Ten Things I Learned In Prca 3339


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Ten Things I Learned In Prca 3339

  1. 1. Ten Things I Learned In PRCA 3339 By Danielle Barrett
  2. 2. Intro  I enjoyed the learning under Mrs. Nixon because she is a very “hands on” type teacher. She is kind, understanding and very helpful. The program we worked most with throughout this summer course was InDesign. A first it was frustrating trying to learn, but as time progressed I got the hang of it and no how to do the basics and create a brochure.
  3. 3. First Thing Learned  How to create a business card in InDesign  It was quite simple, we worked with InDesign in creating our business cards. It is important to choose a readable font, to have contact information, your name etc. Also to have a nice size font because if the font is too little it can be hard to read, or if too big it can look crammed.
  4. 4. Second Thing Learned  Making a Flyer  When making a flyer, place, repetition, and a couple other elements are important. When some one looks at you flyer you want their eyes to glance through it smoothly. Your flyer needs to have some order to it. Font, and images in on the flyer are important as well, everything needs to be clear or you could hinder people fully understanding your message.
  5. 5. Design Goals  Thing that you should ALWAYS keep in mind when designing are…  Accurate, interesting content  Meeting projects needs: adhering to the topic and purpose  Appealing to the target market  Visual interest and clarity  Everything needs to be in order and working.
  6. 6. What’s in the InDesign Toolbox  Some of the icons that we worked with most are as follows:  Selection tool  Direct selection tool  Type tool  Rectangle tool  Zoom tool  Fill
  7. 7. Panels that make up a Brochure  When working with the panels of a brochure. It is important you know what panel is what, and where to place your information for a structured flow.  There are six panels…  Title page  Page 1  Inside Flap
  8. 8. Panels that make up a Brochure(cont.)  Page 3  Back page
  9. 9. In Conclusion  In this PowerPoint I successfully listed over ten things that I have learned. This class has been a lot of fun, and my most important accomplishment was to learn the basics of InDesign. I achieved that goal so the class was an overall success. Thank you Mrs. Nixon.