Dresden Calls Abu Dhabi


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Master Programs in nanoelectric systems
Industrial Management in microelectronics

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Dresden Calls Abu Dhabi

  1. 1. Dresden calls Abu Dhabi<br />Master Programs in<br />NanoelectronicSyStems<br />Industrial Management in Microelectronics<br />
  2. 2. Preface<br />
  3. 3. Preface<br />
  4. 4. Good News forgraduated Bachelors<br /> Study Programms forgraduated Bachelors in<br />  <br /><ul><li>Electrical Engineering
  5. 5. Information Technology
  6. 6. Computer Science
  7. 7. Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  8. 8. Business Management</li></ul> <br /> Comprehensive Master Programs for R&D and Management<br /> in Semiconductor andProcessorIndustry<br /> <br /> in Dresden/Germany<br /> <br />Studies in Dresden<br />Carrier in Abu Dhabi andworldwide!<br />
  9. 9. Patterns ofthe Project: Partners ofCooperation (1)<br /><ul><li>recruitmentofstudents
  10. 10. practicalbackground
  11. 11. operatingthecourses
  12. 12. social an culturalcoaching
  13. 13. academicstaff
  14. 14. practicalbackground</li></li></ul><li>Patterns ofthe Project: Partners ofCooperation (2)<br />Weact in a closedallianceofthe State of Abu Dhabi (UAE) andthe<br />State ofSaxony (Ger.)<br /> <br /> <br />The Program issupportedby<br />ATIC Abu Dhabi forScholarships<br />www.advancetechnologyic.com<br /> <br />Globalfoundries Abu Dhabi forlocalactivities<br />www.globalfoundries.com<br /> <br />
  15. 15. Patterns ofthe Project: Structureofthe Project<br />PreparatoryCourse<br />optimal and specific preparation <br />of the students<br />enabling efficient and <br />successful study course<br />2 OPTIONS<br />Nanoelectronic Systems <br />(M.Sc.)<br />scientificprogram<br />aimedtoeducateresearchers<br />in thefieldofprocessortechnology<br />Industrial Management in <br />Microelectronics (M.Sc.)<br />scientific program with strong <br />orientation to management<br />aimed to educate managers for <br />processor fabs<br />
  16. 16. Program 1: Nanoelectronic Systems (M.Sc.)<br /> The programenablesyouto understand the rapid developmentand<br />experiencethestateoftheart in Nanoelectronics<br /> <br /> Professional Perspectives:<br /> <br />Become a scientific expert or a headofresearch in thisfield in Globalfoundries Abu Dhabi oratanyresearchcenterworldwide<br /> <br />Become an expert whounderstandsthelatestdevelopment in thisrapidlygrowingfieldandcontributeactivelytoitsprogress<br /> <br />
  17. 17. Program 2: Industrial Management in Microelectronics (M.Sc.)<br /> The Program equips you with sharpened management skills for effective decision –making and compelling presentations. It also trains you to a qualified specialist in semiconductor and processor industry.<br /> <br /> <br /> Professional Perspectives:<br /> <br />Build a promising career in the area of logistics and processor production.<br /> <br />Initiate well-organized innovations and change management in this field.<br />  <br />Develop expertise in quality assessment.  <br />
  18. 18. The Unique Supply I: Preparatory Course<br /> <br /><ul><li>This is a modularized program for the aforementioned Master courses giving you the fundamental facts and connections to start successfully the Programs 1 and 2.</li></ul> Grade up your knowledge in the areas<br /> <br /> Advanced Mathematics<br /> Solid State Physics<br /> Theory of Electric and Magnetic Fields<br /> Design of Circuits<br /> Management Methods<br /> Accounting and Finance<br /> Operations and Logistics Management<br /> <br /> After having finished the pre-course each participant is able to start the master courses successfully.<br />
  19. 19. The Unique Supply II: TutorialandSocialPackage<br /> The packageisassociatedtoboththeprecourseandeachstudyprogramembracing<br /> <br /><ul><li> Additional seminarstostrenghtenthecontentsoflecturesandpracticalexercises
  20. 20. Specificpreparationforexamins</li></ul> <br /><ul><li> Language training
  21. 21. OrganizingofinternshipsatGlobalfoundriesorotherlocations in Dresden
  22. 22. Scientific and Cultural Excursions (Germany and Europe)
  23. 23. Accomodation, Prayerroom, Food, Transport
  24. 24. ContactwithLocal Administration
  25. 25. All Kinds of Insurance (Health etc.)
  26. 26. InterculturalActivities
  27. 27. Individual Consulting</li></li></ul><li>The Unique Supply II: Location (1)<br />Youcanhardlyfound a betterlocationforyourstudies. <br />Dresden is a medium-sizedcity in theheartof Europe<br />
  28. 28. The Unique Supply II: Location (2)<br />As theoldresidenceofSaxony Dresden has a beautifulhistoricalcentreofbaroqueandclassicisticbuildingshousingtheworldfamousexhibitionsofpaintingsandtreasuresreflecting 500 yearsof European history.<br />
  29. 29. The Unique Supply II: Location (3)<br />Technische Universität (TUD) <br /> The modern Dresden isoneofthescientificandtechnologicalcentersof Germany.<br /> <br />Since 180 yearsthe TUD is a top University with an excellentscientificstaffwithhighest international reputation. <br />www.tu-dresden.de<br />The professorsof TUD areverypleasedtowelcomeandeducateyou!<br />
  30. 30. The Unique Supply II: Location (4)<br />Dresden International University (DIU)<br /> The modern Dresden hassince 8 yearsthe DIU.<br /> <br /> DIU is an operational Institute ofthe TUD well experienced in international coursesoffurthereducation.<br />www.di-uni.com<br />education<br />The scientistsandmanagersandthe operational staffof DIU waitforyouto<br />organizeandcoach individually yourqualification.<br />
  31. 31. The Unique Supply II: Location (5)<br />GLOBALFOUNDRIES<br /> The modern Dresden issince 15 yearsthemostimportantcenterofmicroelectronics in Europe.<br />Amongseveralcompaniesof different sizeandprofilethe European wingofGlobalfoundries<br />isthemostimportantandmostgrowingone.<br />Thousandsof modern workingplacesarebased on thelatestdevelopmentofprocessorproduction. <br />www.globalfoundries.com<br />The scientistsandmanagersofGlobalfoundries Dresden arereadytomakesureyourpracticalcompetence.<br />
  32. 32. Time schedule<br />Start ofthePreperatoryCourse October 2011<br />Duration ofthePreparatoryCourse 6 Months<br /> <br />Start ofthe Masterprograms 1 and 2 April 2012<br />Duration ofthe Master Programs<br />Nanoelectronic Systems  24 Months<br />Industrial Management  18 Months<br />
  33. 33. Further Information<br />Language: English<br />Fees: costcovering<br />Deadline forApplication: August 1st 2011<br /> <br />ContactPersons in Abu Dhabi:<br />Brigitte Sitzberger<br /> AssociateDirector – Human Capital Development<br />Advanced Technology Investment Company<br />P.O. Box 114540 Abu Dhabi, UAE<br />brigitte.sitzberger@atic.ae<br /> <br />Lutz Schumacher<br />Senior Manager/Talent Management<br />Globalfoundries Abu Dhabi<br />P.O. Box 62755 Abu Dhabi UAE<br />lutz.schumacher@globalfoundries.com<br />