How to be More Effective in Your Fundraising/Marketing Job!

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If you want to be more effective in your current fundraising job you should review this presentation. We provide information on how to gain the skills to be effective at fundraising via social media …

If you want to be more effective in your current fundraising job you should review this presentation. We provide information on how to gain the skills to be effective at fundraising via social media and online sites.

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  • 1. Being More Effective in Your Fundraising Job
    • Wendy Weber, President and Owner
    • Crandall Associates, Inc.
  • 2. Good News about the Job Market Even in a challenging economy, nonprofits need to raise funds. Now more than ever, they need to be smart and efficient in terms of the efforts they make to achieve their objectives.
  • 3. Fundraising Spending on the Increase
    • According to the DMA report “ Direct Marketing Facts & Figures in the Nonprofit Industry ”:
    • In 2007, every dollar that membership organizations spent on direct marketing yielded a return on investment of $14.47 – and that figure is only going to rise through 2012.
  • 4.
    • Social Media has finally come into its own. Most organizations are seeking marketers who know how to use it to achieve results.
    Created by: Laurel Papworth AND Gary Hayes
  • 5. Basics are still important
    • Direct Mail is still a very important channel
    • Strong communication and writing skills
    • Analytics
  • 6. Recommended mix of online/social media vs. offline/traditional media
    • It depends!
    • The success of social media programs depends on:
    • - The immediacy of the need.
    • - The age of the donor.
    • - How relevant it is, and how effectively it is being utilized by the organization.
  • 7. Characteristics of Successful Fundraising Marketers
    • Many feel it is an asset to have worked in the for-profit arena
    • Even if you are managing one channel, employers value those that see how all the channels work in concert with one another
    • They don’t “set it and forget it”. Top marketers follow their campaigns closely, adjusting as needed along the way
  • 8. Being More Effective in Your Fundraising Job Jo Sullivan, Managing Director Creative Direct Response Fundraising Group
  • 11. Think Again
  • 12. Think Again
  • 13.  
  • 14. Development & Communications
    • Mass Marketing and Media Efforts support and compliment Membership .
    • Those departments are partners and interchangeable. No matter what your title.
    • Membership may be responsible for raising the money – but if YOU don’t think about the face of your donor and where she see’s YOU – then you’ll have a short conversation with her…..
  • 15. Develop & Communications
    • Cultivate – media influencers, online influencers or pet parents.
    • Educate those audiences about our contribution on behalf of animals in need via multi-channel programs:
      • Text messages , eNewsletters,
        • eNews alerts, social networking
        • In all forms and any other place
        • we could shout our story.
    • And finally Motivate them to
    • do something:
      • Give
      • Be an Ambassador
      • Help us lobby
      • Tell a friend – pass us along !
  • 16. New face of NPO’s
  • 17. Being More Effective in Your Fundraising Job Tricia Reyes, Associate Director of Fundraising Consumer Reports
  • 18. How to leverage your strengths?
    • Be innovative and be prepared
    • Keep a record of your accomplishments
    • Always think “outside the box”
    • Present new ideas
    • Keep learning
    • Always sell yourself
    • Ask for more to do
    • Talk to your boss
    • Be on top of your game
  • 19. Promote yourself as Brand!
    • Don’t take a nap when you get hired
    • You are as good as your last win!
    • Be a team player and a self starter
    • Share your knowledge via all communication channels
    • Don’t be a “know it all”.
    • Train your self to listen well.
    • Volunteer for boards
  • 20. Sharing is Caring!
    • Share your knowledge and help empower others
    • The more you know the more you should share
    • Share industry news, updates, finding, stats with your colleagues via all media channels
    • Network for the greater good not only for self gain.
  • 21.
    • Linked In: great tool for sharing and networking.
    • Facebook: should not be your only source of career advancement.
    • Twitter: when you have something important to share (you can link to your Linked In.)
    • Spoke: great for serious promotion $$
    • Blog: if you have time to share
    • Slide Share: great for sharing your presentations Podcast: if you have a lot of time
    • Meet Up: if you want to start a local think tank
    Social Networking is not Professional Networking!
  • 22. THANK YOU
    • Questions or Comments contact:
    • Wendy Weber, Crandall Associates
    • [email_address]
    • Jo Sullivan, CDR Fundraising Group
    • [email_address]
    • Tricia Reyes, Consumer Reports
    • [email_address]