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  • Gov 2.0 action plan – whole of Gov approach. Last year a taskforce was set up – what to do about the dominance of the internet. Ignore Jump in, 2 feet embrace it. Open gov, or It’s about throwing open the doors to govt, traditionally been quite cloistered, info not free and easy to get and some people feel very isolated from govt. No more. Use online channels to communicate with communities. Building employees skills and knowledge of the online world. Web comms team are dedicated to fulfilling the recommendations of the Gov 2.0 action plan. So lets take a look at some of the ways we are doing this. I’m going to talk you through some options available to you
  • Since we come from the Comms department we are big fans of plain english, in this field people can try and bamboozle you with jargon, we’re not going to do that – this video does a great job of getting back to basics. Social media is not scary, it’s not complicated… apparently it’s just evolution.
  • Because you can live your life through it…. Closer to home now: During 2009… Talking - 9 million Australians interacted with people via social networking sites Shopping - 9 million watched online video about products or services they were thinking of buying and 4.4 million took the next step and actually discussed products or services online. Gossiping, researching - More than 8 million read blogs
  • Everyone is getting on board, granted over 50% of the world’s population is under 50 – but that doesn’t mean the baby boomers and beyond can afford not to get involved. Socialising/marketing/raising awareness/sharing information - More than 7 million created a profile on a social networking site More than 5 million interacted with brands or organisations via social networking sites 3.7 million downloaded a podcast and 2.9 million downloaded a widget to their desktop, laptop or mobile
  • Active with these 4 in the main, as to date they have aligned with our comms strategy. User can add and alter content instead of just view it
  • Undoubtedly interacting with sectors of the community we’ve never been able to reach before with content we’ve never had before. Exciting time for DSE, well and truly opening our door in line with Gov 2.0 action plan on web 2.0
  • DSE Firefighter was launched at the beginning of this year and already 835 people like us. We have not promoted the page at all. Probably quite obvious why we needed a FB page: Facebook tops google for weekly traffic in the US FB claim they have around 10 million users in Australia (Gizmodo) – that’s almost half of Australia’s population
  • So how does it work? The page has been set up as an organization – not like an individual, as number of friends is limited? 6 albums – some beautiful shots of candelling in the Dangdenong ranges, the Tostaree (biggest fire of the season) in February 2011, rappel training in Bairnsdale. Why ‘like us’ – to learn more about fire, planned burn, to join the conversation, to find like minded people, stay up to date, Status updates – like when we sent firefighters over to WA. Attached a photo which have 5,500 views. No reason we can’t have more specific Facebook pages. Web comms team in discussion now about how best to set these up, welcome your thoughts and any feedback from your region.
  • Twitter attracts under 35s (52%) and has a slight male skew (52%) It has a greater proportion of people living in capital cities than Facebook Those with a profile have above average levels of education and are slightly less likely to be lower income earners. DSE we do daily tweets – these are done by the web comms team on a range of subkect matter, encourage you to check it out. Twit pics, twaudio (duck hunting) Range of hashtags – eg vic floods, plammed burn, vicfires etc
  • YouTube has a male skew (62%) and is like Twitter in age profile –a large proportion are under 35. There are more female YouTube visitors than there are registered usersof the site (46% of the visitor base is female, whereas 38% of the registered user base is female).
  • Swoop campaign, last year swapped from more traditional advertising to online. How did it work? People tweeted, emailed (also from their mobile at the time) phoned CSC on locations on where they were being swooped. Plotted on a google map. Key was making it easy for people to communicate in a way they felt comfortable. More than 600 reports of magpies and other birds swooping. Great for parents of kids who walk to school, caring community initiative – crowd sourcing In conjunction with the Leader, on front page of Herald Sun online and Age online.
  • Swoop – some great shots Flickr is a photo-sharing website where anyone can upload and tag photos, browse others’ photos, and add comments. We control whether each photo is public or private, and copyright settings can vary for different photos. Users can also specify who can add comments, tags etc Plan ahead to link to your flickr gallery in any media releases that you send out The ability to engage in a conversation about a photo can build a sense of community Collections: put several sets together into one group. For example you might have a collection titled ‘Bushfire Recovery’, and within that collection you would have sets showing recovery work in different areas such as ‘Steavenson Falls’. Measurable As with all social media, hearing about Flickr is no substitute for experiencing it…so make sure you check it out.
