Public Relations Agency – corporate communication experts in asia


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DT Communications is a Chinese Public Relations company with global experience in corporate strategy, digital media marketing and corporate communications experts in Asia.

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Public Relations Agency – corporate communication experts in asia

  1. 1. DT Communications Asia Pacific Unit B, 7/F, 78 Hung To Road, Kowloon, HKSAR e: (852) 3696 6999 (852) 3007 4397 http//
  2. 2. http// About DT Professional Leading communication for business in Asia
  3. 3. Our Services Digital Media Marketing This is a example text. Go ahead and replace it Foreign Market Services Corporate Communications China and Asia Market Expertise 1 2 3 4 5 Event & Product Management http//
  4. 4. http// Social media and Digital marketing plays a very important role in the market today. At DT communications they will undertake all your social media related work to make the interaction between you and your customer better. DT Communication is the largest PR agency in Asia.They undertakes corporate communications that help business achieve their goals in a better way. They will help you strengthen the relationship between you and your clients. Events & Production management is something else that DT communications undertakes. Events are a great way to promote the products, services as well as the brand. With DT communications by your side you will be guaranteed success. Event & Product Management Corporate Communications Digital Media Marketing .
  5. 5. http// You produce good pasta and you feel the European market to be too dense and stuck-in to grow? You want to get your share of extreme consumer market growth in China? Firstly, you would surely want to know how the sector looks like in China. If you want to venture your business into Asia then the Foreign Market Expertise of DT communication will help localize your brand. They will make sure that you face no barrier at all while venturing. Foreign Market Services China and Asia Market Expertise
  6. 6. Our Clients http// Forever 21 HSBC Links of London
  7. 7. Our Clients Giorgio Armani Swarov ski Invesco
  8. 8. Our Clients http// Toyota Lexus Lenovo
  9. 9. Our Clients Jaguar Sands China United Nations More
  10. 10. Testimonials 3 Certainly the entity that values every investment you make on them, regarding the public relation service jobs in China territory. Right from knowledge and expertise at market dynamics to technical upper hand, DT Asia brought everything on table to fetch success to my venture Rub'al Khali Says Loved their professionalism while handling public relation jobs in China territory. Certainly their efficacy contributed havoc in establishing my company’s brand worth in Chinese territory. Gladly recommending DT Asia 1 These guys understand the nuances of digital communication while formulating respective PR campaigns in a strategic manner. Besides, there’s 24x7 help to provide valuable inputs regarding promotion. Thank you DT Asia Gopi-Mangolia Says 2 Sahara Says
  11. 11. Testimonials http// 6 My business got the competitive edge to lead the race, thanks to DT Asia’s unique and innovative tactics, specially tailored to fit my venture’s requirements. Worth of appreciation and future recommendations, indeed. Jon Smith Says DT Asia literally outshone my expectation with their dedicated service. My business was looking for the expert consultation to establish itself in China –Taipei territory, and they served more than that Chihuahuan Says 4 Not just formulation of expert PR campaigning strategies and its successful execution, but also a bankable, all round business consultation that DT Asia provided me with. It gave a welcome boost to my business, by all means Kara Kum Says 5
  12. 12. Connect With US http//
  13. 13. THANK YOU!