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Learn how the Perfect & Merge tool from DQ Global allows Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to identify, perfect and merge multiple duplicates from any business entity into an easy to use browser based environment.

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DQ Perfect & Merge tool presentation

  1. 1. Perfect & Merge for Identify Perfect Merge
  2. 2. What’s the BIG problem? • Protecting your CRM data • Working with any CRM deployment • Identifying non identical duplicates in MS CRM • Processing any CRM entity • Identifying the best record then providing automated merging • Keeping track of what has changed
  3. 3. Why has it not been solved? Data Quality not core to MS CRM Looks easy but it’s actually difficult Requires fuzzy matching capabilities Existing reliance on MS CRM merge screens MS CRM Dynamics only deals with Account & Contact entities
  4. 4. How will things be different when the problem is solved? Better data Better adoption Better decisions Better business
  5. 5. What’s different with our approach? We identify duplicates using our advanced matching technologies Duplicates are reviewed in a browser based UI No customer data stored so “Real Time” updating of records We suppress records formerly rejected as duplicates Any entity may be de-duped and merged
  6. 6. Be a verb not a noun…! Create the Single Customer View (SCV) Identify duplicates Perfect the Master by taking data from duplicates Merge and re- assign so all data associated with a duplicate is correctly linked to the surviving master
  7. 7. Perfect & Merge Features and Process Identify Perfect Merge
  8. 8. PAM Tool - Deployment Options: On Premise Private Cloud Multi- Tenant
  9. 9. Product Features • Driven from DQ Match result list • Any entity may be processed • Multiple duplicates may reviewed simultaneously • Multiple reviewers may participate simultaneously • Drag and drop interface for perfecting the master • Merging and re-assigning via MS Dynamics CRM API
  10. 10. Product Features… Continued Launched from within Dynamics CRM Easy to use browser interface Management of data to field level Ability to suppress previously rejected false positive duplicates Ability to create a sub groups of duplicates for processing Ability to jump to the source record for secondary research where the displayed entity data may not convey a complete picture Audit trail of data changes from duplicate records associated to the surviving record
  11. 11. Coming soon… Rules for auto suggestion of the Master (or best) record Rules for automated field level merging Field level validation for: email, phone, casing etc. Address lookup through web services and Google and Bing maps integration
  12. 12. Process flow CRM Database PrimaryID SecondaryID Score Status GroupNo 19 72 88 / 1 26 79 84 ? 2 41 94 82 ? 3 32 85 89 / 4 86 33 83 ? 5 56 5 82 ? 6 58 7 86 ? 7 9 60 81 X 8
  13. 13. Perfect & Merge Capabilities • Promote to Master • Promote any field • Drag and drop • Identify where different • Suppress as a duplicate • Defer review • Re-assign reviewer ownership • View CRM source record • Accept duplicate set • Auto detect master from dupe group • Auto perfect master from duplicates
  14. 14. What you should do next… • Build a better business based on trusted data… • Contact DQ Global • www.DQGlobal.com • Talk to a consultant • sales@DQGlobal.com • +44 2392 988303 (Europe) • +1 314-253-7873(North America)