Stratetgic integration: Video & you tube in real estate


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This White Paper by DMB Realty Network provides an overview into the use of video and YouTube in luxury real estate marketing.

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Stratetgic integration: Video & you tube in real estate

  1. 1. Leveraging Technology Strategic Integration: Video and YouTube The Internet is becoming the IntroductIon town square for the global village of tomorrow. Bill Gates Technology has made life simple and efficient; revolutionizing how we live and do business. Technology has allowed us to touch people around the world within seconds with a simple click. Technology has not only revolutionized the manner in which we live and do business, it has altered the manner in which we communicate. From the words we use to the acronyms that have re- placed them, technology has altered our vocabulary. We no longer say “that’s funny,” we say “lol!” and “call me,” has been replaced by “Skype me.” Technology has also allowed us to enter a new realm of digital imagery, en- hancing our ability to show the action and color of life in real time. While Any sufficiently advanced we in the real estate industry have been communicating through images for technology is indistinguish- decades, technology allows us to do so instantly, dynamically and more beau- able from magic. tifully than ever before. Arthur C. Clarke You are familiar with the technology that drives our industry, our society and our economy, but are you maximizing the use of the appropriate technology? Are you leveraging technology or merely following trends? Do you know which is the best tool for your needs and goals? Do you have a strategy lead- ing the use and implementation of those tools? Technology can be a powerful tool or it can be a cumbersome expense. Tech- Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a fol- nology can raise awareness, prequalify business and deliver buyers, but used lower. incorrectly, it can yield no results at all. Understanding how to use and imple- Steve Jobs ment the tools of technology is tantamount to success. Technology is a tool that will function to the full capacity of how it is used. A tool without the understanding of it or plan on how to use it is useless. It may be very cool and cutting edge, but it is still useless. The DMB Realty Network team is continually exploring the most critical tools for success in the current market, offering insight into how best to employ them.September 2011 1 Copyright DMB Realty Network LLC
  2. 2. The Facts the Value of VIrtual: the Power of ubIquIty As The Facts illustrate, we are a visually stimulated society using the Internet in every facet of our lives. Most Americans won’t leave home before searching the Internet for information on what they are doing, where they are going or what they will be buying. TWO BILLION videos are viewed every day on YouTube. Given The Facts, the history of the industry and common sense, shouldn’t your website be designed with the user in mind - featuring video? Naturally navigation is critical to development, as are the technical specifications that make a website compatible with mobile devices, dynamic and beautiful. However, knowing what we know about consumers and the available technology, in order to thoroughly engage users and pro- mote real estate, video is necessary. As is ensuring that video is captured in the myriad of networks that will drive traffic to your website and prospects to your property. In the current economy and market, many are hesitant to spend additional funds for a virtual tour and/or video, however this could be the greatest differentiation both in the primary and second home market. While most will not hesitate to spend hundreds of As of March 31, 2011 ... thousands of dollars on model homes that will only be seen by visitors to the property, • There were 6.9 billion Internet there is still a hesitation to incorporate a virtual tour or video into websites. As the users worldwide - that is equal adage says, this is penny wise and pound foolish. Unfortunately, even when video is to 30.2% of the total world population. incorporated into a website, that same penny-wise efficiency is applied to the develop- ment and implementation of an integrated strategy that will leverage the video and available technology to drive traffic. The use of virtual tours and videos goes beyond serving as a feature on your website. A virtual tour can become ubiquitous, from your site to social media networks, to your eBlast campaigns and of course, on YouTube. A well-done virtual tour can go viral on its own. In addition to serving to differentiate a community and/or property, a virtual • There are 313.2 million Inter- net users in the United States tour disseminated through a strategic plan, can serve to entice and qualify buyers, driv- - that equals more than 75% of ing them to your website and property. Logic and statistics indicate, tours equal sales. the total U.S. population At DMB Realty Network, we believe technology is powerful when it is incorporated with tried and proven