665 Session3-integrated outcomes-s13


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LIS 665 Teaching Information Technology Literacy
Spring 2013
Dr. Diane Nahl
LIS program
University of Hawaii

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665 Session3-integrated outcomes-s13

  1. 1. Usability Testing aLearning Object;Integrated ACRL SPIOsand ACS OutcomesLIS 665 Teaching Information Technology LiteracySpring 2013Dr. Diane NahlLIS program, University of Hawaii
  2. 2. Usability Workshop:Needs Assessment Google Form• Identity Teams and Google Teams meet together to finalize survey questions and test items for the Google Form• All Teams agree on general and demographic questions Nahl 2013 • Include a question asking which of the three courses students are in (a few might be in two courses, so make it Check All That Apply) Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information• Volunteers from each Team input their questions using the appropriate question type formats• Usability Testing the Form • Team members fill out the form online and fix any problems • Delete Team member and former psy student results in the Form Spreadsheet before the URL goes to Dr. James • Post the URL to the LIS 665 Google Group (Dr. Nahl sends link to Dr. 2 James to post in three Google Groups, n= 58-60 students) Final Form DUE 1-31-13
  3. 3. Teaching Methodsas Learning Objects1. Written Lectures with Links posted on a course site, web page, wiki, LibGuide, or course management system (CMS) (e.g., Nahl 2013 Laulima, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.)2. Slides with Links and Written Lecture Notes3. Slides with Links and Narrated Lecture Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information4. Lecture Podcast5. Online Tutorial (e.g., LILO)6. Instructional Video or Screencast (e.g., Camtasia, YouTube, LION, Jing, etc.)7. Course Blog or Threaded Discussion site (e.g., Google Group)8. Online Worksheets, Quizzes, or Polling9. Shared documents (spreadsheets, docs, forms, etc.) 310. Social Media (Friending, Following, Commenting, etc.)
  4. 4. Broken Method Workshop:Critiquing Teaching Methods• Class holds open discussion on the advantages of some Nahl 2013 common teaching methods or learning objects used in online instruction.• After discussing advantages, each Team takes one of the Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information methods and critiques everything that’s wrong or limiting for online instruction.• Using Google Docs, Teams write up problems, Share docs, and present a critique to class.• After critiques: Teams discuss fixes for the identified limitations for online instruction.• Teams Report to class on their fixes for online instruction. 4
  5. 5. Holistic Instructional Design (pp. 9-10)• Teach the Heart • [A] Affective learning outcomes • What the learner should come to APPRECIATE Nahl 2013 and VALUE• Teach the Mind Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information • [C] Cognitive learning outcomes • What the learner should KNOW and UNDERSTAND• Teach the Body • [S] Sensorimotor learning outcomes • What the learner should be able to DO 5
  6. 6. Design Workshop: ConstructingMeasurable ACS Outcomes (verbs pp. 15-17)• Overall Instructional Goal (restate or revise) (Examples p. 12)• Standard (selected from ACRL competencies) Nahl 2013• Performance Indicator (based on one extracted from the chosen ACRL Standard) (Examples pp. 12-13) Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information• Measurable Outcomes (based on one extracted from the ACRL PI above, expressed in holistic outcomes) (Examples p. 10) • [A] Affective learning outcome • [C] Cognitive learning outcome • [S] Sensorimotor learning outcome• Transparency of Learning: SAOAC 5-part components (Examples pp. 9, 12) Due 1-31-13 6
  7. 7. Next Week 1-31-13• Ch. 4• Kaplowitz, Nahl-Jakobovits, Neely & Sullivan• Handouts pp. 2-3, 9-21 Nahl 2013• Draft of 3 minimum Instruction Unit Learning Technology Literacy LIS 665 Teaching Information Outcomes each with ACS Outcomes (3x3=9 minimum outcomes)• Draft of 1 SAOAC (examples pp. 9, 12, & integrated outcomes handout)• URL to final unified and usability tested Google Needs Assessment Form pasted in a post to the 665 Google Group 7