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Great overview of inbound marketing for small business

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  • DL: Hello and welcome to today’s webinar on how to turn your small business website into a lead generation machineMy name is _______, I am joined by _________ (and ___________) Pause for responseWe are here to accomplish a few things: 1. explain to business owners how to turn your website into a lead generation machine, assess 2-3 websites to show you best practices, show you some real life examples of how HubSpot software can help you hit your personal and professional goals and answer some of the questions you have about inbound marketing, all in the next 50 minutesST: The HubSpot Small Business team typically have between 1-10 employees. We speak with 1,000s of entrepreneurs every month and today’s webinar is specifically tailored to helping these types of business acquire new customers.DT: We have an information packed hour and everyone on the phone is going to walk away with THREE GAME CHANGING TIPS on how to turn your website into a valuable marketing asset for your business, but lets set the ground rules for what we hope will be a very productive hour
  • 2 MINST:We want this to be fun, interactive, and deliver the content at the pace and the level that is appropriate. We have basic, intermediate & advanced business folks attending today. So the way we make it interactive is through the questions pane in the GTW console. The chat pane on the GTW console, used just like an instant messenger and you can type in a question, comment, idea or really anything to help Dan and I stay on track. If you have any question about a term, if we are talking to fast, if you have a question we will be using your questions in the presentation, and we will be typing answers back to you liveDT;So lets get the question pane rocking. First, feel free to say hello and the city, state & country you are calling fromST: Read off 15 names and where they are calling from in quick succession.DT: We willselect 2 websites from our attendees today and take a look at their sites. So now, please put your website into the chat pane if you want us to critique your websiteST: Read five of the website urls. You are letting the attendees know that Inbound Marketing helps a wide variety of businesses and industries) Wow, this looks like an active audience.
  • 4 MINST: Today we’ll discuss the concepts of inbound marketing and how they apply to small business. We will spend 20-30 minutes on showing you how to make your website generate leads. We will give you an overview of the HubSpot software & explain how it gives you an unfair advantage against your competitors on the web. We will explain HubSpot pricing. So let’s get started – and again – please update us with questions and comments to make this session interactiveQuestion from the chat pane: Will you record this demo?Answer: Yes
  • 6 MINDT: Small business marketing has to evolve because people’s buying habits have changed over the last five years. SMB is all about word of mouth to generate leads but when entrepreneurs need new leads they would spend a ton of time, effort & money to generate them.But think about this: when was the last time you returned a cold call? When was the last time you opened junk mail, When was the last time you were driving around in your car and wrote down an 800# from a radio or billboard? ST: LIST 5 NAMES FROM THE CHAT PAIN DT: (hit build slide) The state of traditional marketing is even worse, however. Even if you don’t get a response (the average is 1% by the way) you are tarnishing your brand and ticking people off. Who wants to be interrupted? Who wants to be bothered? AND technology makes it virtually impossible with do not call lists, spam filters, TIVO & the massive decline in newspapers and ads
  • DLWell right about now you might be thinking to yourself, this inbound marketing sounds interesting but my website is a BILLBOARD IN THE DESERT! Lets check in with the audience, anyone out there feel they have a BBITD!? Don’t be bashful now, you’re probably not alone. It’s 2011 and the days of having a website as a digital brochure, which only validates your existence to the world online, simply won’t be sufficient in helping you achieve your revenue goals. This is because consumers are starting their research online and making buying decisions based on who shows up first in search and who does the best job educating them with good, remarkable content. Again, its all about aligning your business’s marketing with the way your customers are behaving. This is the key to getting new clients in 2011
  • 7 MINDL: As with all disruptive changes, this creates an opportunity for small business owners. Inbound marketing takes advantage of the way people want to communicate and buy today. Guess what, dozens, hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of people are searching for your products and services everyday. They are either doing research & education to support a purchase or they are looking to BUY NOW. How are they doing that?Google- Bing-Yahoo. Why are they doing that? It is too easy to sit on your butt and google a product or service or go to your apple iphone or black berry and pull up a browser to find a business coach or a remodeler or a driving school or a custom home builder or a marketing firm or a dog sitter or a copywriter, right? The big question is do they find your website, or your competitor’s? (pause, pause, pause)ST: Today is not just the billions of searches today; millions read blogs, watch youtube, ask for opinions and recommendations on their social networks as a precurser to an investment decision and you are either playing in this realm or you are not. DT: Here’s the thing. Everyone agrees with the buying trends and that the internet has fundamentally changed customer behavior. HubSpot can show the small business owner how to use the trends to play to your advantage. We can show you how to funnel more qualified buyers to your website, generate a LEAD (someone who calls you or drops their contact information on your website) and grow your business because your best prospects find YOU. Think about that- people call you up and say, I saw your blog article on landscaping in Pensicola or kitchen remodeling in Alberta. Because those activities go on all the time, every day, every minute of the day. (pause) it is a question of whether these folks are finding you or a competitorST: 2 quick questions OR SUB- Fred from Arkansas says “What if I am new to inbound marketing?” and Shelly asks “Does this work for all businesses? I am a local business?
