Day1, debate 2, Hans Van Der Linden

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  • 1. National approaches to digitisation  Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media Hans van der Linden - DISH 9/12/2009  
  • 2. Cultural heritage
    • Belgium : regions and communities
      • ‘ Cultureel’ & ‘onroerend’
      • ‘ Cultureel’ = ‘roerend’ en ‘immaterieel’
      • national library, national archive are managed by the Federal Government
    • Europe : ‘Cultural Heritage’
    • = culture + media + science + tangible heritage
  • 3. Culture and innovation
    • IBBT ( Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology ) : independent research institute founded by the Flemish Government to stimulate ICT innovation by multi-disciplinary demand-driven research: eg. Erfgoed 2.0
    • Innovative procurement : The Flemish Government invites companies to map the challenges. Afterwards it’s up to the entreprises to find technological, organisational and/or social solutions.
    • CIP ICT PSP : National Contact Points for setting up projectpartnerships
  • 4. How to catch up with the arrears regarding digital content?
    • Standardization
      • All initiatives related to digitising, will apply commonly accepted
      • international standards that might be imposed by the Flemish
      • Government
      • (Cultural Heritage Decree (2008))
      • Multiple finalities : archiving, opening up and exchanging
      • Different subsectors : archives, museums, libraries, audiovisual collection
      • Publication based on consensus of all relevant organisations dealing with ‘cultural heritage’
  • 5. How to catch up with the arrears regarding digital content? (2)
    • Feasibility study on a cross-sectoral metadata aggregator
      • Organisational and technical solutions
      • Widely supported: added value for Europeana, education, tourism, …
    • Finding resources within and outside the decretal framework
  • 6. Digital sustainability
    • Concept
    • a repository for all digital cultural heritage generated by all relevant subsectors.
    • Based on migration and emulation
    • Current research
    • IBBT: ‘BOM VL’  ‘Archipel’ and ‘Vlaanderen in Beeld’
  • 7. E-inclusion
    • Changing role of public libraries in providing access to the digital world /
    • digital content
    • Focus of a conference within the Belgian EU-presidency
      • Technology and Beyond in Public Libraries (Sept. 22nd-23rd 2009)
      • Follow-up conference during second half of 2010