainstorm with you providing you suggested ideas.brings the best ones forward. Edistorm has a variety of bots including, thesaurus,Features : rhyming, related words and a social media bot. Were open to suggestions for future bots.Always AvailableAt the end of a traditional brainstorming session, 6.Linoit.com is a web application that provides yousomeone takes a picture of the boardroom wall and with an online canvas and allows you to post onlinethen either tasks someone to transcribe the chaos or stickies, pictures, videos, and attachments. You canmore likely, email the photo out to everyone. Next also share your online canvas with others by sharingtime you goto revisit the issue, you end up starting its URL. Sharing the URL would allow others tofrom scratch wasting time, money and ideas. post stickies as well. You can probably see how Lino it could be used to conduct an online gallery walk. ToEdistorm allows you to work on your ideas during give you an idea of what it could look like, I inserteda structured brainstorming session but the storm is an screenshot of an online canvas with picturesavailable 24/7 and can be referred to, added to and of four multiplication solutions and stickies withrevised on an ongoing basis. questions and comments posted around them. NowCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 8
  9. 9. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucianyou can collaborate in groups using this interesting • Send posts via e-mailedtool . • Chat with other members viewing your board7. Nota is casual collaboration.       • Add categories and feeds                                                     Nota  is a • Approve messages before they are seenunique, cutting-edge collaborative • Keep your board private or share it with theweb platform that allows users worldto create, share and collaborateon presentations and virtually anyother form of online material. Using Gr8 tools and applicationsNota’s proprietary toolset, users to make heard your visualcan instantly integrate text, video, presence around the semanticmaps, clip art, photos from webalbum or on the local computer, or web #edtech20 By Lucian on January 22nd, 2012license-free images from Flickr, and Dear members of my PLN if you know other tools please addmaterial from an ever-expanding here like comments .array of sources. Users can then I like very much to use all . My favorite is http://about.me/web20education A custom profile and ainstantly embed their work in personal analytics dashboardFacebook or blogs, and can shareand collaborate with friends. Flavors.me allows anyone to create an elegant website using personal content from around the internet Ideal for personal homepages, lifestreaming, splash and microsites, celebrity fan pages, commercial promotion, brand • Its easy to use, even for someone with no marketing – and everything in bettween . computer experience. • Fast load times mean near instant co-creation8.PinDax offers a fun real-time alternative to thetraditional online message board.Features include: • Post text, images, files and polls in real-time • No download needed, runs in your browser Gizapage a social media hub that helps consumers and brands • Customizable widgets integrate into your site optimize their social media outreach by aggregating and serving their many profiles side by side on one webpage and • E-mail notification when there are new posts under their own domain. and replies • Search your postsCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 9
  10. 10. January 22nd, 2012 Published by: dumacornellucian chi.mpRetaggrRetaggr is about you, your online presence, and your activity chi.mp stands for Content Hub and Identity Managementacross your favorite internet services. You use Retaggr to show Platform. You can use your chi.mp site to collect, promotethe world where you live online, and make it easy for others and connect the elements of your digital life in one place.to get to know you and, and to connect. It’s the modern day This includes displaying your contact information, biography,equivalent of a business card. blogs, messaging tools, websites and content from services such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.DooID MagntizeDooIDis your one-stop virtual business card that links friends,contacts and clients to your networking websites, business infoand contact details. You can create a beautiful, professionally designed websitesIdentyMe for you and your personal brand in a matter of minutes with Magntize.With IdentyMe you can make your virtual business cards andcollect all your contacts in one place and create a portfolio. Itwill helps you share information with new people, find newfriends and business partners.Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 10