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For BIM Aquarium at Ecobuild 2010

For BIM Aquarium at Ecobuild 2010



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DMacP Ecobuild OFPD/X DMacP Ecobuild OFPD/X Presentation Transcript

  • Open Floor Plan Display / Exchange (OFPD/X) Providing simple building data to help save lives Plans of all floors from basement to roof. (1SSP) Walls and Partitions (1SST) Doors (1SSX) Windows (1ST5) Stairs (1ST9) Elevators (1STG) Exits (1STK) Special Features (1STM) Deborah MacPherson AEC EcoBuild 2009 BIM Aquarium
  • The purpose of OFPD/X is to provide lightweight, standalone building information to fire departments and NG 9-1-1. Demo:
  • Fire departments and NG 9-1-1 only need a small amount of data. The trick is getting relevant data to stick with a building and persist throughout its lifecycle in ways public safety organizations can use. First they need to know the fastest route to an emergency.
  • Each facility type can be classified using OmniClass and IBC occupancy classifications for basic knowledge ahead of time. Next, there is a need to understand the basic building layout.
  • Then where the fire is, how the fire is spreading, and if there are hazardous materials near by OSHA HazMat symbols do not need to be reinvented
  • What Can Be Done Now? GGSN and CMU SV FireFighter Tracking in real time. DOJ DHS survey explains safety needs.
  • Developing case studies to focus on specific facility types Civil / Justice Hospital / Healthcare K-12 / University
  • How Can People Creating BIM's Participate? WBDG Multihousing News The Corps' New York District BIM team attend a BIM workshop. Photo: Bentley Systems.
  • Seeing the bigger picture: OFPD/X is comprised of 3 areas Some buildings are not well documented, simplified BIMs may need to be created. Any start point needs to reach all 3 areas.
  • The problem space can be further divided into US and Global exchange requirements
  • On the data side, the number of common elements in XML Building Schemas in CityGML and NIEM is surprising This information can easily be captured in the design phase
  • There is a need for data element resolution across all 3 areas Image courtesy Scott Parker IJIS, Data Elements Resolution Effort
  • There is a need to use a consistent hierarchy. This one works. AEC Infosystems
  • Every country, state, county, city, and building has different resources but needs Standard Access Points to plug and play live building alerts over a Next Generation 9-1-1. Source: NIST Building Fire Research Lab
  • There is a need to resolve automated LOD recognition
  • There is a need to reach the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) where there is no consistency on the receiving end Cannon Design Offices AHJ Survey
  • Every AHJ has their own personality, programs and requirements
  • There is a need to keep logical elements grouped together as they transfer from point to point - and need to be interpreted for specific reasons at each of these points. ...and to distinguish between what is a system, a standard, a class system, an exchange model, a tool, and a language.
  • There is a need for an ontology to tie everything together and direct information flows while allowing for variation in geometry, semantics, location, and AHJ PROJECT: Agent-Based Semantic Web Services: Trustworthy Partner Selection, Interoperation, and Composition Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department
  • "There is a need to explain what an ontology is and will do, in a language your audience can understand, before making the assertion that there *is* a such a need" Peter Yim CIM3
  • There is a need to look at roll-up and drill down into building geometry and semantics needed to go inside, find your way around, stay up to date and share a Common Operating Picture. DM Open Downloads
  • There is a need to define the requirements in specifications each stakeholder can understand and incorporate. PLACEHOLDER UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  • The deliverables to answer these needs are OGC OASIS Testing NBIMS EM TC IDM NBIMS NIEM OGC IDM IEPD Testing
  • Meeting yesterday 8 Dec 2009 at Google, OGC Indoor Location, 3D, Indoor Navigation Special Meeting David Coggeshall at SFMapLab
  • Regardless of the advances in technology, the purpose of OFPD/X is for the end users. Thank You Contact Information Deborah MacPherson Specifications and Research Cannon Design 703 907 2353