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EEIP In troduction

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EEIP Introduction

  1. 1. „Our journey to 2020 and beyond“Platform for Business and Policy in Europe
  2. 2. About EEIP• EEIP - Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes - is a platform for Business and Policy in Europe.• EEIP facilitates an open and inclusive cross-industries and cross- technologies dialogue with a purpose of better energy efficiency policy.• EEIP complements existing engagement and exchange channels between stakeholders and policy-makers, by raising a horizontal, issue- focused, platform that reflects the need of present and future policy making.• EEIP uses communication, engagement and „best practice“ exchange tools to enable industry and policy to achieve its sustainability and energy security goals while enhancing industrial competitiveness at the same time.• EEIP is a free membership platform.
  3. 3. EEIP - Platform for Business andPolicy in Europe
  4. 4. Members and Activities• EEIP members include industrial end-users, manufacturers of energy saving equipment and parts, energy service companies (ESCOs), IT companies, business and engineering consultancies, industry associations and any other interested parties and European and national policy-makers.• EEIP model is an issue-focused, horizontal, knowledge exchange, policy debate platform transgressing current technology-specific or industry-specific contributions. The platform is based on transparency, inclusion and open access.• EEIP promotes inclusive, innovative policy dialogue that is balanced and evidence-based. It seeks to secure industrys contribution to the European Unions climate and energy goals.• EEIP provides creative, customised and result-orientated engagement and communication tools to its members and partners. This takes forms of round- tables, seminars, conferences, internet portal, information exchange and assisting in direct engagements.• EEIP is the leades in European industrial energy efficiency debate and an important link between policy-makers and industry.
  5. 5. Membership and Partnership structure• Membership at EEIP is open to all and free of charge.• Partnership packages are based on additional services and company support.• There are three levels of Partnership (Business, Privilege and Exclusive), differently priced in correspondence to the Partners’ interest in EU energy efficiency policy and desire for prominence and visibility.• The number of Privilege and Exclusive Partners are limited by sector and country.• Privilege and Exclusive Partners are involved in EEIP strategic planning and implementation.
  6. 6. Members and Partners
  7. 7. Members and PartnersEXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP governance - exclusivity - full accessPRIVILEGE PARTNERSHIP high visibility - presence - positionBUSINESS PARTNERSHIP visibility - promote - inputMEMBERS inform - share - engage
  8. 8. Governance• EEIP is not-for-profit organisation registered as ASBL under Belgian law.• EEIP founding members are GreenBusinessConsulting (business sustainability consultancy), Solace (taxation and business operation consultancy) and VATTEL (policy efficiency and stakeholder engagement consultancy).• EEIP has been active, developing networks and relationships with companies, policy actors and policy makers since November 2010. Launch event is on 12 April 2011 at the European Commission.• EEIP is governed by the Executive Board and the Advisory Board.• The EEIP Advisory Board includes Founding Members, Exclusive Partners and a broader range of experts.
  9. 9. Finances• As a not-for-profit organisation, EEIP aims for a balanced budget.• EEIP is based on a ‘freemium’ social business model.• The main source of income is through partnership arrangements.• EEIP is also organising commercial events (e.g. Conference 2011, Congress 2012) and publications (EEIP bi-annual magazine).• EEIP is also partnering in research and technical projects.• Costs of the current (November 2010 - April 2011) operations are covered by the founding members.
  10. 10. Events programme• EEIP ‘Manufacturing the Change: Energy Efficiency in Industry’ event (12 April 2010) is a part of the official European Commission Sustainable Energy Week programme. Launch event.• From May 2011: Brussels Industrial Efficiency Round-table: invitation only bi- monthly meeting (15 participants, preference to Partners, experts, Associations, EC, EU Presidency).• From April 2011: Presidency EE Debates. Hungarian Presidency co-hosting debates on three topics: EE and SMEs, Chemical Industry, Public Procurement. Continued under Polish Presidency from July 2011.• 24-27 May 2011: Green Week in Brussels: video/interactive installation of 99EESOLUTIONS (creative co-operation via the Hub Brussels), daily partners.• 11 October 2011: Annual Conference with Business Innovation EE Forum.• May 2012: EEIP Congress in Cologne, Germany.
  11. 11. Next steps• Development of EEIP internet portal, member focused, based on social network model, including newsletter and survey tools. Launch in April 2011.• Development of media partnership with both Brussels’ EU press and European specialist (energy efficiency and industry) media.• Developing catalogue of ‘best practices’ in energy and resource efficiency in European companies and solutions. Co-ordination of 99EESOLUTIONS video installation.• Preparation of the first issue of EEIP magazine. Launch in October 2011.• Co-ordination of invitations to Brussels Industrial Efficiency Round-table.
  12. 12.