EYE ON TECHNOLOGY                        Control the computer with your eyesBy Geoffrey W. Goodfellow,       cameras need ...
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Control the computer with your eyes


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Gooffellow G, Maino D. Control the computer with your eyes. AOANews 2012;51)5:33.

Can you really control a computer just using your eyes. Read this story in the AOANews to find out!

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Control the computer with your eyes

  1. 1. EYE ON TECHNOLOGY Control the computer with your eyesBy Geoffrey W. Goodfellow, cameras need to be inter- They are aiming for theO.D., and Dominick M. preted very efficiently and same functionality of theMaino, O.D. accurately. commercial devices but for The developers of some significantly less cost.F or countless individu- of these systems indicate “My mission is that we als who lack the that users looking across a forge technology with neu- motor control needed normal-sized room and rological science to findto operate a computer with a wearing the device would be ways to help millions oftraditional keyboard and able to locate where the people with disabilities,mouse, there are some new eyes are looking within the such as loss of limbs or Figure 1: The PCEye from Tobii Assistivetechnologies available that size of a grapefruit. muscular disorders, use Technology Inc. is portable and lightweight andallow the eyes to act as the technology in a cheap way,” is capable of docking beneath any standardcontroller. Designers said Aldo Faisal, Ph.D., a retail PC monitor and integrating with This is an amazing neuroscientist at Imperial Windows.development for patients The PCEye from Tobii College London.with diseases like Assistive Technology Inc. isParkinson’s, muscular dys- the newest device to hit the Usabilitytrophy, or cerebral palsy. market. It boasts an eye-tracking The technology has technology solution that already opened the doors forHardware and provides the most intuitive, many people with severesoftware easy-to-use, stress-free spinal cord injuries, repeti- The technology is driv- means of gaining compre- tive strain injuries, and otheren by high-resolution cam- hensive computer access. debilitative conditions.eras that monitor the posi- The device is portable Using their eyes, thesetion of each eye. and lightweight and is capa- people are able to open The software is calibrat- ble of docking beneath any computer files, navigate the Figure 2: Researchers at Imperial College Web, and access software London developed a two-camera display applications. “My mission is that we forge Such individuals can attached to a standard spectacle frame. technology with neurological now independently commu- nicate online and conduct these visual skills. Illinois College of science to find ways to help business using a computer. Future patients that use Optometry (ICO), ICO’s millions of people with Such devices may also jump start an offering of this type of technology would likely benefit from assistant dean for Curriculum and Assessment disabilities, such as loss of hands-free computing which having accurate eye move- and the president of the may become useful for all ments and visual skills. Illinois Optometriclimbs or muscular disorders, use computer users, even those This would be in addi- Association. He can be con- technology in a cheap way.” without physical disabilities. tion to optometry’s current tacted at ggoodfel@ico.edu. Imagine scrolling role in managing computer Dominick M. Maino, O.D. is through an online magazine vision syndrome, refractive a professor of pediatrics anded by having the user look standard retail PC monitor using only your eyes or error, and dry eye syndrome. binocluar vision at ICO andat specific dots on a grid and integrating with interacting with your televi- a Distinguished Practitionerpattern displayed on the Windows (see Figure 1). sion without using your Geoffrey G. Goodfellow, of the National Academiescomputer screen. There are other similar remote control. O.D., is an associate profes- of Practice. He can be con- This allows the device devices available from other sor of optometry at the tacted at dmaino@ico.edu.to determine exactly where companies, but the PCEye Optometry’sthe eyes are pointing. appears to be the most From there, the cameras sophisticated. rolemonitor the angle between Retail cost for these It’s unclear exactly whatthe eyes to determine where devices has been quoted role these devices will havein space the eyes are look- upward of $5,000. on optometric practice.ing. Researchers at Imperial Eye movement deficien- Much of the technology College London are devel- cies have long been associ-necessary for the device oping a similar system with ated with academic prob-comes from the video gam- a target cost of $125. lems.ing industry. Their system is also Optometrists have a The eyes are capable of based on a two-camera dis- variety of tests to assess sac-very quick and detailed play but attached to a stan- cades, pursuits, and fixation;movements, so the images dard spectacle frame (see there are also a host of ther-from the high-resolution Figure 2). apies designed to improve NOVEMBER 2012 33
  2. 2. Compliant* Patients Come In For More Eye Exams. 1 Alcon Can Help Bring Patients Back.Alcon offers the DAILIES® family of daily disposable contact lenses andthe AIR OPTIX® family of monthly replacement lenses. Multiple studieshave shown that daily disposable and monthly replacement contact lenswearers are more compliant* than those who wear 2-week lenses.2,3,4Compliant patients also return for more eye examinations.1Read more about this latest study, and see how Alconcan boost your practice, at myalcon.com/power-of-one*Compliance with Manufacturer-Recommended Replacement Frequency (MRRF). MORE POWERReferences: 1. Dumbleton KA, Richter D, Jones LW. Compliance with lens replacement and the interval between eye examinations.Optom Vis Sci. 2012;89 (E-abstract 120059). 2. Dumbleton K, Woods C, Jones L, et al. Patient and practitioner compliance with siliconehydrogel and daily disposable lens replacement in the United States. Eye & Contact Lens. 2009;35(4):164-171. 3. Yeung KK, Forister JFY, ForisterEF, et al. Compliance with soft contact lens replacement schedules and associated contact lens–related ocular complications: The UCLA FOR GREATER SUCCESSContact Lens Study. Optometry. 2010; 81(11):598-607. 4. Dumbleton K, Woods C, Jones L, et al. Comfort and Vision with Silicone HydrogelLenses: Effect of Compliance. Optom Vis Sci. 2010;87(6):421-425.See product instructions for complete wear, care, and safety information. © 2012 Novartis 8/12 POW12060JAD