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Discus CMM
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Discus CMM
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Discus CMM


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DISCUS CMM enables you to import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into the ballooned drawing and inspection report. …

DISCUS CMM enables you to import results from CMM Reports and incorporate the values into the ballooned drawing and inspection report.

DISCUS CMM enables you to complete the entire inspection effort within DISCUS Desktop. It leverages the intuitive DISCUS user interface, and makes the importing of CMM results an integral part of the workflow. DISCUS CMM works as a complement to DISCUS Results by taking the values from the CMM Report and incorporating them into the Bill of Characteristics. Even more exciting, DISCUS CMM gives you multiple ways to map the values from the CMM Report into the FAI report: a) by reading the headers in the CMM Report and automatically filling in the result values; b) by enabling you to have DISCUS suggest the likely matches based on the type of features and characteristics; and c) by allowing you to actually create or “backfill” a Bill of Characteristics and ballooned drawing from the CMM Report.
DISCUS CMM is an add-on to DISCUS Desktop. It enables you to work in the familiar DISCUS user interface and add results in a tabular style or on a characteristic-by-characteristic basis. DISCUS CMM appears as another panel to the right of the Drawing/Model panel.
You click on the Add CMM Report button on the tool bar in the CMM Report panel to add a CMM Report to the Results Package.
After clicking the open button, DISCUS will evaluate the CMM Report versus the existing Bill of Characteristics and automatically map the CMM axes to the specific characteristics.
DISCUS CMM will highlight any inconsistencies and issues between the CMM Report and the existing Bill of Characteristics. For example, DISCUS will highlight any differences in features and nominal or tolerance values.
You can right click on any axis and choose to manually map the CMM axis to a characteristic; you can use the Suggest functionality to have DISCUS identify likely CNs in the BoC; you can use the Backfill functionality to use the CMM axis to create the CN and balloon.
The completed results that have been “applied’ are all automatically captured and entered in the Bill of Characteristics.

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  • 1. Overview of DISCUS CMM Module for Importing CMM Results into DISCUS March 11, 2006© 2011 DISCUS Software Company
  • 2. The Challenge CMM Report FAI Report The laborious and tedious effort of identifying and transposing values from the CMM Report2
  • 3. Copying CMM Results to FAI Report• The basic process for taking a CMM Report and entering the results into FAI Report involves: – Ensuring the CMM Report matches the FAI Report part number – Mapping the rows/cells in the CMM Report to the rows/cells in FAI Report – Determining appropriate values to enter for characteristics with multiple measurements/results – Reading and typing in the actual result value(s) – Adding any status or other info on the FAI Report, such as measuring equipment, comments, etc. – Tracking that all the CMM Report values have been addressed and transferred to the FAI Report• Process typically takes 0.5 to 1.0 minute per characteristic3
  • 4. Overview of CMM to FAI Process CMM Program CN X CMM Ballooned Report Drawing Bill of CN X Characteristics CN X (BoC) FAI Report The CN (Characteristic Number) ties it all (BoC Results) together – even in the manual process4
  • 5. DISCUS CMM – Core to Approach Axis-to-CN Mapping CMM Report Bill of Characteristics5
  • 6. DISCUS CMM Import - High Level Work Flow User opens DISCUS displays User reviews CMM Report in Axis-to-CN Axis-to-CN DISCUS CMM mapping and mapping, adjusts Report Panel copies to Results as needed CMM Report DISCUS CMM Report Panel Results Panel6
  • 7. Details of CMM Report PanelMetrics: This region showsreal-time usage and issueswith the ReportAxis-to-CN: The “CN”column indicates theresults of the mappingIssues: Yellow backgroundindicates issue withreport “axis”Apply: The checkboxprovides option to excludefrom using in BoC ResultsReport Content: The CMMReport column containsthe actual report 7
  • 8. DISCUS with CMM Report Panel All Panels are Synchronized by the CN8
  • 9. CMM Report Header for Mapping Implicit Mapping Explicit MappingAxes 9
  • 10. Typical User Scenarios Automatic - CMM Report is mapped to BoC. DISCUS associates Axes to CNs and auto-applies result values to Inspection Reports. Suggest – CMM Report does not have mapping to BoC. DISCUS helps user identify candidate CNs for each CMM Report Axis. Backfill – Only have a CMM Report and No BOC Exists. DISCUS helps user create BoC and Ballooned drawing from CMM Report.10
  • 11.