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My SaaS University Conference preso on SaaS metrics
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My SaaS University Conference preso on SaaS metrics


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Lessons learned from using metrics to drive SaaS businesses.

Lessons learned from using metrics to drive SaaS businesses.

Published in: Technology

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  • (destinations not the journey, kinda complicated)
  • (destinations not the journey, kinda complicated)
  • Stage is good contextVenture investorsPublic markets (ref Pacific Crest Securities)
  • Pick the most important leading sub-indicator in LTV
  • Asterisk: our experience. Depends on how big of a customer you are to these vendors
  • Departmental/detailed metrics are great for focus, but can lead to independent behaviors that don’t align to strategy and company health.Ops metrics should be attributed to higher ordered components of LTV
  • Transcript

    • 1. Proprietary & ConfidentialDon MacLennanMay 21, 2013SaaS Metrics:What to measure and how
    • 2. Proprietary & ConfidentialA quick bio• Co-founder & CEO of Bluenose Analytics (morelater)• SVP Product Management at AVG, $400mFreemium / subscription software vendor• VP Marketing & Product Management,Frictionless Commerce / SAP, an early SaaSapplication for supply chain• Other roles: sales, biz dev, channels• Other sectors: field service automation, ERP, IT security, softwarequality management
    • 3. Proprietary & ConfidentialAgenda• Where to get the good stuff on SaaS metrics• Some bad news• The metrics journey in 5 stages• A note about alignment• Q&A
    • 4. Proprietary & Confidential
    • 5. Proprietary & ConfidentialSeveral great resources on SaaSbusiness metrics• Joel York:• David Skok:• Lincoln Murphy:• Bessemer’s 10 Laws of SaaS:
    • 6. Proprietary & Confidential
    • 7. Proprietary & ConfidentialThe bad news: how do you get there?
    • 8. Proprietary & ConfidentialThe journey has 5 stages
    • 9. Proprietary & Confidential1. Confession
    • 10. Proprietary & Confidential“MRR is not a leading indicator”
    • 11. Proprietary & Confidential2. Infatuation
    • 12. Proprietary & Confidential“LTV is the answer!”
    • 13. Proprietary & Confidential3. The fog
    • 14. Proprietary & Confidential“What drives LTV?”“What should we focus on?”
    • 15. Proprietary & Confidential4. Mastery
    • 16. Proprietary & ConfidentialOne metric at a time
    • 17. Proprietary & ConfidentialMastery defined
    • 18. Proprietary & Confidential1. MeasurableMastery defined
    • 19. Proprietary & Confidential1. Measurable2. Shown in time-seriesMastery defined
    • 20. Proprietary & Confidential1. Measurable2. Shown in time-series3. Filtered by dimensionsMastery defined
    • 21. Proprietary & Confidential1. Measurable2. Shown in time-series3. Filtered by dimensions4. You’ll know what to improve, or experimentwithMastery defined
    • 22. Proprietary & Confidential5. Lather, rinse, repeat
    • 23. Proprietary & ConfidentialFor each stage in your customer journey
    • 24. Proprietary & ConfidentialNobody’s perfect*Vendor Onboardingprocess?CustomerSuccessManager?Productfeatureemails?In-productmessaging?Daily/monthly usagereports? Welcomeemail, Welcomeemail, in-appIntuitQuickbooksOnlineIn-appBasecamp(projectmanagement)In-appAccompa(requirementsmanagement)Github (sourcecode repository)Webex Welcome email
    • 25. Proprietary & ConfidentialThe “A-word”
    • 26. Proprietary & ConfidentialAlignment
    • 27. Proprietary & ConfidentialAbout Bluenose• A cloud analytics company supporting thecustomer-facing operations of subscriptionvendors• Focused on creating value from theaggregation of disparate data about yourcustomers• Delivering actionable insights, alerts andprocesses that protect & improve recurringrevenue• Backed by a top-tier venture investor27
    • 28. Proprietary & ConfidentialIn closing….• Focus on leading indicators• Get good at metrics one-at-a-time• Pick the key metrics along the customer journey• Don’t have a customer journey? Get one of thosetoo!• Keep everyone aligned to MRR & LTV
    • 29. Proprietary & ConfidentialQuestions?Thank you!