NOA DEIS (EPA) - Abengoa Biorefinery


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Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact Statements Filed 09/14/2009 through 09/18/2009, including the draft EIS for Abengoa Biorefinery.

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NOA DEIS (EPA) - Abengoa Biorefinery

  1. 1. Federal Register / Vol. 74, No. 185 / Friday, September 25, 2009 / Notices 48951 information on these issues, additional EIS No. 20090325, Draft EIS, NHT, 00, Permits, (MPRSA) City of Los mitigation, financial assurance for Corporate Average Fuel Economy Angeles, CA, Wait Period Ends: 10/ reclamation and post-closure ´ (CAFE) Standards Passenger Car and 26/2009, Contact: Dr. Spencer D. monitoring. Rating EC2. Light Trucks Model Years 2012–2016, MacNeil, 805–585–2152. To Reduce National Energy Final EISs Consumption by Increasing the Fuel Amended Notices EIS No. 20090206, ERP No. F–NOA– Economy of Passenger Car and Light EIS No. 20090267, Draft EIS, AFS, MT, E91026–00, Programmatic EIS— Trucks sold in the United States, Fishery Management Plan for Bitterroot National Forest Travel Implementation, Comment Period Regulating Offshore Marine Ends: 11/09/2009, Contact: Jessica GT Management Planning, To Address Aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico, To Wilson, 202–366–0176. Conflicts between Motorized and Increase the Maximum Sustainable EIS No. 20090326, Final EIS, USN, FL, Non-Motorized Users, Ravalli County, Yield (MSY) and Optimum Yield Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama MT, Comment Period Ends: 11/09/ (OY), Implementation. City Division (NSWC PCD), 2009, Contact: Dan Ritter, 406–777– Summary: EPA expressed Capabilities to Conduct New and 5461. Revision to FR Notice Published environmental concern about the Increased Mission Operations for the 08/07/2009: Extending Comment potential for excess nutrients to cause Department of Navy (DON) and Period from 09/21/2009 to 11/09/ organic loading within the water Customers within the three Military 2009. column. Operating Area and St. Andrew Bay EIS No. 20090272, Draft EIS, UAF, 00, (SAB), Gulf of Mexico, FL, Wait Modification of the Condor 1 and EIS No. 20090228, ERP No. F–CGD– Period Ends: 10/26/2009, Contact: E03019–FL, Port Dolphin LLC Condor 2 Military Operation Areas, Carmen Ferrer, 850–234–4146. Liquefied Natural Gas Deepwater Port EIS No. 20090327, Final EIS, STB, AK, 104th Fighter Wing of the License Application, Proposes to Northern Rail Extension Project, Massachusetts Air National Guard Own, Construct and Operate a Construct and Operate a Rail Line Base (ANG) Proposes to Combine the Deepwater Port, Outer Continental between North Pole and Delta Condor 1 and Condor 2 MOA, ME and Shelf, Manatee County, FL. Junction, AK, Wait Period Ends: 10/ NH, Comment Period Ends: 01/01/ Summary: EPA does not object to the 26/2009, Contact: Dave Navecky, 202– 2010, Contact: Jay Nash, 703–614– proposed action. 245–0294. 0346. Revision to FR Notice Published Dated: September 22, 2009. EIS No. 20090328, Final EIS, FRC, 00, 08/07/2009: Extending Comment Robert W. Hargrove, Phase VIII Expansion Project, Period from 09/21/2009 to 11/09/ Proposed to Construct, Own, Operate, 2009. Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office and Maintain New Interstate National of Federal Activities. EIS No. 20090277, Draft EIS, AFS, CO, Gas Pipeline, Compressor, and [FR Doc. E9–23227 Filed 9–24–09; 8:45 am] Hermosa Park/Mitchell Lakes Land Ancillary Facilities in Alabama and BILLING CODE 6560–50–P Florida, Wait Period Ends: 10/26/ Exchange Project, Proposed Land 2009, Contact: Julia Bovey 1–866– Exchange between Federal and Non- 208–3372. Federal Lands, Implementation, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION EIS No. 20090329, Draft EIS, DOE, KS, Federal Land in LaPlata County and AGENCY Abengoa Biorefinery Project, To Non-Federal Land in San Juan [ER–FRL–8597–6] Support the Design, Construction, and County, CO, Comment Period Ends: Startup of a Commercial-Scale 10/30/2009, Contact: Cindy Environmental Impacts Statements; Integrated Biorefinery, Federal Hockelberg, 970–884–1418. Revision Notice of Availability Funding, Located near the City to Federal Register Notice Published Responsible Agency: Office of Federal Hugoton, Stevens County, KS, 08/17/2009: Extending Comment Activities, General Information (202) Comment Period Ends: 11/09/2009, Period from 10/01/2009 to 10/30/ 564–1399 or Contact: Kristin Kerwin, 303–275– 2009. compliance/nepa/. 4968. EIS No. 20090311, Final EIS, USN, WA, EIS No. 20090330, Draft EIS, USN, CA, Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact Naval Base Kitsap—Bangor, Construct Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Statements Basewide Utilities Infrastructure and Operate a Swimmer Interdiction Filed 09/14/2009 through 09/18/2009. Construct and Operate Six Utility Security System (SISS), Silverdale Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9. Infrastructure Project, San Diego Kitsap County, WA, Wait Period EIS No. 20090324, Draft EIS, AFS, 00, County, CA, Comment Period Ends: Ends: 10/13/2009, Contact: Shannon Nebraska National Forests and 11/09/2009, Contact: Jesse Martinez, Kasa, 619–553–3889. Revision to FR Grassland Travel Management Project, 619–532–3844. Notice Published 09/11/2009: Proposes to Designate Routes and EIS No. 20090331, Final EIS, COE, CA, Correction to Telephone Number. Areas Open to Motorized Travel, San Pedro Waterfront Project, Dated: September 22, 2009. Buffalo Gap National Grassland, Proposed Specific Development Robert W. Hargrove, Oglala National Grassland, Samuel R. Project and Associated Infrastructure McKelvie National Forest, and the Improvements on Approximately 400 Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office of Federal Activities. Pine Ridge and Bessey Units of the Acres, Currently Operated by Los [FR Doc. E9–23228 Filed 9–24–09; 8:45 am] jlentini on DSKJ8SOYB1PROD with NOTICES Nebraska National Forest, Fall River, Angeles Harbor Department (LAHD), Custer, Pennington, Jackson Counties; Located along the West Side of Los BILLING CODE 6560–50–P SD and Sioux, Dawes, Cherry, Angeles Harbor’s Main Channel, from Thomas and Blaine Counties, NE, the Vincent Thomas Bridge to Cabrillo Comment Period Ends: 11/09/2009, Beach, US Army Section 10 and 404 Contact: Mark Reichert, 530–841– and Section 103 Marine Protection, 4422. Research, and Sanctuaries Act VerDate Nov<24>2008 18:52 Sep 24, 2009 Jkt 217001 PO 00000 Frm 00051 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:FRFM25SEN1.SGM 25SEN1