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Dan Tyre On Attitude V Fnsn
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Dan Tyre On Attitude V Fnsn


Published on

BizTalk in Cambridge MA to the HubSpot team on Attitude

BizTalk in Cambridge MA to the HubSpot team on Attitude

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Dan Tyre onAttitude HubSpot Biztalk January 12, 2012 V1.3
    • 2. My Agenda (or Heidi would bust me)• Welcome & Introduction• A few things about Dan Tyre…• What is Attitude?• Attitude Best Practices• Q&A
    • 3. Dan Tyre Rap Sheet• Born in 1958 in Washington DC• Lived in Ossining NY, Hamilton NY, NYC, Boston (3X), Colorado, Oakland, LA, Phoenix, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle & Bellingham WA• Married for 23 years to Amy Cerier Tyre• Two beautiful kids Eli & Sally• I work for the hottest start up in World• Luckiest guy in the world
    • 4. Quick Guide to Dan Tyre• Move & talk fast, very, very fast• I couldn’t remember your name if my life depended on it• Have run two marathons – Boston (1983) & NY (1991)• Traveled to 16 countries & every major city in US• Very competitive• Most frugal person in the United States• I give up alcohol for 127+ days every year• Live in a purple house• I have a blind dog named Oliver• I own a banana tree• Luckiest guy in the world
    • 5. Dan Tyre Business Career
    • 6. Dan Tyre at HubSpot• One of the first 3 HubSpot customers with Helm• Started with HubSpot in May 2007• Hired for HubSpot in August 2007• IMS, Sales Manager, Sales Director• HubSpot Sales, Spidermonkey, SMB, VSB, Int’l,• Helped build HubSpot Sales Methodology, Sales Recruiting, Sales Training, Leadership Training,• Worked HubSpot trade show!• Coined the term SMARKETING with Mike Volpe
    • 7. Attitude Bonus Slide• Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Shields• Mohammed Ali, Mark Murphy, Kevin Compton• Steve Tyler, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley
    • 8. What is Attitude?
    • 9. Attitude is
    • 10. Do you have a good attitude?
    • 11. Your Attitude
    • 12. Best Practices for Your Attitude• Take ownership of your own attitude• Attitude is a choice• Attitude has surprisingly little to do with outside influences• It is just as easy to have a good attitude as a bad one
    • 13. Attitude Reminders• Be GRATEFUL for what you have• Don’t take it personally• Is it really that big a deal?• Some days you eat the big dog, some days the big dog eats you• Wayne Dyer’s Rule #6• Hone your RECOVERY SKILLS
    • 14. Why is Attitude Important?
    • 15. Dealing with a Bad Attitude
    • 16. Team or Family Attitude
    • 17. Sales Attitude
    • 18. Attitude in Sales
    • 19. Attitude for Developers
    • 20. Attitude for Developers
    • 21. Attitude for Developers•Get shit done•Careful but fearless•Grind things out
    • 22. Executive Attitude
    • 23. Dan Tyre Attitude• HAVE FUN, LEARN STUFF, make $• Always do your best• Anything is possible (anything)• If you aren’t laughing 10X a day, you are in the wrong cube, company or mindset• The steeper the mountain the more fun it is• Be relentless
    • 24. HubSpot Attitude•“You just cant beat the person who never gives up.” ― Babe Ruth
    • 25. Attitude in your 20’s• It’s not that big a deal• Life is a series of choices• No one bats 1,000• Key is to figure out WHO and what you like to do and find the people who think, act & do stuff like you
    • 26. HubSpot Attitude
    • 27. Dharmesh’s Big Finish/CTA Slide APPLY your YOUR NAME HERE attitude in 2012
    • 28. Notes• Life is not fair• Personal Responsibility• We are not created equal• Attitude for Woman
    • 29. Dan Tyre on Attitude Q&A