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SharePoint was created for the purpose of collaboration. The root of collaboration suggests the need for more than one person to not only participate but to work together. There are a lot of positive and negative stigmata that revolve around the social aspect of business. This session is to try and debunk some of the myths and bring to light the real issues and benefits.

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  • You probably remember me from movies such as
    Boys with Lasers
    Microphone Assassin
    My Pet Dinosaur
  • Trying to ensure attendee’s expectations are in line with what is to be talked about
  • Glancing 100,000 ft. view of what the talk will be about

    Society has gone through a lot of transformations up to where we are today. In order to understand where we are headed, we need to understand the past
    Potential problems with society and where it is heading
    Business, money, barter, trade, these are words, that have been used over the ages yet changes have taken place to different degrees in business, a brief history of how we got to where we are today
    Business pain points, perceived or real
    Society blended with business. Is it possible? Is it necessary? A deep dive into how society and business can/must coexist
    SharePoint can be a perfect mirror of the health/status of your business, we talk about this
    Go through the different pieces of SharePoint Social and how they will work for you
    Draw a conclusion as to why businesses need to embrace society
  • Society was very much localized

    Participants were from the same community
    Everyone within the community was welcome to participate at some level
    Traveling society was a life long choice (minstrels, gypsies, missionaries, etc.)
    Many of the events was a sign of social status or chance to improve ones social status
  • Through out the ages, advances in travel and communication were social game changers, some more than others.
    Roads and ship building have been around before BC crossed over to AD. (Roman Empire)
    Shipping items for trade and for communication have been around for ages as well
    Travel abilities increased and improved movement of people to participate in social events further from their home communities
    Communication abilities have made us be able to say… it’s a small world after all (Skype with my brother in Japan on his phone)
    Internet past? Yes… yes it is… the new workforce does not remember when the internet did not exist!
  • The list has just been appended to, there are more ways to take part in world society today.

    The Key is world society.
    Social gatherings are no longer confined to local venue’s
    We now have the tools to meet/socialized immediately even if we are more than 10,000 miles away from each other
  • Anonymity: the internet gives everyone actual or the illusion of being completely anonymous. Suddenly their actions are bold, over the top, brazen, uncalled for, out of character (liken to the town drunk)
    Texting: the number of short cuts people use, geek speak, emotion icons (I needed spell check before but now…)
    Rage: Whether its road rage, game rage society has created some of its own monsters
    Cyber Stalking: its not just for in person anymore… though it can end up that way even if you are being stalked from ½ way around the world
    Warning: Speak into how these different disconnects can very much infiltrate into business
  • Trade / Barter: many times merchandise or services changed hands through non-monetary means
    Family Owned / Operated: for centuries, most would follow in the footsteps of their father (Joseph was a carpenter, Jesus was trained to be a carpenter) quite localized, middle ages, stories of people attempting to change classes from which they were born into
    Local: Trade caravans, merchant ships, traveling minstrels were the only ‘businesses’ that truly traveled beyond the local borders. Mobility or the lack thereof forced this paradigm.
  • Some inventions are recognizable as game changers from social list in an earlier slide
    Business has been changed and improved upon by a diverse number of inventions
  • Global: It’s a small world after all
    Decentralized: remote workforce, multiple branches
    Electronic / No Walls: companies with no brick and mortar
    Corporations: large rarely owned by an individual, or if so, a board is still needed to maintain momentum (cannot last on a rain maker)
    Chain Businesses: Bringing quantity to the population, ensuring a controlled experience expected by clients
  • Information overload: There is SO much information out there, we are constantly drinking information from a fire hose and trying to process it
    Wear Multiple Hats: Reference to In Living Color Skit of the family from Jamaica
    Logistics Nightmare: shipping around the world for free? Getting things created off shored, time zone? What time zone, up 24/7
    Customer Service: what was once the price of many of a company (Disney)
    Soul of Business: people were removed and turned into nothing more than a trade-able commodity (80’s and 90’s)
  • The Good: For the interest of passion of humanity, especially during the time of tragedy and crisis, companies more often than not bring their best foot forward.
    The Bad: These are all over the map, from espionage and treason to con-artists…
    Firing over Facebook. I have to be careful as this is a very politically charged subject, but needs to be pointed out. With people being fired over what they post on Facebook, is that an attack on freedom of speech or a company protecting itself from malicious slander? What is the difference between that and going to the local bar, getting liquid courage and having a verbal tirade the entire bar can hear, bear witness to? Then what does that make This is one of the largest fears of companies and can be the fuel that fires the anti-social policies
  • There is in all intents and purposes, a finite number of business problems that arise, what makes it interesting is from company to company, the solution could vary in different degrees depending on their people, culture and other factors
    Businesses, just like people can have a difficult time seeing themselves clearly.
    We will look at three common business problems that SharePoint is brought in to solve. All three are powerfully socially driven, all are arguably on the top 10 list of why SharePoint is brought into business environments
  • Companies will tend to look at themselves in a positive light, and why wouldn’t they? It was that positive energy that helped you to grow to that point.
    Time can be a good strength… time to time taking hard introspective(?) at how your business operates
    Time can be a detriment “We have always done it that way!” – break out the slide rulers
    The owner makes the decisions in all aspects of the business vs. understanding a business from multiple perspectives
  • This has everything to do with social, AD is people centric, yes it focuses on security, but there is no need for security without people
    Tales from the crypt (literally) about people who had turned on the UPSS without knowing what would come back
    Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You are tied to someone, is your Manager field filled in? Or are you hiding something in your Org Chart?
  • Companies want SharePoint to be a silver bullet to fix their communications or lack thereof.
    In these companies defense many are starting to change their tune. Dropping the walls of cubes to 3 feet vs. the 6 opening up spaces, making it more social
    Technology is nothing more than a tool. Just because I bought an enterprise level hammer is not going to improve my ability to build things when I never learned to begin with.
    A lot of work is going to have to take place to get that communication going, and yes, it is going to have to be social
  • Companies are going to have to retake their view on the word social. It is not a four letter word. A business process of one usually is someone who is self-employed. Some business processes can be completely automated, (Robots on an assembly line)

