The Personal Assistant Resume: Slides from Recorded Webinar


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Donna Shannon, author of "How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy" and Bonnie Low-Kramen, author of "Be the Ultimate Assistant" share the secrets to an effective personal assistant resume in the luxury lifestyle management industry. Learn the significant differences from the traditional business world.

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The Personal Assistant Resume: Slides from Recorded Webinar

  1. 1. The Personal Assistant Resume: The Key to Landing Your Next Job Presented by: Donna L. Shannon Bonnie Low-Kramen Donna Bonnie
  2. 2. Donna Shannon• Background: 8 years of HR/ Recruiting• President, The Personal Touch Career Services  Resumes  Interview coaching  Job search strategy development  Group classes  Get a Job Without Going Crazy
  3. 3. Bonnie Low-Kramen• 25 years as the Personal Assistant to actress Olympia Dukakis• Author of “Be the Ultimate Assistant”• Teaches weekend workshops for PAs• Co-founder of New York Celebrity Assistants (NYCA)• Passionate about helping PAs find and keep their jobs!
  4. 4. Today’s Agenda• Why resumes are important – Dispelling resume myths – What is unique on a Personal Assistant resume• What is critical on a resume – Different sections and how to use them• Questions??
  6. 6. Resumes are…• Your first introduction• A reflection of who you are• Sliced ‘n diced in 30 seconds – or less• Searched for “key” words
  7. 7. Key to Resume Survival• It is NOT about YOU…. … it’s about serving the EMPLOYER’S needs: Solving problems Simplify their lives Serving their families
  8. 8. Is it true or not?COMMON RESUME MYTHS
  9. 9. The One Page Resume?• One page resumes outdated 10 years ago• Need two pages to show expertise – But never more than two • Usually too dense • Not enough white space
  10. 10. The Perfect Format• For PAs this is the first test of your knowledge: – Visually/graphically appealing – Level of Word expertise – Computer literacy example – Be able to edit/replicate it – Typos = Discarding of resume
  11. 11. Are Half-Truths OK?• It is never OK to lie on your resume, even a little…• Graduation dates are checked• Certifications are verified• Social network profile are reviewed• Integrity and accuracy matter
  12. 12. Pictures: Yes or No?• Yes IF: – Sending to a principal – Sending to a private service agency• No IF: – Sending to the corporate HR department – Sending to the family office
  13. 13. Put the “Personal” in PA• They want to know who you are and if they think you can solve their problem…• Important words – “Assists” “Assisted” This can be the difference between an interview and the rejection pile
  15. 15. Contact Information• Be thorough: – Full street address – Phone numbers – Professional email – LinkedIn and other social media
  16. 16. Special Considerations• Relocating?• Time Gaps in experience – “jumpy” / “job hopper” or temporary work?• Can be addressed in Cover Letter
  17. 17. Objective Statements• Employers don’t like these if it’s the typical…“Objective: To gain a Personal Assistant position for a high profile principal with opportunities for growth.” Problem: This is all about what YOU want Solution: Make it about THEM
  18. 18. Profile or Summary – Passion Statement• Use a profile to match their needs while speaking of your passion:
  19. 19. Profiles• Customize to the job• Be sure to track changes in separate log, as in which resume was sent to whom
  20. 20. Technical Skills• Closely scrutinized section• Starting to picture what you can do for them
  21. 21. Technical Skills• Aka Core Competencies, Skills Summary, Personal Assets – Computer skills and proficiency – Soft skills/ Personality Traits/ Areas of Expertise
  22. 22. Work Experience• Include a quote from principal• Show nature of the industry or position• Names?
  23. 23. Details That Matter• Using action verbs• Using actual numbers ($1 million budget)• Bullets – with period or without?• Keep tenses consistent• Fonts & Styles consistent
  24. 24. Critical Phrases• “assist” – “customize” – “personalize”• Willingness to serve• Taking charge• Embrace the role of gatekeeper
  25. 25. Accomplishments• How to recognize them• Scope• Office management• Creating systems• Orchestrated moves, special events and renovations
  26. 26. Volunteer Experience• VERY relevant to personal assistant role• Any community involvement counts• Important to “have a life” outside work
  27. 27. Education• Includes formal education and workshops• Date of college graduation or attendance• Professional Associations
  28. 28. Additional Certifications• Notary, Driver’s License, Valid Passport• DON’T let them assume!
  29. 29. Hobbies, Interests and Passions• Biggest deviation from the corporate resume• CRITICAL for PAs – even your door to the job
  30. 30. References“References available on Request”Means nothing… Send a separate reference sheet
  31. 31. Are you ready?QUESTIONS?
  32. 32. Resumes• Your first introduction• Paints a picture of who you are• Keep it personal!
  33. 33. Final Thoughts…WANT TO KNOW MORE?
  34. 34. Connect With Us! Donna Shannon Bonnie Low-Kramen Personal Touch Career Services Personal Assistant Weekend Workshops (PH) 720-452-3400 (PH) 908-469-4204 Twitter: @DLShannon Website: Facebook: DonnaShannon.CareerCoach Facebook: Be the Ultimate Assistant And my book: And my book:“Get a Job Without Going Crazy (2nd Ed)” “Be the Ultimate Assistant”