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  • “Non-messaging revenue is up 40% Y/Y driven by Vodafone “live” and laptop connectivity.” Arun Sarin, Vodafone CEOAnd the operators are investing because they're seeing the return. You can see the charts here, the growth rates are very high on their data services. As you saw in that previous chart, the voice services, the usage is not going up that much. So where is their growth coming from? The growth is coming from data services, from mobile broadband and from providing multimedia and all sorts of other kinds of services to the device.And a lot of times in the past people talked about wireless data, they meant text messaging or SMS, short message service. But if you look here on the Telestra chart, that's the operator down in Australia, that's all WCDMA. It's running a WCDMA network. They've now seen that their revenues from non-text data services have now outstripped the revenues that they had, and they're growing extremely rapidly, as you can see on that chart. So the operators are excited, the consumers are excited. Data is happening.
  • One way in which we are delivering ubiquitous broadband now is Gobi –by supporting leading 3G wireless networks and GPS in a single solution enabling today’s content driven society with a fast, secure and built-in mobile Internet solution. Gobi is a catalyst for new entrants and broader adoption by enabling mass market mobile Internet notebooks by reducing costs through streamlined notebook OEM supply chain logistics and operator certification process.
  • Another new device that's based off of CDMA is the Kindle, the Amazon e-book reader, and that is also a new business model. You buy the device and you don't necessarily see the fact that it's a wireless device. You haven't signed up for a wireless service. The money that pays for the wireless transmission of that book down to your device is just bundled into the cost of you buying the book. And because it's an e-book, it's an even cheaper book.And this also is an interesting opportunity as we look forward for new types of displays. This one uses an E Ink display, the reflective display. It looks like paper. If you haven't seen it or tried it, I really encourage it. It's a very nice device and the fact that it's wireless means that you can buy the book anytime you want and it just shows up on your device. You don't have to hook it into your PC to make that work. So brand-new business model, great new device, a lot of innovation going on there.
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    1. 1. The Next Media Flow
    2. 2. Len Lauer Chief Operating Officer
    3. 3. 695 Million+ 3G Subscribers Today Source: Wireless Intelligence
    4. 4. Nearly 2 Billion More Than Any Other Computing or CE Device Source: Wireless Intelligence, Instat, IDC, September 2007
    5. 5. Operators Worldwide Show Strong Data Growth Source: Verizon, Vodafone Group, AT&T, Telstra
    6. 6. Qualcomm Business Model: Technology and Value Chain Enabler
    8. 8. Creating New Mobile, Computing and CE Device Categories All trademarks are property of respective owners
    9. 9. Technology Enables New “Pocket” Devices
    11. 11. Beyond Traditional Wireless Handsets…Expanding into Computing and Consumer Market Segments World’s First Integrated Low Power Chipset with 3G and Enables GHz Performance QSD8250 QSD8650
    12. 12. Industry’s First IMOD Display Superb Viewing Even in Direct Sunlight
    13. 13. Why mirasol? Battery Technology is Falling Behind
    14. 14. Mirasol™ Display Roadmap– Market Segmentation VGA Multimedia Display PDA & Smart Phone QWVGA Information Display Resolution P PM QVGA Handset Indicator Display Main display (High-end Target) QCIF Handset Main display Handset (Low-end QQVGA Sub-display Target) MP3 BT 1” 1.5” 2.0” 2.5” 3.0” Size
    15. 15. Power Saving Display Technology
    16. 16. Bringing Mobility, Ubiquity and New Services to the Web
    17. 17. Service Enablers CONTENT DEVICES • Media • Internet • Original • Financial • Social
    18. 18. MediaFLO: An Unmatched Mobile Entertainment Service
    19. 19. Plaza For Mobile Internet
    20. 20. Xiam Limitless Choice is a Problem FIFA NBA Hockey Vast World of Content & Services This Much Shelf Space
    21. 21. Firethorn’s Vision Banking Payments Remote Bill Pay P2P / IMT Transfers Gift Cards Trusted Content Service Loyalty / Banking Transit Manager Rewards Discovery Accounts Remote Redemption Checkout Ticketing Contactless Remote Stores Coupons / Commerce Offers In Store
    22. 22. Integration and User Experience HARDWARE SOFTWARE CONTENT SETTLEMENT SECURITY
    23. 23. Amazon Kindle – Wireless Reading Device quot;This isn't a device, it's a service.quot; - Jeff Bezos, Amazon From Newsweek, 11/26/07 © 2007 Newsweek, Inc. www.newsweek.com. All rights reserved. Used by permission and protected by the Copyright Laws of the United States. The printing, copying, redistribution, or retransmission of the Material without express written permission is prohibited. Note: Products sold for use in U.S. are in compliance with recent ITC and Federal Court rulings.
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