Get Educated: Why You Should Study Abroad


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Why you should study abroad, how to choose a program and how to pay for it.

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  • CEA’s diverse international education options are designed to meet the various needs of all students
    Striving to make studying abroad accessible and tangible to a greater number of students
    Meets a wide range of specific learning goals

    CEA’s Global Education Network is an innovative approach to developing and delivering a high quality education focused on the value of global competency.

    CEA’s Global Campuses allow us the flexibility to create curriculum to the highest standard of U.S. accrediting bodies as well as to create alliances with premier educational partners around the world and provide students with options for immersive learning.
  • Get Educated: Why You Should Study Abroad

    1. 1. Hosted by Do It While You’re Young Sponsored by CEA Global Education
    2. 2. Agenda  About  Why You Should Study Abroad  How to Find a Program  Funding Your Study Abroad Experience  Success Stories  Q&A
    3. 3.  Do It While You’re Young (DIWYY) was founded by Jerri Stephenson and Kristina Wegscheider who met studying abroad in Australia.  The mission statement of DIWYY is to inspire young women to travel, study, work and volunteer abroad. Kristina’s Profile •Study Abroad experience: Australia and South Africa •Travel experience: 52 countries, all 7 continents About Kristina & DIWYY
    4. 4. Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 1. Enhance Your Resume  Differentiate your resume from other candidates  Gain a new perspective – make the world your classroom 2. Make New Friends  Meet students from other schools  Find people who share interests  Develop lifelong friendships and maybe even meet “the one”
    5. 5. Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 3. Travel Opportunities  New location = new options for weekend trips  Holidays/Schedules in other countries 4. Learn A New Language  Language Immersion  Beneficial in the future to potential employers, graduate school applications, future travel  The four factors: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
    6. 6. Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!  New city and country  Possible new language  New cuisine  New culture  New holidays and celebrations
    7. 7. How to Find a Program  Questions to Ask Yourself  WHO is going?  WHAT do I want to study?  WHERE am I interested in going?  WHEN do I want to go?  HOW will I finance it? TIP: Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to plan your curriculum accordingly.
    8. 8. Study Abroad with CEA! 24 Cities in 14 Countries
    9. 9. Where to Look  Academic Advisor  Study Abroad Office  School-affiliated programs  Independent programs  Ask Friends & Family  Travel Websites  Do It While You’re Young
    10. 10. Funding  Compare cost of program with your tuition & fees for the semester.  You may discover it is actually CHEAPER to study abroad!  If it is more expensive, try:  Financial Aid  Scholarships  Grants  Promotions from Study Abroad programs  Self-funding
    11. 11. Self Funding Options  Get a part-time job  Use the 50/50 savings rule  Sell items on eBay, Craigslist,  Sell items you own or sell for others and keep a percentage of the sale  User Studies  Frequent Flier Miles/Hotel Points for airfare & excursions
    12. 12. Travel Profile: Anna Heimbichner  Studied abroad at Oxford University for a year in 2003-2004  Anna loved her time abroad so much that she went back to England for both graduate school and law school – she is now an Attorney working in London.  What studying abroad taught Anna: resourcefulness, how to think on your feet, maturity, appreciating other people and cultures “Travel is by far one of the most important things in life, and studying abroad is the easiest and best way to take a first step.” - Anna
    13. 13. Travel Profile: Gillian Clow  Studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain in 2009 in a Language & Culture program; took Intensive Spanish language courses  Studying abroad gave Gillian a sense of wanderlust and a curiosity about the world – When she got back to the US, she enrolled in Portuguese classes!  Graduated and now works in Madrid as a Language & Culture Assistant at an elementary school
    14. 14. Questions & Answers
    15. 15. Contact Us  Kristina Wegscheider   Jerri Stephenson   Erich Wegscheider 