How To Monitor and Leverage Social Platforms


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Jack Monson, Engage121 presented "How to Monitor and Leverage Social Platforms" at FranCamp in Atlanta.

How do you turn your customer base into a powerful guerilla marketing force? How do you tap into your existing customer base to leverage their love of your brand into valuable word-of-mouth referrals? How do you monitor and measure the engagement?

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  • These Evaluate reports allow off-line KPI ’s (like daily Sales in this example), to be uploaded into Engage121. You can illustrate critical correlations between Social Media Activity and the performance of your Business.
  • How To Monitor and Leverage Social Platforms

    1. 1. LeveragingSocialPlatformsJack MonsonVice PresidentEngage121@jackmonson
    2. 2. • Enhancing the brand experience• Product launch• Customer service• Recruiting new Franchisees• Public Relations• Employee engagement• Franchise Relations• Reputation management• My daughter tells me we need to do something on Facebook
    3. 3. Sell more stuff to more people at higher prices - Frank Helmert, AON
    4. 4. Who? Franchisors Empowering Franchisees20% of Franchisees jump in Give them content60% of Franchisees unsure Give them tools, results20% of Franchisees won’t touch it Do it for them
    5. 5. What Platforms? 800 Million UsersBut what about the other 6 Billion people?
    6. 6. What Platforms?
    7. 7. Platforms Include Ratings and Review Sites
    8. 8. Monitor: Explore & Listen Monitor Keywords: •Your brand(s) •Your competitors •Industry issues Monitor People and Groups: •Your Franchisees •Your Customers •Industry Influencers •Franchising Voices •Potential Franchisees
    9. 9. Monitor Versus Engage Monitoring & reporting: lurking at a cocktail party, then going home and writing about it in your diary. Engagement: interacting with people at the party!
    10. 10. Respond Questions •Reply as soon as possible – one hour? •Who should answer? Marketing, Customer Service, Sales? Local Franchisee? Negative Comments •Brief pause to see if a customer comes to your defense •Respond to all thoughtful criticisms •Respond on same platform •Take conversation offline as soon as possible •Don’t delete unless it violates your posted policy •If you delete, tell fans that you deleted it and why!
    11. 11. Cross Pollinate Remember, your Twitter followers may never read ratings and review sites. Consumers who find your blog may not find your Facebook page. Your Facebook fans may never leave Facebook!
    12. 12. Measure: Bottom Line Metrics vs. Social Media Activity
    13. 13. Next: Integrating Advertising
    14. 14. About Engage121, Inc. – Communications Software for Franchises – Founded 1998 – New York – Chicago – London – Sept 2010: Launched Engage121 – Oct 2010: Mashable “Top Five SMMS for Business” – Nov 2011: Mashable Finalist Digital Company of Year – April 2012: Gartner “Cool Vendor” Jack Monson, Vice President