  • Buzz numbers – key words – sorted into topics. Analytics on results. Domains, keywords, news v social media Social media – Facebook, twitter Blogs Videos Photos Completes the media monitoring picture. Often we get a spike in a news, that kick starts the convo online and it absolutely takes off. Great for campaigns – eg Target 155 – Floods, Living Victoria, Living Melbourne roadmap. Get in touch and we can monitor. Constantly tweaking keywords. Cattle grazing – Texas, ranch had to come out
  • Orange spike is social media, green is traditional news
  • Not just fun and games, there are risks. Everything you do online is on the public record, forever. Search engines are very advanced and getting better by the day. Web Comms implemented a Business Rule – guidelines for how staff should interact with the internet and social media
  • You are associated with your workplace. If you have a linked in account, your workplace will be on that. So even if on your FB page you don’t list your workpace – on the web you are still a DSE employee and anyone would be able to find that out. Like talking to a journo. Views expressed are my own, not those of my employer” VPS code of conduct – everything you do is underpinned by this Heard stories of people being laid off due to stupid mistakes. X bring dept into disrepute
  • People not familiar with privacy settings in particular. We are very happy to help with this. Example on the weekend of a 15 year old Sydney school girl sent out invite to what was meant to be her sweet 16 th – 200K people, all contact details including address and mobile.
  • Not a machine, it’s human beings you are talking to, and potentially offending.
  • Own your actions Can be used against you, even if you hit delete there are tools out there to find information eg google vanish. DSe spokespeople are the only ones to talk on behalf of DSE or web comms Do not imply the dept endorses your personal views
  • Be sensible. Stay on task, very easy to get distracted.
  • Last year, 72 traps out on the first day and caught one.
  • Linked to it
  • Made a You Tube video Linked to it on the DSE site, tweeted,
  • offered it to Win TV As a result of coverage someone found one under their deck and told us about it.
  • Talk to your comms advisers, that’s why we’re here. Encourage you to get involved and start listening, participating. Set up your own FB account, your own twitter, Flickr, get on Linked in etc – get confident Goolgle alerts – use your keywords, great way to stay abreast of what’s going on. Weekly or daily digests Be strategic, don’t have a scatter gun approach. At the same time, it could be a try and see if one channel or method works for you. If it’s about raising awareness – like Swoop perhaps coming in from all angles could be the best approach
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social media
    • 2. What is social media?
    • 3. Why use social media?
      • More than 8 million read blogs
      • More than 7 million created a profile on a social networking site
      • More than 5 million interacted with brands or organisations via social networking sites
      Nielsen 2009 Social Media report Globally Australia leads in average time spent per person on social media sites (December 2009)
    • 4. If you don’t jump on board you’ll be left behind
    • 5. DSE Social Media
    • 6. How are we going? 834 followers…& counting 604 photos 72,403 views 29 videos 22,940 views
    • 7. How are we going?
      • Launched 2 months ago
      • 835 people ‘like’ us
    • 8. DSE Firefighter
    • 9. DSE Twitter - @DSE_Vic
    • 10. DSE YouTube
    • 11. DSE flickr
    • 12. DSE flickr
    • 13. Listening
    • 14. Buzz Numbers
    • 16. Be professional
    • 18. Be respectful
    • 19. Be accountable
    • 20. Stay productive
    • 21.
      • “ Staff can not engage in any social media activity as a DSE representative without the written permission of the Communications Branch.”
    • 22.
      • “ Staff must have the consent of the Communications branch before commenting on social media sites as a DSE representative”
    • 23. Disclaimers
    • 24. Phascogale survey
    • 25. Phascogale video on DSE home page
    • 26. Phascogale Tweet
    • 27. Phascogale on YouTube
    • 28. WIN TV coverage
    • 29.
      • What can you do?