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This is a presentation I did for Office Furniture USA. Contact me for the notes.

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  • It’s not about your organization – it’s about the people in your community. Expand your reach by building a digital footprint with social interaction.
  • This is the 4th version of the world's most watched social media video series "Social Media Revolution. Written by international keynote speaker and best selling author Erik Qualman (Socialnomics, Digital Leader, Alex Azure & Forbidden Door). This version uses new energetic music
  • With the social web everyone has a voiceDevelop a strong profile on should be 100% completeWhat does your “about” page say about you? Keywords make a differenceGoogle indexes tweets – are you using Twitter
  • You are the expert and so are your partners. Highlight them! Build trust,Be authenticShow you care
  • 1 billion people on Facebook – Do you have a page?Bing currently uses Facebook likes as a ranking factorEvery second 2 new members join LinkedIn20% Google searches each day are newEmail is no longer top dog – expand your horizons53% of people recommend products and services on TwitterOffer eBooks
  • 90% of people trust their peers14% trust ads93% marketers use social mediaIf Bing uses Facebook likes for ranking, is your content strong enough to get the likesGoogle uses +1 as a ranking factorUSE social buttons
  • Don’t take short cutsAdd visual contentYouTube is #2 search engineBuild albums on Flickr, InstagramBuild boards on Pinterest
  • Update LinkedIn 1x weekUpdate Facebook few times a dayBlog at least 2x monthTweet as often as possible – several times a day – schedule tweets but be prepared to respond
  • Dave Kerpen says: Today’s consumers demand more. Surprise and delight – think about wayens you can go beyond your customer experience and then share it. Listen, tell a story, be authentic, be transparent, be a team player, responsive, adapt, be passionate, and grateful.Sarah Robinson encourages fierce loyalty thru engagement
  • Let the apps do the heavy work. Be aware what your customers are using: QR codes, Foursquare, Yelp
  • Social sharing – Products and services are purchased due to users sharing recommendations and directly from links that were shared in status updates. When your audience provides an endorsement or information via comments it increases reader engagement and shares within a community to expand your reach. When people take the time to comment they often share the link to the site. Simple sharing – when someone simply clicks “like” “pin it” “+1”Broadcast sharing – Targeted sharing – focus specific reach
  • Transfer Your Success to the Web

    1. 1. Transfer Your Success To The WebExpand your reach by building a digital footprint with social interaction. Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    2. 2. Social Media Revolution 2012 Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    3. 3. Google Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    4. 4. You ARE an expert,share your knowledge Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    5. 5. Build it and they will come … Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    6. 6. Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    7. 7. Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    8. 8. Turn it into a BLOG Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    9. 9. Entertain to Engage AndCommunicate Your Story Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    10. 10. Consistency, Predictability And Frequency Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    11. 11. Likeable Business +Likeable Content = Fierce Loyalty Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    12. 12. Phones AreSocial Media Today: Smart Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    13. 13. Which Platform is Best for Business? Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    14. 14. Adapt to match trends and platforms Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    15. 15. Incoming traffic Measure Your Influence sharesReader Engagement recommendations Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    16. 16. Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    17. 17. Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    18. 18. Contact• Deb Evans Consulting, LLC•• Twitter: @DebCE• LinkedIn:• Blog:•• Google+ Deb Evans Consulting, LLC
    19. 19. Thank You! Deb Evans Consulting, LLC