Social Media Policy In The Enterprise - Bridging The Digital Social Skills Gap


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Social Media Policy In The Enterprise - Bridging The Digital Social Skills Gap

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Social Media Policy In The Enterprise - Bridging The Digital Social Skills Gap

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY IN THE ENTERPRISE BRIDGING THE DIGITAL SOCIAL SKILLS GAP Dr. William J. Ward aka @DR4WARD Social Media Professor Thursday, November 7, 13
  2. Our 15th Century counter parts experienced less data in their entire lifetime than we do in a a single day. Thursday, November 7, 13
  3. How big is “Big Data” really? “Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data -- so much so that 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years alone.” ~ IBM Thursday, November 7, 13
  4. 100,000 times as much ram as Apollo Guidance Computer 1000+ times faster than the computer used to land the orbiter on the moon 16 million colors vs calculator-like display of the AGC Thursday, November 7, 13
  5. How will wearable computers, devices and sensors activated by voice and gesture change what we do and how we use social media? Thursday, November 7, 13
  6. What is “Big Data?” We now leave a trail of digital exhaust, a perpetual stream of text, location and other data. ~ Human Face of Big Data Thursday, November 7, 13
  7. Noise To Value Thursday, November 7, 13
  8. - Bernard Kiwia, Pedal Power Inventor in Arusha, Tanzania Thursday, November 7, 13
  9. ..5 billion people are going to join the 2B of us that are already on the Internet. ~ Eric Schmidt Thursday, November 7, 13
  10. What does the future look like? ~ Brian Solis, Principal at Altimeter Group Author, The End of Business As Usual Thursday, November 7, 13
  11. Digital Divide Is Every 6-12 months, Not Generational Thursday, November 7, 13
  12. Spread of Earthquake Related Tweets 5.8 mag earthquake Epicenter VA Aug. 23, 2011 30 secs. Thursday, November 7, 13
  13. How fast are we moving today? Real-time SB47 more than 22 million tweets. SB46 had 13 million. Thursday, November 7, 13
  14. What is the biggest challenge facing companies for filling these jobs? 52% of U.S. Companies Report Difficulty Filling Jobs May 2011 Thursday, November 7, 13
  15. What is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations for utilizing social communication and social collaboration? Training 90% of employees say that they have to figure things out on their own. March 2011 Thursday, November 7, 13
  16. Are digital and social media skills in demand? Job postings requiring social media skills rose 87% from 2011 to 2012, topping 13,000 in one month alone earlier in 2012 Fall 2012 Thursday, November 7, 13
  17. 50% of all new marketing hires will be technical January 2013 Thursday, November 7, 13
  18. What if Social Media is not in the job title? Survey of professional communicators: 65% of respondents do social media on top of their other duties. November 2012 Thursday, November 7, 13
  19. Social Media Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg Thursday, November 7, 13
  20. False Tweet from hacked @AP 's handle during market hours wiped out ~ $136 Billion from the S&P 500 in less than 1.5 minutes. April 23, 2013 Thursday, November 7, 13
  21. How can social media improve our jobs and organizations? Improved communication and collaboration from social media could add $1.3 trillion annually in value to the economy and raise knowledge worker productivity 20-25%. 2012 Study Thursday, November 7, 13
  22. Where can social add value and increase productivity? 2012 Study Thursday, November 7, 13
  23. Take the problem and information to where individuals already are. Thursday, November 7, 13
  24. Digital and social media take what people are already doing and makes it easier, faster, better.. and more fun. Thursday, November 7, 13
  25. How do people connect and share within organizations? Past Present Topic Passive Business as Usual Location & Time Specific Thursday, November 7, 13 Data Data Topic Active Social Business: Real-time, Anywhere
  26. External or Internal Social Media? It’s all business External Recruiting Human Resources Improve Target Marketing Increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty Integrate External and Internal Communications by breaking down silos External B2B/B2C Stakeholders Increase Customer Engagement / Feedback Decrease Response Time Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates Marketing, PR, Advertising Improve Problem Solving Decrease Response Time Thought Leadership Develop Collaborations External B2B/B2C Thursday, November 7, 13 Improved Communication Increased Efficiency Higher Satisfaction Cost Savings Social Media Strategy Customer Service Internal Communications Stakeholders Sales External B2B/B2C New Product Development Crowd Sourced Innovation Real-time Response Reach Internal and External Audiences External Research
  27. Human Resources What is •Online Community where associates connect, interact & engage •For Walmart Associates Only •Blend of social media and useful information and tools Traffic Stats • 1.2 million registered users • 12.3 million page views in Feb. 2011 • 85% of users return to site 3X or more per week • Mobile accounts for 50% of traffic ROI? • Reduce Call Center Volume • Quicker Response • Increase Employee Satisfaction Thursday, November 7, 13
  28. Customer Service •Ask ?’s •Exchange Information •Share Ideas and Tips with Others • Over 3,000 employees registered for Twelpforce and Twelpforce sent over 65,000 twee • Since its launch in 2008, Best Buy Unboxed has facilitated over 500,000 conversations • Assisted millions of customers, read more than 900,000,000 messages Thursday, November 7, 13
  29. New Product Development Innovation - Research Development - Engineering Science GE Ecomagination - Looking for great ideas 5,000 new business plans, new partnerships, new business models Thursday, November 7, 13
  30. Sales to “get closer to our customers”. Thursday, November 7, 13
  31. Social Business Enterprise Platforms Paid Thursday, November 7, 13 Free
  32. Strategy Checklist Strategic Social Media Deployment • Do you have a written social strategy in place? • Is your marketing organization structured and resourced appropriately? • Have you developed a social media policy? • Is your strategy explicitly tied to your business and marketing objectives? • Does your strategy include plans for a multi-network presence? • Do you know how you will measure success: Have you defined specific social marketing goals and metrics that you can track? Wildfire by Google Thursday, November 7, 13
  33. Top 10 Questions Your Social Media Policy Should Answer 1. What are the goals of your social media policy? 2. How will you update your policy and reinforce it? 3. What information about your business can employees share? 4. Which social networks will you maintain a presence on? 5. How will you monitor conversations about your brand on social channels? Who will monitor these conversations? 6. How will you maintain a consistent social tone and style across these networks? 7. Will you encourage employees to participate in social media as a representative of your brand? 8. How will you respond to consumers who communicate with your brand through social channels? Who will respond on your brand's behalf? 9. Who is authorized to proactively post on your brand's behalf? Does this authorization account for different regions and teams? 10.What constitutes a social media "crisis" for your business? What is your process for handling a post that could be categorized as a crisis? Thursday, November 7, 13
  34. Case Study Thursday, November 7, 13
  35. Case Study Training for Public External and Private Internal Social Networks Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency Intensive Day and Half Training Program Online learning Modules Thursday, November 7, 13
  36. Case Study Center for Social Media Thursday, November 7, 13
  37. Thursday, November 7, 13
  38. Dr. William J. Ward aka @DR4WARD Social Media Professor Thursday, November 7, 13