  • 9 MIN:DL So for the first time in decades the small business owner catches a break. In the old days, you needed a significant investment to get found in the yellow pages, radio adverting or a billboard. $15K to be in the yellow pages! The yellow pages? Does anyone have those in their house anymore. Today, you can use your experience, industry knowledge and expertise (the stuff in your brain) to attract the most qualified buyers and generate more leads. Inbound has been embraced by small business because it’s all about the size of your brain … NOT the size of your wallet that really counts. Your ability to educate your demographic, explain your experience and help folks make a decision, with the help of Google, Facebook and youtube can help you grow your business. Does that make sense?
  • ST: There are two more advantages. 1. It is cheaper (a lot cheaper) 2. Most SMB get their best leads from WOM. Right, referrals and meeting folks and follow up. But that doesn’t happen all the time, and it takes time and $. If you have to drive across town to meet a prospect in your Ford F150 pick up, that is $30 in gas alone, even before you pick up the lunch check. Inbound Marketing is scaleable. You can post something once on your website and it pays dividends for years. It is the gift that keeps on giving, without you having to open your wallet. Almost too good to be true.
  • Our goal is to help you optimize performance along EVERY PART OF YOUR SALES FUNNEL. At the top of the funnel, HubSpothelps you optimize your website and your content to GET FOUND by MORE visitors and prospects. This includes our Content Management System, Blogging Platform, SEO Tools and Social Media tools.[Story teller continues…]
  • ….. Then you can nurture and engage those prospects further down the funnel using Lead Nurturing Campaigns, Lead Intelligence and Email, thus turning visitors into high quality leads.[Story teller continues…]
  • …. and then you can analyze what worked and what didn’t using HubSpot Analytics, to improve your lead generation and sales. Because without insight into your marketing effectiveness, it’s difficult to further improve your campaigns and know where to put your time and marketing dollars.
  • Storyteller: So with that, I am going to hand it back over to PARTNER NAME to give you a high-level tour of the software so you can have an understanding of what’s actually in it. And than afterward, we’ll have you vote on which portions you’d like to take a deep dive into, since we can’t possibly cover the entire suite today. DEMO LEAD: To give you a very quick overview … a good first look at the tool is just a quick walk through the TABS … [Go Thru the Tabs –fast. Provide an overview at each tab – something like the first sentence or two of the tab description.]Dashboard >Create > Optimize > Promote > Convert > AnalyzeSTORY TELLER: Now, let’s vote on which parts of the software you’d like us to showcase during our demo. You can choose up to 3 of the following options, and we’ll focus our demo based on your top choices.NEW / REVISED POLL QUESTIONS as of July 2010: Get Found: SEO Graders, Social MediaGet Found: CMS, BlogsConvert: Landing Pages & Lead NurturingConvert: Lead Intelligence and CRM IntegrationAnalyze: ROI and Marketing Analytics Overview
  • DEMO LEAD: I bet you’re wondering does inbound marketing really work?
  • ST- So guys, you CAN do this stuff. Because Inbound Marketing is all about the size of your brain, not the size of your wallet You just need the right tools and the right advice. click
  • TARGET TIME: 2 MINUTES | Time Elapsed at End of Slide 14 minsSTORY TELLER:OK … this is our last slide before we jump into the software, and then you’re going to be asked to VOTE on what you want to see … so pay attention … Once HubSpot helped make our first few hundred customers dramatically improve their lead generation with inbound marketing, we documented all this knowledge in the HubSpot METHODOLOGY to help all our customers master inbound marketing easier and faster than ever. And reason I’m going over this is because we have actually built our software by this methodology, which consists of three parts that follow your sales funnel:FIRST - Getting Found by your target audience | We help you fill the top of your funnel with higher quality traffic through search engines, blogging & social media SECOND - Convert higher percentages of site traffic into qualified leads and customers | That means getting more intelligence about prospects & customers and developing ongoing relationships with them until they are ‘ready to buy’THIRD - Analyze your marketing programs to duplicate what is working | The softwarecrunches a lot of data and does automated analysis to GIVE YOU ACTIONABLE INFORMATIONIf you want to learn more about the concepts, you can find the HubSpot methodologyat (the URL is on this slide).
