Olympic Soccer


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Olympic Soccer

  1. 1. Olympic 2012The Life Of Soccer By Katherine
  2. 2. New Zealand Teams And Players Mens: 1.Kosta Barbarouses 2.Alex Feneridis 3. Jake Gleeson 4. Ian Hogg 5. Cameron Howieson 6. Dakota Lucas 7. Adam McGeorge 8. Michael McGlinchey 9. James Musa 10.Tim Myers 11. Ryan Nelsen 12.Michael OKeeffe 13.Tim Payne 14.Marco Rojas 15.Shane Smeltz 16.Tommy Smith 17.Adam Thoma 18.Chris Wood
  3. 3. New Zealand Teams And Players Womens : 1.Rebekah Stott 2.Hannah Wilkinson 3.Katie Hoyle 4.Annalie Longo 5.Anna Green 6.Sarah Gregorius 7.Betsy Hassett 8.Amber Hearn 9.Kristy Hill 10.Hayley Moorwood 11.Jenny Bindon : 12.Abby Erceg 13.Rebecca Rolls 14.Rebecca Smith 15.Kirsty Yallop 16.Ria Percival 17.Ali Riley 18.Rosie White
  4. 4. Photos WomensMens New Zealand Football Logo
  5. 5. Other Teams In The OlympicsWomens : Mens:● Cameroon (CAM) ● Japan (JPN) ● Korea Republic (KOR)● South Africa (SAF) ● United Arab Emirates (UAE)● Colombia (COL) ● Egypt (EGY) ● Gabon (GAB)● New Zealand (NZL) ● Morocco (MAR)● Canada (CAN) ● Senegal (SEN) ● Belarus (BLR)● Korea (KOR) ● Spain (ESP)● Great Britain (GBR) ● Switzerland (SUI) ● Honduras (HON)● Sweden (SWE) ● Mexico (MEX)● USA (USA) ● New Zealand (NZL) ● Brazil (BRA)● Brazil(BRA) ● Uruguay (URU)● Japan (JPN) ● Great Britain (GBR)● France(FRA)
  6. 6. RulesFootball is played on an outdoor or sometimes indoor grasspitch by two teams of 11 players.The aim of the game is to score goals. By kicking or hittingthe ball with your body into and past the other team’s goalieand get past the goal line. The team that scores the mostgoals by the end of the game wins.Off side. Off side is when you are in front of the players fromthe other team but you dont have the ball and get passedthe ball. To prevent this from happening is to have a playerfrom the other team between you and the goalie . It does notmatter if you have the ball just make sure that if you do wantto pass the ball to someone make sure they are on side .Onlythe goalkeeper on each team are allowed to touch the ballwith their hands except when taking a throw in . A throw inis when a player from the other team kicks the ball out therefor having, taking a throw in. The other players use their feet,head and body to move the ball around the pitch, advancingon Their goal but protecting their own.
  7. 7. More RulesThe rules for the Olympics state that playersparticipating must be under the age of 23, with only 3over aged players allowed. This was done to ensure thatthe Olympics do not overshadow the World Cup as afootball competition.There are eleven players on eachteam one of which is the goalie where to put the rest ofthe players is up to your coach. The other positions arebacks ( defense), ford ( striker), midfield, left and rightwing.Matches are played over 90 minutes – two 45-minute halves.The soccer rules are fair for the game.They arebeing upheld. I dont think anyone has takensteroids or drugs in this years olympics soccer.The country who won, won fairly.
  8. 8. Home (black) and Away (white)New Zealand Uniforms