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Multi device user experience research - pick and mix
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Multi device user experience research - pick and mix


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Slides from this years HCID2013 at City University London

Slides from this years HCID2013 at City University London

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 1 Spotless Interactive © 2013Pick‘n’Mix–Whatsinyourbag?Multi-DeviceUserExperienceResearch
  • 2. 22What we are going to present• About Spotless Interactive• Consumer behaviour• Challenges to meet• Into the Pick ‘n’ Mix• Case studies• SummarySpotless Interactive © 2013
  • 3. 3 Spotless Interactive © 2013Aboutus
  • 4. 44IntroductionSpotless Interactive © 2013• A professional UX consultancy• Established in 2004• Team of passionate UX Consultants• Offices in Old Street London• Working across multiple platforms and devices
  • 5. 55Who we work withSpotless Interactive © 2013
  • 6. 6 Spotless Interactive © 2013Consumerbehaviour
  • 7. 77Attention spanSpotless Interactive © 201390% of shoppers move between devices whetherthey are smartphones, PCs, tablets or TV as theygather information and reach a purchase decisionThe New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behaviour –Google/IPSOS Mori
  • 8. 88Humans vs. GoldfishSpotless Interactive © 2013
  • 9. 99Daily cycleSpotless Interactive © 20134. Travel home1. Getting ready for work 2. Travel to work3. At work5. After work
  • 10. 1010Unusual locations whilst placing a betSpotless Interactive © 2013• Over to you - Can you suggest some of the mostunusual locations?
  • 11. 1111Unusual locations whilst placing a betSpotless Interactive © 2013• 21% - On the toilet• 06% - Wedding• 01% - Childbirth
  • 12. 1212Benefits to understanding contextSpotless Interactive © 2013• Understand customers’ real perceptions of thesite’s value• Delve deeper into what makes them purchase, useand consume
  • 13. 1313Benefits to understanding contextSpotless Interactive © 2013• Validate internal thinking about a targetcustomer’s needs, expectations, motivations, andcontext of use
  • 14. 14 Spotless Interactive © 2013Challengestomeet
  • 15. 1515ChallengesSpotless Interactive © 2013• Growing number of channels to deal with• Moving targets with technological landscape• Designing for distraction and diminishing attention• Budget/time constraints for conducting research
  • 16. 1616What you might like to knowSpotless Interactive © 2013Should I doqualitative orquantitative studies?How do we capturebehaviour acrossmultiple devices?How do we know whatour users are really doingwith our site or app?How do activities on onescreen impact another?
  • 17. 17 Spotless Interactive © 2013IntothePick‘n’Mix
  • 18. 1818Customer insightSpotless Interactive © 2013Customer Insight represents a deep understanding ofcustomer needs and the drivers of customerbehaviour at a level beyond what customers areable to articulate themselves
  • 19. 1919Customer insightSpotless Interactive © 2013InsightAnalysis on combinedactivitiesDataSurveydataClick path analysisAnalyticsBlog miningCRM InformationPersonalisationdataSegmentationdataResearchUser researchEthnographicresearchFocusgroupsUsabilitytestingDay in the life of studyDiary studiesCo-creation= +
  • 20. 2020Pick ‘n’ Mix methodsSpotless Interactive © 2013• Lab based research• Ethnographic research• Diary studies• Remote task based research• Digital qualitative studies• Mobile surveys• Telephone interviews
  • 21. 2121Lab based researchSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Gain rich insight into behaviour andthought processes using ‘think aloud’• Cons – Can be expensive and lack some context• Mobile/tablet usability kit– Custom built mobile/tablet rigs• Software based– UX Recorder (web only)
  • 22. 2222Recording mobile/tabletSpotless Interactive © 2013• Mr Tappy [Online site] £200• Spotless Interactive kit [Spotless] – £250• UX Recorder app [iTunes store] - £59• Reflector App [Nate Bolt] - £Free• iPad rotation kits [Various] - £30-£100• Mc Guyver – [EuroIA 2010] - £150
