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694-Session1 Virtual Work-F12
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694-Session1 Virtual Work-F12


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LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship …

LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship
Fall 2012
Dr. Diane Nahl
University of Hawaii
LIS Program

Published in: Education
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  • 1. The Rise of Virtual Work LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Dr. Diane Nahl University of Hawaii LIS Program
  • 2. Tech-Enabled Positions for Librarians• Systems Librarian • Virtual Librarian• Electronic Resources • Instructional Technology Librarian Librarian• Cybrarian • Digital Strategies Librarian• Blended Librarian • E-Resource Librarian• Embedded Librarian • Training and• Experience Design Development Librarian Librarian • Gaming Librarian• Emerging Technologies • E-Science Librarian Librarian • More to come …• Innovation Librarian LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 2
  • 3. ICT-Integration Enables All Positions• Libraries will always have specialized technical positions to lead innovations• All positions become tech-enabled as professional practice evolves – 1990 CD-ROM database searching for end users – 1994 World Wide Web and the search engine – 1999 Web-platform access to catalogs and databases LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 3
  • 4. Today’s Librarians Concur “The most valuable concept a library school education could impart would be the idea of staying current, being creative, adaptable, and connected." Barbara LoveLIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 4
  • 5. The Rise of ICTs in Education• Oblinger, D. G., 2012. Game Changers, a free Educause e-book on the rise of ICTs in education LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 5
  • 6. Evolution of the Web Workspace• Web 1.0 enables Connectivity – Access to information on web sites in libraries, search engine portals, publishing sites, academic sites, government sites, etc.• Web 2.0 enables Social Interaction – Access to live online interaction, conversation, collaboration, liking, commenting, etc. for personal use and professional groups.• Web 3.0 enables On-Demand – Access via ubiquitous mobile devices (laptops, netbooks, tablets, smart phones) LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 6
  • 7. EB & GRB Now Have No Print FormatOne of the Booklist reviews from longtimereviewer Art A. Lichtenstein ended with theline, “The question for acquisitions librarianswill be whether or not young researchers,accustomed from early grade school to thefrenetic display of color, sound, hyperlinks,and moving images of a contemporaryreference website, will be sufficientlymotivated to turn the pages of an old-style,black-and-white reference book.” LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 7
  • 8. 3.0 Dynamics• Ubiquitous (mobile devices are always connected and always with you)• Real-time• Location aware GPS, geo-tagging• Smaller screen with highly readable resolution• High quality camera and audio• Apps for fun, education, productivity, creativity, health monitoring, and commerce (shopping and selling), etc.• Device users author, design, and create apps (make books with iPad)• Sensors• More and more to come … LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 8
  • 9. How might this be used in libraries?Remote controlled iPad on wheels: 15’ discuss, brainstorm, and come up withfive different ideas to report. LIS 694 Virtual Librarianship Fall 2012 Nahl 9