Nannies: How to Manage Employer Relationships


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In private service, everything depends on your relationship with your employers. How establish the foundation for a positive, professional relationship and still be able to leave on good terms? During this presentation, learn:
• How to manage expectations with your resume
• Recognize red flags at the interview
• Negotiated favorable employment terms without sacrificing the relationships
• Social media impacts on the relationship
• Planning an exit strategy that works for everyone
• Gaining a valuable recommendation
Presenter and career coach Donna Shannon has been working with private service professionals since 2005. Drawing from both her corporate recruitment and luxury market placement experience, her company the Personal Touch Career Services helps job seekers with professional writing services, job search consultations and classes. Her book “How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy” (2nd Edition, 2012) is available on Donna is based in Denver, Colorado and works with job seekers across the country and abroad.

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Nannies: How to Manage Employer Relationships

  1. 1. Principal Relationships: From the first interview to the final goodbye Donna Shannon April 12, 2014 720-452-3400
  2. 2. The Personal Touch Career Services • Our Mission: To help job seekers of all levels achieve their employment goals through solid, practical advice and services • Resume services, interview coaching, job search strategy and group classes • Over 8 years in corporate recruitment & placement • Donna’s book, “How To Get a Job Without Going Crazy” is available on and the Tattered Cover in Denver (c)2010, 2012 Donna Shannon
  3. 3. 4 Key Time Periods • Before contacting employers • During the job search • Course of Employment • Maintenance after the job ends
  5. 5. Positive Relationships Start with You Love it Like it Live with it Loathe it I would happily do more of this… I enjoy this… I can do this, if it is essential for the job… I would give anything to not have to…
  6. 6. Communicate Clearly • Skills section on resume: – Best way to start managing expectations – Don’t list anything you don’t want to do – Biggest problem areas: cooking, cleaning and laundry
  7. 7. Resume Expectations
  8. 8. IMPORTANT INTERVIEW TACTICS Determining a right fit
  9. 9. Applying Your 4L’s • If sensitive issue in your Love / Like / Live /Loathe activity, be sure to ask about it
  10. 10. Use reflective questions • Reflective questions dive back into the job description or something previously said by the other party: – “You said there was some laundry involved – how much do you anticipate?” – “I understand you would like some meal preparation: is this for the family, or just the children?”
  11. 11. Align or distance • Style questions can reveal a good match: – “What is the most important quality in your ideal nanny?” – “What did you like best about your previous nanny?” – “What did you like the least?”
  12. 12. Red Flags • Watch the way you are treated during the interview: – Common courtesy – Length of interview – Reaction to your questions
  13. 13. GET IT IN WRITING Negotiations and Contracts
  14. 14. Negotiations • IF working with agency, always defer to them for negotiations: – “As I am being represented by ABC Nannies, I would prefer if you spoke to them about my salary requirements”
  15. 15. Know your value • It’s NOT what the market will bear Experience Expertise Education Value
  16. 16. Say your value • “I am seeking a salary of $_______ to _________, with some flexibility based on benefits – Say it with confidence – ALWAYS talk in terms of RANGE until in final negotiations – DON’T say anything else until the other party speaks
  17. 17. Contracts • For protection of all parties • Nebulous contracts = nebulous relationships • Hours per day/ week • Pay rates, Vacation/ sick policy • If concerns in the 4L’s, address it • Prepare children’s meals during the day • Housekeeping for children’s areas, limited to 5-10 hours/ week
  18. 18. DURING EMPLOYMENT How close is too close?
  19. 19. Social Media • Employer standards: – Some DO want it as a way to stay in touch with children’s development and activities – Others DON’T want it to maintain privacy – Consider a Fan Page for parents to limit access to your personal page
  20. 20. Social Media Comfort Level Closed only connected with family and personal friends Middle will connect with friends-of-friends, openly follows fan pages or companies Open accepts multiple connections, sends requests to others, plays games openly, reposts from followed pages
  21. 21. Social Media Awareness • EVERYBODY can be found • Don’t create awkward situations… • Watch login times and when posting to manage impressions
  22. 22. Boundary problems • Once a boundary is breached, if nothing is said or done, it will be breached again • Documentation can help both sides
  23. 23. Incident Log Date Incident What happened Action 4-1-14 Stayed 2 hours late No word from Mrs. that I needed to stay- late from work Stayed until 8 pm when Mrs. arrived 4-4-14 Stayed 2 hours late No call from Mrs., running late from work Stayed until 8 pm If consistent problem arises and is verified with documentation, need to set up time to speak with employers about negative trends and how to get back on track with the terms from your contract. Approach with a solutions-based attitude to avoid finger pointing and other defensive actions on either part.
  24. 24. ENDING THE RELATIONSHIP When it’s time to go
  25. 25. Confidential Job Search • Critical phrase for cover letters: – “As my job search is confidential, please do not contact my references without my permission.”
  26. 26. Exit Strategy • Tell employers when interviews are heating up • Grant 2-4 week notice • Have written procedures on how to train the next person (in case you are already gone)
  27. 27. Letters of Recommendation • More than an employment verification, these capture the essence of what you did – Specific details = credibility – Address tasks as well as personality – Collect recommendations on LinkedIn
  28. 28. Maintaining the Relationship • Make conscious effort to stay in touch with past employers: – Holiday cards – Children’s birthday cards – Social media contacts (if comfortable for both parties) – Call when job searching, just to let them know of potential reference calls
  29. 29. QUESTIONS
  30. 30. Final Thoughts • Control your career • Move towards your Loves and Likes • Escape the tasks you Loathe • Manage relationships with clear expectations- on both sides
  31. 31. The Personal Touch Career Services Donna Shannon, President & CEO    720-341-8229   Twitter: @DLShannon  Networking on (Denver/ Lakewood area):  The Brown Bag Job Search Group