  • 23. 2323User Experience Survey Report 2013Spotless Interactive © 2013• Please select the top three user experiencetesting techniques that you perceive toprovide the best ROINo 1: In person lab testing49% - Client side51% - Agency side
  • 24. 2424Ethnographic researchSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Can gain richer contextual feedback, capturebehaviour across; TV, Tablet, Console & Mobile• Cons – Expensive, time consuming, privacy issues
  • 25. 2525Capturing outputSpotless Interactive © 2013• Notes from observer• Survey questions after key interactions• Audio – Capture with a digital audio recorder• Video - HD Recording glasses• Video - Eyetracking glasses
  • 26. 2626Digital diary studiesSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Effective at gaining real world context,motivations and behaviours, can bemonitored in real time and combined withother methods• Cons – Take time to run, require regularcheckpoints, and kick-off/debrief sessions,usually a high drop out rate of participants.Relies on accurate self reporting fromparticipants• Example tools:Email/Twitter/Yammer/SMS/Survey based
  • 27. 2727Remote task based researchSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Can reach a wider audience and can capturetheir feedback whilst doing tasks in context, accessto wider sample size, geographical reach• Cons – Can be expensive to obtain the software,some software requires installation of an app, oradditional JavaScript pop up window during tasks• Example tools:• UserZoom
  • 28. 2828Digital qualitative studiesSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Capture events immediately, cheaper to run,allows self evaluation, can gather location based data andtime stamps, can go in store/home without a researcher,can focus real time focus groups via chat packages• Cons – Can take time to run, can’t view body language
  • 29. 2929Mobile surveysSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Works across mobile/tablet/PC, great forgeographical reach, structured data, get a bigger samplesize and more confidence in numbers• Cons – Time to analyse• Survey Monkey
  • 30. 3030Telephone interviewsSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pros – Gain additional qualitative insight, can be usedinternationally, can reach people quickly, can gainrepresentative sample quickly• Cons – Can’t read participants body language/facialexpressions, high drop out rate, limited calling timeranges
  • 31. 31 Spotless Interactive © 2013Casestudies
  • 32. 3232Argos – Lab based researchSpotless Interactive © 2013• Research objective: Understand customerexpectations and overall reactions to theiPhone/iPad/Android app
  • 33. 3333Argos – Lab based researchSpotless Interactive © 2013• Method: Lab based usability testing 36 participantssplit equally across the various devices
  • 34. 3434Leading betting firm – Digital qualitativeSpotless Interactive © 2013• Research objective: Understandcustomer expectations and overallreactions to the iPhone app• Context : Pub – 4 friends with iPhones• Live event: Encouraged to engage beforeand after using digital quant and diarystudies to capture ‘build up’ and ‘postmatch banter’
  • 35. 3535Leading betting firm – Digital qualitativeSpotless Interactive © 2013• Used ‘fun activities’ to create a sense ofcommunity and understand what’s goingon in their lives• Smartphone user generated photos/videosand used online discussion boards/Twitter• Asked to tell us when they placed a bet,using which device• Key findings: Uncovered Insight intogroup dynamics during and after games,identified preference for external channelswhen researching odds and stats
  • 36. 36 Spotless Interactive © 2013Summary
  • 37. 37375 Things to rememberSpotless Interactive © 2013• Pick ‘n’ Mix – Use different methods to get results• Bridge the gap – Try to understand context• Qual + Quant – Use a combination of the two• Cost – Does not have to be an expensive exercise• Use what you have – Use data you are currentlycollecting e.g. site analytics and combine with other datato generate meaningful insight?
  • 38. 38 Spotless Interactive © 2013Thank You
  • 39. 3939Questions & answersSpotless Interactive © 2013
  • 40. 4040Contact detailsSpotless Interactive © 2013• Please contact us with any questions you might have:+44 (0) 20 7168