    Organic growth will even happen on the most well thought out and well planned business process. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, disconnects are the crazy uncle that keeps showing up to the family events. Social impact is never considered because of the negative connotation it has with businesses. Businesses as I stated earlier in this deck have driven priority to the bottom line and in the process has thrown out the baby with the bath water, and never looked back. A process has multiple paths, most of which are not “legal” in the eyes of the company its taking place in. Bottlenecks and slow turn around time become road blocks that force those who need to keep moving forward to circumvent the system.
  • Community template is deigned around a discussion board as the centerpiece, with categories it pushes to the forefront
    Utilizing the community will allow users to categorize their ideas quickly and efficiently, allowing for themselves and team mates to come back and find that information
    Profiles / My Sites have a much larger impact than most people give them credit for, this will help their fear of NOT becoming a number, not lost in the shuffle
    Profiles allow people to show their best side
    Following / Tags and Notes allows for people to select what is important to them. In turn what they tag as important, the person who created is given positive feedback
    People Search – most underutilized feature of SharePoint. Don’t know the person you are looking for? Look for the skill instead!
    Yammer – the ability to have loose discussions on the fly, with the power of tagging, search, etc.
  • Microblog is extremely familiar to everyone. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking tools use this concept at some level
    Targeting is phenomenal for targeting people and areas of interest
    Categories will allow for unique filtering of data to present community members
    Game-ification is an effective tool for altering culture which is desperately
  • With us engaged in personal life with so many different social networks at this level, why do I need yet another one?
    One of the biggest problems internally is knowing what abilities and knowledge is available within the walls of your company. The larger your company, the more this is apparent.
    You spend more than 25% of a year with your coworkers, and that is only if you work 8 hours a day.
  • The better the profiles, the more valuable the search results
    Searching for People skills rocks!
    Know the tricks to searching
    You have all done it, you have searched for yourself.
  • Yammer encourages fluid collaboration, meaning with no rigid structure it will be swayed by the events of the here and now, it will over time read somewhat similar to the book “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
    In the grand scheme of things, Yammer will be the tool with the least amount of governances and restrictions, it needs to be to allow people feel comfortable to participate
    A good place for quick and dirty “one off” collaboration, there needs to be an understanding when it is appropriate, and when it needs to go to the more governed / formal team/department site
    SharePoint social has been targeted for deprecation, recent activity including SharePoint 2013 SP1 are indicators that Yammer will be “THE” social experience of future SharePoint versions
  • Businesses have been fighting so hard to keep social out of the work place, its been hammered into the employees to such a degree they have been conditioned. This in turn has caused a lot of unwanted symptoms in other aspects of the company culture that has been discussed about in this session

    Once a company understand the need for business to be social finding a the correct balance between communicatively being productive and “chaos” will be a matter of trial and error. Understand you will need to try and force people to become more social with their workloads they have on their shoulders. Training them by contests, workshops and other means will most likely be needed.

    I stress by repeating myself SharePoint Social will not kill productivity in your company. Out of the many implementations I have done through the years and as the social aspect of SharePoint has matured, it has been the slowest area to be accepted by companies. And when companies do embrace it, they wonder why they have such difficult times getting their end users to actually use it at all
  • No Social? No Business!

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    17. 17. 17 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. SharePoint: The Perfect Mirror • Background  Business problems from business to business are not all that unique  Business can view themselves through rose colored glasses  Three examples of social / business reflections  AD (Active Directory) Mirror  Communication Miracle  Is that OUR business process?
    18. 18. 18 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. Welcome to the Funhouse • Funhouse Mirrors reflect quite differently from reality • Curves in the mirror  Ideally placed curves to enhance/flatter  Time can distort your companies reflection  Lack of perspective
    19. 19. 19 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. AD Mirror • What does this have to do with social? • Do you want to know how good your AD is?  Just turn on User Profile Synchronization Service • Social is who you are tied to, all social solutions, public and business related are completely based off of that
    20. 20. 20 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. Communication Miracle • We want better communication with _______ • Many companies in the same or following breath state they do not want social solutions in their business environment • SharePoint or any other social technology will fix the need for better communication • Expect to work hard to get the results you are looking for
    21. 21. 21 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. Is That OUR Business Process? • Unless a business process is completely automated or manned by a single individual it is a social process • Most companies processes grow organically as they grow  Social impact is almost never considered  Disconnects become the norm SharePoint can fix everything!?
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    27. 27. 27 Copyright © 2014 Earley & Associates, Inc. Conclusion: Social Business • Communication issues will continue to plague businesses until they understand what social means to them • Getting past the social four letter word will only be the first step  Find the correct balance between loosening absolute control to achieve the communications you are looking for  Training will be required in most cases • Turning on SharePoint Social will NOT kill productivity in your company
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