WordPress in the enterprise - can it work?

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Presentation by Andy Gilpin and Martin Young from Blacknight WordUp 2011

Presentation by Andy Gilpin and Martin Young from Blacknight WordUp 2011

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  • Most people use WordPress to provide them or their organisation with a web presence. This session takes a look at some examples of how people use WordPress within their organisations, where the intended audience is internal people. Estimated timings: Intro: 5 mins Theme 1: use case examples – 20 mins Theme 2: challenges – 15 mins Theme 3: where next? – 10 mins


  • 1. WordCamp Portsmouth UK presented
  • 2. WordUp Edinburgh presents A slightly less spectacular Enterprise
  • 3.  
  • 4.
    • Core Competencies
    • Development
    • Maintenance
    • Support
    • Security
    • Governance
    What is Enterprise Our definition in WordPress world – Is when more than one person taking on responsibility for the core competencies
  • 5. Challenges with WordPress in the Enterprise
    • Integration (Authentication)
    • Skills gaps (servers, PHP, Apache, WordPress)
    • Multiple separate teams (Governance multi-level, time constraints)
    • Trust in Open Source (Windows generation)
    • Security (Hacking)
    • Managing expectations (Quick results bring increased demand)
    • Supporting it (when you separate dev from support)
    • Quality Control (Themes, Plugins)
  • 6. Enablers
    • Simple single sign-on (SSSO)
    • Small agile core teams
    • Slower upgrade cycles
    • External support
    • Third party products (Woothemes, WPMU Dev)
    • Training
    • Room to play
    • Quick results
  • 7. Ongoing issues
    • Cost shifts from platform to building core competencies
    • Great benefits come from the flexibility of WordPress but enterprise demand control
  • 8. Challenging times
    • Smaller more agile delivery teams
    • Blue Sky Labs
    • Commitment to Open Source
    Pick your fights Credit: Conservative Party
  • 9. Flexibility Control
  • 10. How do we bridge the gap?
    • Enterprise Support
      • Separate security patches from functional upgrades
      • Trusted repositories (Themes &Plug-in)
      • Support legacy releases (Ubuntu Model?)
  • 11. Ubuntu Approach
  • 12. Does WordPress want the Enterprise ?