processes. For the record, we don’t believe the virtual tour will ever replace the model home – when prospective buyers visit a property, in addition to the amenities, a model home provides the tangible feel of the lifestyle they will enjoy. We do however know that the virtual tour is a valuable tool when paired with the right dissemination strategy to maximize its use. So when planning your website, new or updated, whether you have a model home or are promoting a specific property or community, shoot it and post it; keeping always 90% of homebuyers search online before buying. in mind that to post it is only the first step, akin to placing a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. Virtual tours and video can extend the reach of your property, community and development to anywhere with a click, but only when disseminated strategically.September 2011 2 Copyright DMB Realty Network LLC
  3. 3. The Facts youtube Is not an oPtIon ... When it comes to the use of YouTube, The Facts illustrate if you have video, you want it on YouTube, second only to Google as a search engine. Marketing savvy and common sense dictate that YouTube should be part of an in- tegrated marketing strategy that encompasses and incorporates Lead Generation, Media and Internet strategies. Maximizing the use of your virtual tour or other video through Social Media and Internet channels is an effective and efficient way More video is posted to You- to reach your audience anywhere and everywhere. Tube than ABC, NBC, & CBS has aired since 1948. ... It Is a necessIty With all the technology at our disposal, it is vital to maximize the use of available tools, however, it is equally important to discern between tools and trends. What may work in a business-to-business environment may not be as effective in a business-to-consumer environment, such as real estate sales. Most importantly, knowing how to employ the available tools is more valuable than the tools themselves. Driving traffic to a video and eventually your website, that is what an integrated strategy does. An integrated strategy is what generates leads. Explore these questions for yourself: Do you have a virtual tour? Is it featured on your website? Is it posted through The average YouTube user spends between 15 and 25 your Social Media channels? Is it posted on YouTube? Have you tweeted about minutes a day on the site. it? Was it featured on your Blog? Are you tracking your conversion rate? What is your Search Engine Marketing strategy? Do you have an Adwords campaign? Who are you talking to? Through which sites are you distributing your articles? What is your Social Media strategy? How are you increasing your organic hits? Do you have a PPC campaign? What are your keywords? How often do you Blog? How often do you tweet? Do you FB? What is your E-mail Marketing Strategy?September 2011 3 Copyright DMB Realty Network LLC
  4. 4. The Facts the use of VIdeo Strategic integration is not an option. It is a necessity. For all the modern tools of technol- ogy, the basics remain constant. As of February 2011, You- Know your market and position accordingly. Tube had 490 million unique users worldwide each month. Know your product and define accordingly. Know your audience and message accordingly. Know the tools and use accordingly. Do you use video? Do you YouTube? There are more than 400 tweets per minute containing You should. a YouTube link.September 2011 4 Copyright DMB Realty Network LLC
  5. 5. Contact d M b r e a lt y n e t w o r k l l c DMB Realty Network is an international sales and marketing company providing solu- DMB Realty Network LLC tions in the luxury residential real estate industry. Our team of professionals specializes in 20789 N. Pima Road Suite 250 turnkey management offering capabilities from Advisory to Integrated Management and Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 Brokerage Operations. (P) 480.515.0148 (F) 480.502.6903 The range of our services encompasses all areas of Strategic Sales and Marketing Advi- sory, Integrated Marketing and Sales Management Services, Brokerage Operations, Project Donald D. Kent Recruiting / Staffing and Sales Training. President & CEO DKent@DMBRealtyNetwork. com DMB Realty Network specializes in identifying and addressing the needs of the affluent real estate marketplace throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as in Central and South America. Angelina Kirkpatrick VP of International Sales AKirkpatrick@DMBRealtyNet- We have a history of achieving success for our clients; the DMB Realty Network team has marketed and sold more than $3 billion in luxury real estate. Ben Jenkins VP of Sales Development We deliver support and guidance based on years of experience. BJenkins@DMBRealtyNetwork. com We implement effective tactical strategies based on decades of industry expertise. We quickly and effectively evaluate needs to devise the plan that will move a project for- ward. w w w .dMbr e a lt y n e t w o r k .c o MSeptember 2011 5 Copyright DMB Realty Network LLC
  6. 6. solutIons for l u x u ry r e a l e s tat e SALES I MARKETING I BROKERAGE w w w .DMBR e a lt y N e t w o R k . c o M