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  • The pillars are nothing new, they are – in no particular order: advocacy, communications, membership and organization sustainabilityWhat this strat plan wants to achieve is to set out to do things under these pillars in a new way, in a manner that benefits members. For example, the new approach we want to take with Advocacy is to put more time and money into concrete actions that will have a direct bearing on improving our members' ability to fund and make documentaries.But given the financial and human resources we have, we have to take a hard look at what we can realistically do with what we’ve got. Unless of course, we can find more money to hire more people and do more things. So one of the big questions is: what will we do less of in order to do more of what?The pillars have not been prioritized, but should they be?
  • The goal is the “what is DOC going to do about?” The desired outcome the “why” The action is the ” how”In many instances we asked ourselves “what is the problem we want to solve?” and then rephrased it in a positive manner which translates into a desired outcome. For example, we know that the funding model for documentary is broken. So that got translated into “Getting more documentaries made and seen”. Some of these actions get further parsed out in sub-actions – and many more actions surely will be required to attain the goal.
  • DOC Strategic Plan

    1. 1. Strategic plan2013-2016May 2013
    2. 2. Overview• DOC’s strategic plan: 2013-2016• Four main pillars of activity supportour mission (in no particular order)• Each pillar has a series of goals,desired outcomes and actions• Not an exhaustive list of what needs tobe done• This is a living document: it CANchange!
    3. 3. MissionADVOCACY MEMBERSHIPDOC is the champion and advocate for the creators of Canadian documentary. The organization respectsthe tradition and value of documentary creation, and the future of the genre by supporting creators intheir work through research and advocacy, and by strengthening community through shared learning,services and benefits. (work in progress, not final)COMMUNICATIONS SUSTAINABILITY
    4. 4. ADVOCACYGOAL GOALDOC works with otherstakeholders to createnew funding &distributionopportunitiesDOC advocates at allgovernment levels onbehalf ofdocumentaryfilmmakersDesired OutcomeMoredocumentaries getmade and seenDesired OutcomeDOC is recognizedas THE voice fordocumentary andleads innovativepolicy solutionsDesired OutcomeDocs areprioritized inpolicydecisionsDesiredOutcomeChampionalternativefundingpoliciesResearch andshowcasemodels ofalternativefinancingACTIONBuild a casefordocumentary strandsACTIONACTIONPresentresearch tochange theCMF triggerACTIONCreate anadvocacytoolkitACTIONDoc makers have afinancing triggerthat is analternative tobroadcasters
    5. 5. ADVOCACYResearch andshowcasemodels ofalternativefinancingACTIONChampionalternativefundingpoliciesACTIONBuild a casefordocumentary strandsACTIONPresentresearch tochange theCMF triggerACTIONCreate anadvocacytoolkitACTIONCreate casestudies takenfrom ourmembers’ ownalternativefundingstrategiesSUB-ACTIONGather researchfrominternationalsourcesSUB-ACTIONCreate, packageand present anew strandconcept tobroadcastersSUB-ACTIONBuild a case fordocumentary’sreturn oninvestmentSUB-ACTIONDevelop aposition on theNFBSUB-ACTIONCreate a roll-outstrategy tocommunicateadvocacy toolkitto decision-makers (includingvideo elements)SUB-ACTION
    6. 6. ADVOCACY – ONGOINGACTIVITIES• Publishing Getting Real/Toute la vérité• Participating in CRTC hearings• Monitoring film and television policy• Participating in CMF working groups• Participate in industry conferences (ie, DocSummit, Doc Circuit)• Continue NGO ground work
    7. 7. COMMUNICATIONSDOC has a valuestatementGOAL GOALDOC has a strongreputation among itsmembers andindustry stakeholdersGOALMembers are aware andinformed of DOC’sadvocacy workDesired OutcomeDOC has strongbranding andmembers knowwhat it stands forMembers arechampions of theirown issuesDesired OutcomeIndustry stakeholdersrespect theorganizationDesired OutcomeMembers areproud to be part ofthe organizationDesired OutcomePopulateWorkingGroups withmembersWrite a valuestatementACTIONDisseminateinformation ona variety ofplatformsImprovebrandingwhen doingweb redesignACTION ACTION ACTIONAttract highprofiledocumentarymakersACTION
    8. 8. COMMUNICATIONS -ONGOING ACTIVITIES• Animate the listserv• Issue press releases• Continue What’s DOC doing about?• Disseminate ED report to the chapters• Participate in industry conferences (ie DocSummit, Doc Circuit)• Participate at festival events
    9. 9. MEMBERSHIPDOC continues to buildits base of professionalservices and discountsGOAL GOALDOC has a morediverse membershipGOALDOC celebrates the genreand its members’achievementsDesired OutcomeMembers see agreater value intheir membershipMembershipincreasesDesired OutcomeEventbloggingACTIONMoreeducationaloutreach isdoneACTIONMembers have agreater sense ofcommunityDesired OutcomePD eventsarearchivedACTIONCreateDOC AwardsACTIONDocumentaryas NationalArt FormcampaignACTIONNation-wideaudienceengagementinitiativeACTIONDevelop afestivaldistributionserviceACTION
    10. 10. MEMBERSHIP – ONGOINGACTIVITIES• Highlight members’ achievements on the listserv• Continue outreach efforts to a broad spectrum ofindividuals and companies• Continue to search out member servicesopportunities• Maintain and improve Giving Voice program• Ongoing mentoring opportunities• Ongoing professional development activities
    11. 11. SUSTAINABILITYGOALDOC is financiallysustainableDesired OutcomeDOC has themeans to live upto its mandateStaff is adequatelyremuneratedDesired OutcomePursuesponsorshipand revenuegenerationACTIONDOC is financiallystable and growsDesired OutcomeEstimate corefundingrequired tobe viableACTION
    12. 12. SUSTAINABILITY –ONGOING ACTIVITIES• Deploy all efforts to maintain and increasemembership levels• Maintain a positive relationship with Hot Docs• Maintain positive relationships with sponsors• Maintain existing operating funding and seeknew opportunities for new sources of funding
    13. 13. Great ideas left on the cuttingroom floor• Negotiating a deal with Cineplex Odeon to show moredocs• Revisiting DOCspace and see how it can be used• Looking into buying a share of documentary channel• Research tax credits across all provincial jurisdictions• More Roadshows
    14. 14. Next steps• Create Working Groups• Have Working Group Prioritize Actions• Develop metrics to see whether we haveattained our goals or not• ROLL it out!