What is ClassScape?

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An introduction to the curriculum-aligned, online assessment tool: Classscape.

An introduction to the curriculum-aligned, online assessment tool: Classscape.

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  • 1. Learn about the online assessment tool designed to monitor student performance and use indicators to modify instruction. Vance County Schools
  • 2. What is ClassScape?
    • An online assessment system that offers quality test items that are directly aligned to NCSCOS objectives; beginning Fall 2012, assessments will be aligned to the Common Core State Standards (Math/English) and Essential Standards (Science)
    • Teachers are able to use the data produced from each assessment to
    • identify individual and/or
    • class strengths and
    • weaknesses
    Vance County Schools
  • 3.
    • How It Works
    • The teacher sets up his/her classes within ClassScape
    • The teacher either …
    • creates a custom assessment (based on objective s, goals and/or difficulty) or
    • Locate a pre-made assessment suitable for his/her class
    • Schedule the assessment date(s) for his/her class
    • Provide the students with the test code unique to their class
    • Review the data analysis provided from the assessment and modify future instruction accordingly
  • 4.
    • Recommended for:
    • Identification of individual and class strengths and weaknesses
    • Maintenance of curriculum/instructional alignment
    • Guidance for teachers in instructional
    • decisions (formative assessment)
    • Monitoring of student progress
    Vance County Schools
  • 5.
    • Not Recommended for:
    • Printing of items/paper-pencil testing
    • Summative Testing
    • Prediction of student performance on EOC
    • Assignment of consequences based on student performance
    • At-home testing, homework
    Vance County Schools
  • 6. Vance County Schools
  • 7.
    • Reports Available to the Teachers
  • 8.
    • Assessment Results (Immediate data)
    • A table displaying detailed student performance by class on a specific assessment; also provides item summary data
    Teacher Reports
  • 9.
    • Class/Student Performance
    • A bar graph displaying cumulative class or individual student performance by goal/objective/sub-objective; also displays acute performance by assessment
    Teacher Reports
  • 10.
    • Class/Student Progress
    • A bar graph including class or individual student performance on goal/objective/sub-objectives over time (monthly increments)
    Teacher Reports
  • 11.
    • Pre/Post Assessment
    • A double bar graph displaying comparison of class or individual student data identified as a pre/post-assessment cumulatively by goal/objective or acutely by assessment name
    Teacher Reports
  • 12.
    • Reports Available to the Students
  • 13.
    • Student Assessment
    • A table displaying detailed results of all assessments taken by an individual student, including completion status, score, and answer choices.
    Student Reports
  • 14.
    • Student Objective
    • A table displaying cumulative student performance by goal, objective/sub-objective; searchable by individual student
    Student Reports
  • 15.
    • Common Assessment
    • Displays an item analysis for given assessments based on grade level and subject.
    Student Re ports Vance County Schools
  • 16. Questions? Contact : Your Administrator or Destiney Ross Instructional Technology Facilitator 252-492-2127 ext. 2309 dross@vcs.k12.nc.us Vance County Schools