Cross platform computer vision optimization


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Mobile Computer Vision requires deep SoC-based optimization and extensive amount of development resources. This presentation reviews the challenges of mobile computer vision optimization, the vision for a cross-platform API and the current solution of using FastCV

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Cross platform computer vision optimization

  1. 1. Cross PlatformComputer VisionOptimizationYossi CohenLecture atGoogle Technology User Group Tel-Aviv 1
  2. 2. And You Should do it! 2
  3. 3. Computer Vision Application Types Augmented Gestures Reality Text Recognition CV with Depth active IR Mapping camera 3
  4. 4. Conflicting Requirements Cross Platform Solution Run on All Devices Code Once Low cost maintenance / update Platform Specific Utilize all SoC capabilities for: Fast processing / fast response Low Power requirements 4
  5. 5. Conflicting Development Cross Platform Development HTML5 Doesn’t work for Java Computer Vision (Yet) Platform Specific Development SIMD Optimization (ASM) Use platform specific GPU, DSP Use Platform Specific HW accelerators: CODECs Rotators Color Space Convertors… 5
  6. 6. Possible Solutions • Too much Power Consumption Dont Optimize • Too SloooowwwwOptimize for one • Best performance for a single platform (market leader SoC) • Lose (50%+) market share platform (SoC) • Good Performance for all ARM platformsOptimize for ARM • Lose MIPS, X86 Market NEON Only • Lose GPU, DSP and HW specific acceleration capabilities • Development Costs Optimize for all • Knowledge problem platforms • Fragmented Code, high update & maintenance costs 6
  7. 7. Optimize for one processor architecture Select a Processor based on Target Market:  For Android its ARM Optimize for SIMD Instruction  NEON Optimization (Alternatively SSE or 3DNow) Advantages  ~x1-x8 Acceleration (depending on function)  Fit ~95%+ of Android Market Disadvantages ARM NEON  Not Suited for x86 & MIPS Optimization Unutilized  Does not utilize 100% of SoC capabilities:  Internal DSP  GPU  HW Accelerators  VFU 7
  8. 8. Optimize for a Single Processor Select a Single Processor based on Target Market:  8960 - the fastest processor  250 Design wins Optimize NEON Optimize DSP Optimize for GPU Advantages  Youll have the fastest app on the best most widely used processor Optimized Optimized Disadvantages  Development Time CPU GPU  need to support inferior/legacy processor as well VeNum DSP 8
  9. 9. Selecting between two sub-optimal solutionsIsn’t there someone that will solve this in a betterway? 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. Khronos Standardization organization Generates OPEN, Royalty free API (unlike Oracle) for Cross HW software Most Known API – OpenGL In Android: OpenGL ES OpenMAX OpenSL 11
  12. 12. Khronos Vision of Cross Platform Computer Vision Application Layer Sensory Input OpenCV High Level Algorithm Camera Input Video Out OpenVL Integration Layer OpenCL DSP, HW Accelerators, GPU 12
  13. 13. OpenVL Integration API for Computer Vision (like OpenGL for graphic ) implements computer vision primitives 13
  14. 14. All we have to do is wait 5-7 years for marketadaptation…..If only there was a solution which is both optimizedfor ARM NEON and for the fastest CPU in the market 14
  15. 15. One Development Toolkit – Two Implementations FastCV for ARM FastCV for Snapdragon CPU GPU CPU GPU Neon DSP VeNum DSP 15
  16. 16. Fast CV Overview Fast CV is an API & library which enables Real-Time Computer Vision (CV) applications. FastCV enables mobile devices to run CV applications efficiently. FastCV allows developers to HW accelerate their CV application. FastCV is analogous to OpenGL ES in the rendering domain FastCV is a clean modular library. 16
  17. 17. FastCV Architecture Applications CV AR Gestures Facial Recognition Other Augmented Reality APIs Gestures APIs Facial Recognition APIs Defined API Framework Optimized QC Augmented QC Gesture QC Facial 3rd Party CV Reality Processing Recognition Frameworks Computer Vision APIs FastCV Snapdragon FastCV ARM Kernel Display Drivers Camera Drivers Hardware Snapdragon Connectivity Adreno GPU Video Core Hexagon CPU Core (s) Sensors etc 17
  18. 18. FastCV 1.0 – Feature Grouping Math / Vector Operations  Commonly used vector & math functions Image processing  Image filtering, convolution and scaling operations Image transformation  Warp perspective, affine transformations Feature detection  Fast corner detection, harris corner detection, canny edge detection Object detection  NCC based template matching object detection functions. 3D reconstruction  Homography, pose evaluation functions Color conversion  Commonly used formats supported: e.g., YUV, RGB, YCrCb, etc. Clustering and search  K clusters best fitting of a set of input points 18
  19. 19. Industry Computer Vision Solutions FastCV is a processor-core agnostic acceleration API Khronos is looking to provide a standard CV API  Potentially utilizing portions of OpenCV FastCV will evolve as Khronos standard is defined Application Media interface High-level CV algorithms library Hardware Abstraction Layer FastCV Hardware Acceleration API FastCV source Open for ARM HW Specific Implementations Hardware vendor reference (Reference implementations implementation implementation) FastCV for FastCV for FastCV for FastCV for Snapdragon Nvidia Intel Others… 19
  20. 20. FastCV Compared To OpenCV FastCV Function OpenCV FastCV Snapdragon NCC 1.0x 9.0x 23.1x Dot Product 128x4 1.0x 4.0x 10.0x Convert YUV420 1.0x 1.4x 1.3x Sobel 1.0x 1.8x 7.8x Median3x3 1.0x 3.8x 51.9x Gaussian3x3 1.0x 2.6x 4.1x Gaussian5x5 1.0x 1.4x 2.9x Threshold 1.0x 0.7x 9.7x Integral Image 1.0x 1.1x 1.3x Harris Corner 1.0x 2.8x 8.6x Dilate 1.0x 1.4x 15.0x Erode 1.0x 1.3x 15.0x Perspective Fit 1.0x 21.5x 37.8x LK Optical Flow 1.0x 2.0x 14.3x 20
  21. 21. Gain Is More Than Time Measure CPU frequency along with times  Utilize single CPU in Linux performance mode  Legend: CPU Frequency Long algorithm time Short algorithm time 21
  22. 22. References More on  OpenMAX  OpenCL  OpenSL Download FastCV  fastcv/getting-started-guide 22
  23. 23. Thank you!More About me: Video Expert Yossi Cohen Lectures on Video / Android / VoIP Android Native Developer +972-545-313092 23