  • A live website to optimizeConcept of a lead or ecommerce shopping cartCommitment to Inbound Marketing 2-5 hours per week for a full 12 months$4,000 -$10,000 in the marketing budget
  • TARGET TIME: 1 MINUTE | Time Elapsed at end of slide 4 MinsSTORY TELLER: Let’s give you all a quick intro to HubSpot … HubSpot is a Cambridge, Mass based company based on the ideas of two MIT grads who wanted to make modern, inbound marketing easy. They wanted to help companies like yours grow by taking advantage of the marketing opportunities the web has opened up.We were founded in 2006, so we’ve been around for about 5 years, have more than 5,000 customers and almost 300 employees. We’ve received venture capital investment from companies like Google,, and Sequoia, who really believe in how we’re helping SMBs transform their marketing.
  • SMB US Webinar

    1. 1. How to Turn YourSmall BusinessWebsite Into aLead GenerationMachineKnorberg@hubspot.com857.829.5655December 2011
    2. 2. The presentation will begin at two minutes past the topof the hour! Ask Questions!
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Inbound Marketing • Live Website Assessment & Free Tips to Generate Leads • HubSpot Product Demonstration • Next Steps/ Special Offer
    5. 5. The Marketing Playbook 5
    6. 6. The Marketing Playbook IS BROKEN. CALLER ID 6
    7. 7. Hello
    8. 8. SEO Blogging Social Media Viral Videos Freemium Trials VS. EmailTelemarketing Direct Mail Email BlastsPrint/Radio Ads PR Paid Search 8
    9. 9. VS. 9
    10. 10. Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional, outbound marketing. OUTBOUND: $373 INBOUND: $143#inboundsci SOURCE: HUBSPOT, 2011 10
    11. 11. SMB Challenges I’m not that technical I don’t have time for marketing I don’t have a dedicated staff for marketing I have no idea where to start I don’t have much budget for marketing I know outbound marketing won’t work I have professional and personal goals… I need increased revenue to meet those goals. Five years driving leads with Small Businesses 6000 customers and 39 countries $65 Million in Venture Capital (from Sequoia, Google Ventures & SFDC) #33 on Inc.500 97.6% retention rate
    12. 12. Inbound Marketing Software Get Found
    13. 13. Inbound Marketing Software Get Found Convert $ 13
    14. 14. Inbound Marketing Software Get Found $ Convert $ Analyze 14
    15. 15. Three Great Tips
    16. 16. Title Tags• Use specific keywords• Keep it short• Make each unique 16
    17. 17. CTA & Landing Pages1. Don’t neglect 96% of your website traffic2. Make it easy to find3. Two CTA’s per page• Don’t neglect 96% of your website traffic• Make it easy to find• Two CTAs per page• Do not neglect 96% of your website traffic• Don’t neglect 96% of your website traffic 17
    18. 18. Blogging
    19. 19. # HubSpot Software Overview
    20. 20. # Does it work?
    21. 21. What We’re Trying to Say is… You just need the right advice and the right software 23
    22. 22. Does HubSpot Improve Traffic?
    23. 23. Does HubSpot deliver leads?
    24. 24. HubSpot Pricing 26
    25. 25. Methodology in3 Proven 1 2 3 MeasureGet Found Convert What Matters
    26. 26. Are you a good fit for HubSpot? 1 A Live Website to Optimize & Basic Computer Skills 2 Concept of a Lead or Ecommerce Shopping Cart 3 Commitment to Inbound Marketing Methodology 4 2-5 hours per week for a full 12 months 5 4 $4,000 to $10,000 Annual Marketing Budget
    27. 27. 6,000+$65M customersfrom VCs 285 45,000+ new leads per month employees
    28. 28. Thanks forjoining us todayknorberg@hubspot.com857.829.5655 30
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