Relevancy of ict to secretaries and reporters2


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A Presentation I will be given soon as an Invited Guest Speaker at a Conference

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Relevancy of ict to secretaries and reporters2

  1. 1. Relevancy of ICT to Secretaries &Reportersin the 21st CenturyInternational Secretary DayDeveloped While I am at Roberts Morris University, Moon,Pennsylvania, May 2013.ByDr. Blessing F. AdeoyeUniversity of LagosFaculty of Education.docadeoye@gmail.com08054714377
  2. 2. TraditionalToolsDigitalToolsEmergingToolsInformation Communication Technology is relevant to everyone,Profession…in this Digital Age
  3. 3. Relevant to Kids that are selling on the street
  4. 4. Relevant to a Repairer on the street
  5. 5. Changes the Office Environments
  6. 6. Changes the Office Environments
  7. 7. ICT = Tool Box• Storing• Networking• Communication• ProductivityBloggingWritingPublishingPresentationChattingSkypeUploadSharingBurningDownloadingSharingReadingSocializing
  8. 8. Information CommunicationTechnology• Critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills,interpersonal skills, and the ability tocommunicate effectively—whether in writing ororally.• Appropriate choices of communication lead toincreased productivity and positive socialeffects.• Technologically literate in order to compete in aworld that continues to change faster than onecan imagine.
  9. 9. Communication• Intranets - A computer network that uses InternetProtocol technology to share information, operationalsystems, or computing services within an organization.• Internets - The Internet is a global computernetwork that permits millions of computersaround the world to communicate via telephonesystems and other communication lines.• Workers are able to exchange information over thecomputer via the Net through e-mail. Able tocommunicate online with individuals within adesignated work environment.
  10. 10. Communication• Voice mail - It is an outgrowth of e-mailwhereby information is spoken into thephone, words are converted or digitizedinto electronic computer language.–This form of communication istransmitted electronically by phonelines for immediate delivery or can bestored in a computer mailbox.
  11. 11. Scanning and Faxing• Traditional vs. Digital tool for faxing.• TurboScan is an excellent App that enables usto use our camera as a scanner and quicklyconverts captured images to PDFs for easyemailing.• For incoming faxes, puts them rightinto your email box as paperless emails.
  12. 12. Office Suites• In the mid-1990s the term office suite wasconsidered to be a group of programs thatallowed for word processing,spreadsheets, and sometimes data entry.• Now office suite includes Web designsoftware, presentation software, andgraphics editors. They are key pieces ofproductivity software.
  13. 13. Portable PCs• Personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptopcomputers, and notebook computers.– Laptop computers are used to make multimediapresentations, create and send reports andspreadsheets, and do research on the Internet.– Notebook computers are similar to laptops, butusually smaller.
  14. 14. Teleconferencing/Video ConferencingIs a method of conducting meetings viatelephone lines and/or satellitesconnecting participants terminals attwo or more locations, with one ormore participants per location.–Telephones, video cameras andcomputers.–Skpe, Gmail Plus Video Conferencing,PolyCom etc.
  15. 15. Time Management• Electronic Calendars - With Googles free onlinecalendar, its easy to keep track of lifes importantevents all in one place.• Organize your schedule and share events withfriends and family.• Access your calendar from your phone using itsbuilt-in calendar or mobile browser.• Never forget another event. Get event remindersvia email or have text messages sent right to yourmobile phone.
  16. 16. Collaboration• With Google Docs, a free service runthrough Gmail, you can worksimultaneously with colleagues on adocument or spreadsheet.• Allows you ‘chat’ with others viewingthe document. It also continuouslysaves, so you’ll never lose your workfile.• You can download the files you createat any time if you need to email (orprint them).
  17. 17. CollaborationMicrosoft Office 365• A subscription-based servicewhich offers access to variousservices and software built aroundthe Microsoft Office platform.• It offers interactive documentediting features as well.
  18. 18. Collaboration• Basecamp is a system fordocument collaboration andsharing.• It stores documents andconversations/emails by topic,but unlike Google Docs, it doesnot allow for two colleagues tosimultaneously edit the samedocument.
  19. 19. Storage and file sharing.• Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos,documents, and videos anywhere and share them easily.• Google Drive - Google Drive lets you do more than just storeyour files. Share files with exactly who you want and edit themtogether, from any device.• Files are available anywhere there is an Internet connection.• They are available for:– PC and Mac– Chrome OS– iPhone and iPad– Android devices
  20. 20. Storage and file sharing.• YouSendIt is anonline file-sharingsoftware thatallows one toeasily send largefiles and emailattachments.
  21. 21. File SharingBluetooth • Bluetooth technology allowselectronic devices tocommunicate wirelessly.• These devices communicatewith each other using avariety of wires, cables, radiosignals and infrared lightbeams, and an even greatervariety of connectors, plugsand protocols.
  22. 22. Meetings and Printouts.• Doodle is a free Internet calendar tool for timemanagement, and coordinating meetings.• SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software &questionnaire tool. It can be used to create and publishonline surveys in minutes, and view results graphicallyand in real time.• TeamViewer is a proprietary computer softwarepackage for remote control, desktop sharing, onlinemeetings, web conferencing and file transfer betweencomputers. It also includes features for screensharingduring presentations, transmitting videos, sharing files,teleconferencing and accessing whiteboards.
  23. 23. To be Completed….