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LDS opens possibilities to make smaller, lighter, more flexible components. …

LDS opens possibilities to make smaller, lighter, more flexible components.

We would like to make your new LDS developments happen!

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  • 1. LDS: what other applications couldit be used for?
  • 2. LDS: Smaller, lighter, more flexible….We’ve all seen how the size of mobile phones and personal stereos have shrunk while their performance has increased hugely.LDS* plays an important role in this development.LDS gives you the possibilities to: - Design smaller and lighter - Integrate functions - Design with more freedomThis technology has proven its benefits in consumer electronics like phones and tablets* Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) is a process to produce electronic circuits oncomplex three-dimensional structures in only three manufacturing steps Page 2
  • 3. The possibilities for LDS technology areendlessNew developments for LDS are already ongoing in fields like:- Medical applications- Electronics for automotive- Industrial applications- Consumer electronicsDo you also prefer smaller and lighter devices? And make them more performing? So, what do you believe will be the next possibility for LDS? Page 3
  • 4. We would like to make your new LDSdevelopments happen!DSM has ForTii, an engineering plastic proven for LDS applications at high temperatureTogether with NXP Semiconductors, Nano Technology Mfg. Pte. Ltd, and Laser Micronics we have shown that it’s possible to integrate the EMI filtering and ESD protection device into one component, while using Stanyl ForTii with LDS.With other parties we have established super flat profile connectors and electronic coilsAlso today creative ideas are being investigated Your creative idea is our challenge! Page 4
  • 5. Would you like to know more or share your knowledge? Share you thoughts in our DSM Open Innovation Group! Or Laser Direct structuringPage 5