Dr. Dominick M. Maino receives Order Sons of Italy Award

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Dr. Dominick M. Maino receives the Order Sons of Italy Award

Dr. Dominick M. Maino receives the Order Sons of Italy Award

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  • 1. 9randLodge of 16inois ( Wisconsin ; sunday) May 1) 2011Victoria Beauyolie) ~ctiiGhr Par& ~Liinois
  • 2. I I 1Dominick M. Maino, OD, MED, FAAO, FCOV Medicine Award
  • 3. Dominick M. Maino, OD, MED, FAAO, FCOVD-A ~ e d i c i n Award e Dominick M. Maino, OD, MEd, FAAO, FCOVD-A, is a Professor of PediatricsiBinocular Vision at theZllinois Eye Institute/Illinois College of Optometry and is in private practice in Harwood Heights, IL. Hesm-es as the editor of Optometry & Vision Development and has authored 200 books, chapters, and articles.Dr. Maino has given more than 100 presentations worldwide and is a co-author of the ASCOTech columnfor Optometric Education and is currently the associate, consulting, andior contributing editorimanuscriptreviewer for numerous publications.He is a graduate of the Illinois College of Optometry, received his MEd at the University of IllinoisChicago and obtained his Bachelors degree from Beloit College. Dr. Maino is a past Director of theInstitute for Advanced Competency Post-Graduate Continuing Education Program, an Adjunct Professor ofPdiatrics/Binocular Vision at the Centro Boston de Optometria in Madrid Spain, and provides eye care forchose with intellectual disability and psychiatric illness at the Neumann Association in Chicago. He is aFellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development,md is a member of the American & Illinois Optometric Associations, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation-%sociation, Order Sons of Italy and the Artists of Casa Italia.Dominick has received recognition for his work from the National Academies of Practice, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, OptometricEditors Association, and the Easter Seal Society of Metropolitan Chicago. He and his wife Sylvia have alsomeived the Heart of St. Bartholomew Award for their work at St. Bartholomew Parish. Dominick is anmtmationally recognized expert on oculo-visual problems of children and adults with disabilities. His-arch interests include special populations, pediatrics, and binocular vision dysfunction. Lippincott,~ ~ i l l i a m sWilkins has recently agreed to publish Dr. Mainos next book. &Dominicks avocations include website design, blogging, music and photography. He is a member of the-ktists of Casa Italia and has exhibited his works at the Casa Italia Cultural Center, the Palatine Library andr Cook County Treasurers office in Chicago, as well as several art galleries in the Midwest. He has had ka opportunity to sing opera alongside artists from the NY Met and Chicago Lyric (Dominick is usuallytucked away nicely in the middle of the tenor section of the supporting choir)..ella vita - chi non risica - non rosica. In life: who risks nothing - gains nothing
  • 4. CONGRATULATIONSDr. Dorrtinick Mcrino9 -- ., - ieonzrdo , u do L~;~CA I ~ x of Evcel arce GQC p o ~ t dThe Faculty C Staff of theIllinois College of OptometryE: Illinois Eye Institute